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Saturday, April 16, 2005

[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:17 AM --- Post#111361048964253954

sianz....Nothing better to do later mugging...haiz...

Well that day in cXtreme meeting, i went over to the hardware group...everything was fine...till the last 'exciting' part. Wow...the Visual Arts chio bu coming to tok abt the colloboration...I was like...hoping for some real chio ones to come in....who noes...ROU HUA...that mop head came in..she is one of the first...WHAT THE FUCK...i was almost fainting as i crawled towards Joel....


Joel dint really see her...what the fuck...tmd...I was stunned and suddenly she turn and our eyes met...Wah Lao...i quickly turned away and ran to the back....


Pissed....really pissed....And then yesterday...I met some mad fuck on the train... He kept asking ppl if they had seen his wallet, and then will ask them to give him back his wallet, when the guy say dun have, he will try to kneel down and beg, saying that his ah ma needs the money for surgery. If the guy argue...he will say smthing like "dun help dun help lah"...Mad fuck...

“ errrr....请问你有没有看到我的钱包?”
〈 没有,没有。〉
“ 求求你帮我找钱包。。。”
〈 我不懂。 〉
“ 我真的要我的钱包!我跪下来求你,把钱包还给我!”
〈 。。。 〉(now the passenger will move away frm him as he trys to persuade them)
“ 不帮就不帮啦!”

Well dunno why...but every Friday to Sunday i gets this "Violent syndrome" where i will see everything buay song...i really feel like giving him a real good wacking....but well...im still sane enuf not to do so...even if i did...i wun be able to out fight him.

Well that mad fuck is well built...abt 178cm tall, quite tan, though well built he gota pot belly. His shirt is definitely undersized...and his pants...almost dropping...damn loose...can see part of his butt liao...damn digusting...Oso he got this sun glasses...sort of sold skool...and he keeps taking them down and wipe them clean... Well mad fuck...


No money no time watch movie...dunno why now i keep DLing movie..along w WeiKiat...Well...aft DLing im kind enuf to give them out for free...I watched some WetDreams II...some Korean movie...Its NOT R(A)...its abt these bunch of three gals that "wants to be a grown up women" yet actually they r still kids... and well of course they dint noe anything abt sex....nice show... DLed oso SinCity and WeiKiat gave me Shutter.

Well....seriously as im typing these...im thinking of the amt of HW i gonna do later...believe me..im in a state of DARKNESS now...maybe im going mad soon....Or maybe im mad already? Hu noes? Dunno why...nothing in my life is every successful or happy...not entirely though...VS life is still ok...but i only realised the 'VS Spirit' towards the end of four years...seriously..before that i dint noe all these...Well just to make a point... VS guys r just different... how different? Well i guess they noe more abt 'caring' and 'loving'... Even Chan told me before....

"Ya i can see...VS is a cosy place, i can see that ur really FELT for each other"

Ah ya...the word is "Felt"... It means opening ur hearts and let ppl noe how you feel and attempt to noe someone else and care for him...show real concern...till a stage where u will be comforty abt telling him most of ur secrets and feelings...

At least u find a mixture of mad ppl in VS...well dun get me wrong i take this "madness" as a positive trait...Well every guy in VS is unique...really u can find tons of different ppl there...
some examples:
- Reyneth: Mature an emotion support
- Kuen Ho: Piano master, very nice to tok with, super funny
- Tao Yat: mad, but i nvm remb not laughing when he is around
- Jason: MultiMedia pro
- Samuel: Looks cultured, but weird inside, yet friendly, and well, some pro composer lah
- Teo Hong: My last time sec 3 friend, pro magician
- Joel Chan: nth to say, mind gamer like me
- Wei De: Always wack me but nice big but gentle guy...my game supplier oso

AJC? Guys simply smart ppl that tok abt DOTA and soccer whole day long...oso tends to act like "Zhe Ming" (sry...needa quote him as example) Oso perversed one very perverse...innocent one very innocent... Other than that is mug, mug and mug...

AJC gals...dun tok abt them...

Wait...im not saying AJC sucks or no...NOOOO...just that its not of my taste...YES...i noe u ill try to tell me to adapt...but well...i will try to...but u noe u can neva force me to do smthing i dun like...its not that AJ is bad...its just as good...only that i miss VS life thats all...oso i miss VS life cos Secondary school is much more slack...much much much more slack...and definitely no mad fucks like RouHua and YuQuan....

Say...is 8.25am liao...i think i go bk sleep...wake up later....Bye...

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