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Thursday, January 01, 2004
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 AM --- Post#114174417636700653

Below are are my very own quotes. The top being the most recent.

- When everyone is lame, it becomes fun; When muggers dunno how to be lame, it becomes cold.

- All i had left with me is my mouth and my middle finger.

- If Flemming got his left hand rule, i have my middle finger rule. The point is, everyone got their own rules.

- My blog is mightier than the sword.

- Im tell myself im not sad. Im crying.

- I was telling a girl how good my mp3 player is, she smiled at me, "你喜欢就好。", i suddenly realised the true meaning of a good player.

- Except for Math, there is nothing much i dun understand.

- Revising is for the past, Mugging is for the future, SLACKING is for now!

- That silver lining behind that cloud means thunderstorm.

- Schools has totally distort the meaning of "holidays", so i shall destory the meaning of "homework", together with my future of course.

-She asked me where i got all my inspiration from. I replied "sleep lecture, pon class, dun do hw lor!"

Xue Hu aka footnote
- I was about to kill the most useless person alive, but I thought suicide wasn't the answer.

- Look, you bastard, now I can't even remember my own face! Your face keeps showing up! Go away

- You're alive because it's illegal to kill you, asshole

- Last night I lay on my bed, looked at the starry sky, and thought... "Where the fuck is the ceiling?"

At first my butt was itchy, later in the middle of the paper it itches like hell, at the end of the paper my butt was bleeding. Then i realised the paper fucked my ass!
-Victor, VS

You do no need to be strong to be violent
-Yue Ting

-《星闪闪》8 频道

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