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Friday, April 01, 2005

[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:22 PM --- Post#111236404301528280

Today is really unlucky liao.

Qiao Yun finally lent me her Creative earphone liao...the sound to me was okay lah...better than Joel's Panasonic. But WeiKiat keep saying Creative's earphone sucks...how neh? I still remb emailing the BEST PalmOS music player developer - Pocket Tunes. The Audiophiles there told me that it doesnt really matter the cost and ppl's opinion, everyone has their own pref for earphones. The main piority shld be that you shld be COMFOTY w ur own earphone lor. So i think i gonna buy the Creative earphone liao.

Well...nothing much till the stupid Math Lecture. I was jumping down frm one row to the one below when suddenly i turn my head and saw RouHua! That piece of shit struck me deep in my mind as ultimate disgust ruled my mind. I lost my balance and my ankle fell into the gap between the chair and the table support beam. FUCK lah...my ankle was stuck there and i sat down immediately so that i wum twist my ankle, aft FIVE agonising minutes i managed to force my ankle out....Freak Mei Peng and RouHua keep staring and laughing @ me....freak them! ARRRRRRRHH

OK...Enuf of malu w them...I went to canteen and saw Eleanor toking to some guy frm my class, we both suan them and Eleanor got a bit pissed off. I oso told her abt that RouHua thing....she damn hell tell the guy RouHua is a chio bu...Wooooo RouHua chio bu eh!

WTF...i went to buy AJ uniform...seriouslt big size and outta propotion sia...i look like some HipHop dancer lor...baggy pants and half long sleeve shirt. And i oso exchange the HOTPANTS for a real PE pants...lol...

Well saw Xin Ting outside Audi and fell alseep in the Audi during MCE..

And i found out some secret about Bryan Low....hehehehehehehe....