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Hipsters, Soccer, Apple Brand, Outings

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Logical, Practical, Off-Beat, Anti-Social, Sarcastic

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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Stories, Songs & Poem
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 PM --- Post#114217311523496908

My Stories (Fiction/Non Fiction)
- World of Darkness 2: Piano
- World of Darkness 1: The Battle
- 小君和小明

- 喇叭店的故事

My Songs & Poems
- 老古董
- 黑夜里的告别
- 回忆
- 落魄

- Love Poem Hokkien Edition
- 十七岁的九月
- Dying
- Break Up
- Darkness Duel
- I Broke The Silence Of The Nite
- Influence
- !Skool Sucks
- 我的生活 Sucks

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Classic Entries
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 AM --- Post#114499475112221102

My Music Theory
Singapore Blogger Survival Guide
Schools should be transparent about their fundings
GP Act Sei
Before You Buy Your iPod...
Google shattered my friend's dream
Celebrating Library: How had the Library Changed Your Life?
Almighty PE teachers
Brain Washing Sexuality Talk
What's Wrong With AJC?
What's My Name?
What's So Guai Lan With Me?
Who Are The Guys?
Sex is Good!

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 AM --- Post#114174417636700653

Below are are my very own quotes. The top being the most recent.

- When everyone is lame, it becomes fun; When muggers dunno how to be lame, it becomes cold.

- All i had left with me is my mouth and my middle finger.

- If Flemming got his left hand rule, i have my middle finger rule. The point is, everyone got their own rules.

- My blog is mightier than the sword.

- Im tell myself im not sad. Im crying.

- I was telling a girl how good my mp3 player is, she smiled at me, "你喜欢就好。", i suddenly realised the true meaning of a good player.

- Except for Math, there is nothing much i dun understand.

- Revising is for the past, Mugging is for the future, SLACKING is for now!

- That silver lining behind that cloud means thunderstorm.

- Schools has totally distort the meaning of "holidays", so i shall destory the meaning of "homework", together with my future of course.

-She asked me where i got all my inspiration from. I replied "sleep lecture, pon class, dun do hw lor!"

Xue Hu aka footnote
- I was about to kill the most useless person alive, but I thought suicide wasn't the answer.

- Look, you bastard, now I can't even remember my own face! Your face keeps showing up! Go away

- You're alive because it's illegal to kill you, asshole

- Last night I lay on my bed, looked at the starry sky, and thought... "Where the fuck is the ceiling?"

At first my butt was itchy, later in the middle of the paper it itches like hell, at the end of the paper my butt was bleeding. Then i realised the paper fucked my ass!
-Victor, VS

You do no need to be strong to be violent
-Yue Ting

-《星闪闪》8 频道

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ZOMBiE's Theorem
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 AM --- Post#114174166455945926

ZOMBiE Rule of Design: Design is Simple!

ZOMBiE Law of Formulation: Everything has a formula, where the main concern is how accurate and precise it can be.

ZOMBiE Fatal Five Way

5 easiest way to end your life:

1. Jump down

2. Cut Wrist

3. Electrocution

4. Car Crash

5. Gassing


This set of 13 code of conduct is what i always believe in...

[ 1. Use of negative emotions ]
Negative emotions includes: Being Vulgar, Being Mean, Hatred, Saddism, Violence, Jealousy. They should always be used in appropiate amout to get your way through life and any difficulties, this also build up your natural defence instinct.

[ 2. Pessimistic ]
We should always be pessimistic yet do our best, this can minimise pressure and reduce impact of failure.

[ 3. Vary yourself ]
Adjusting yourself to the situation around you may be a good idea and will allow you to gain certain advantage.

[ 4. UnGentleman ]
"Ladies first" NEVER applies, instead we should believe in "First Come First Serve". But fo course we can always choose to let our friends go first in front of us.

[ 5. Underhand methods ]
Methods include Sly, Cunning, Cheating, Brute Forcing, Lying. "Kill or be Killed". Using underhand methods are one of the easiest and most challenging way to twist your way arounds facts and grab oppotunities before others do. Being thick skin in a lot of situation will allow you to get out of sticky situations.

[ 6. No Muggers ]
No excessive studying or working

[ 7. Escapist ]
The best way to solve a problem is to escape from it. Despite argument saying "you do not solve a problem by simply avoiding it", but at times when u escape from a problem, it will disappear and may never bother you, why spend time trying to solve it when u can abandon the problem???

[ 8. Reverse Enginnering and Direct Imitation ]
Stealing of others' idea and modifying it is encourage. This is the best way to be creative while not entirely using people's idea. In time where chances allow, direct imitation should be used.

[ 9. Always Take Advantage of Situation ]
We should always take advantage of the situation where possible in order not to lose out. We should take things beside us for granted and rely on them. BUT we should aquire skills that would enable us to survive in case the situation changes.

[ 10. Ignorance is Bliss ]
Learning to ignore negative comments is the way of life.

[ 11. Attitude ]
Your attitude should be shown when needed so as not to be taken advantage of. Also e should express ourself explicitly when possible so that others know clearly what we demand.

[ 12. Technology Enhanced ]
We should always use technology to enhance whatever we do as technology had evolved to be successful. This also increase our chances of success.

[ 13. Enjoy Life ]
We live to enjoy ourself on earth.....

Adolence Prison Theorem

A teenager who is in a forced envirnoment who cannot or very difficult to change the current situation. The current situation is usually the "norm", but the teen's character and personality is severely not suited for what the society had built in for him. All he could do is to struggle through. He could break out of this, by following his heart and away from the norm, or by forced adapting to the nature of the situation. Either way its difficult. Common symptoms include long term depression, rejection, and relisation that he is very different form the rest. The teen is known to have the Adolence Prison Syndrome (APS).

Normally, teen with APS will ought for what that is seemed to be "odd" paths in life and usually strongly objected by parents or other authorities. An example would be someone unsuited for JC (but ought to go for Poly or other uncommon educational means) but was brutedly forced into college life because his parents thought it would be the best for him and that there is no room for discussion.

APS could be cured, throught effective communication and practising flexibility and understanding and showing care and concern.

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 AM --- Post#109645602052818520

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