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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:21 PM --- Post#111278383286931932

Ok....busy for the past few days with the freaking C++ calendar project...i gave up...it had some bug that i cant resolved...i shall do other hw first....

Well Today is a nice day! I still remeber two days a go, when i came home, my sole kena some kinda swelling that ozz some green ous out when i apply pressure on it...its DAMN PAIN..seriously pain...but i spent half an hour squeezing out all the pus and now today ok liao...

U noe smthing, i discovered that whenever i see RouHua in school badluck will befall on me...I tot its some kinda "fake feeling" @ first...and later i realised it wasnt...I saw RouHua twice two days b4 and i kena that evil swelling on my sole...

But today i did not even got a peek @ her before! Phew...what a relieve...Today IS WONDERFUL...wow 1st thing, i gotta try out Wei Kiat's new earhpone! And gotta noe abt MC Hotdog! Then later in the canteen, the lime juice i got suddenly taste sooo sweet! Aft school, me and Joel went to library to mug a bit...wow...there is this free pen refill right on the table, But then i sing Pilot G2, not Uni, thus i dint take it. Then i listen to Music in the Lib....Little did i noe that that wanst allowed....Freak lah...VS hor i listen to music like mad and "UP THE VOLUME" oso noe one cares! After abiut 20min i dun feel like listening anymore and gladly kep my Bao Bei Zire. Almost immediately a librarian came down,,,,wow if i was only like 3 minutes later, my Zire could had been confiscated.

Haiz...The Wei Kiat start to help Rou Hua osom just cos his GF noes her...Haiz...im still looking for the right person to 克 RouHua, before she 克 me to death...

And i applied for the Hardware department in cXtreme...the "Recuiting Female Members" plan was a totaly failure! Nothing to say...Oso applied for Photoshop training...Hmmm

Oh i oso got some new ideas for my next DEPA....Blood Tears...

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