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Monday, May 09, 2005
I think jumping down from AJC would be more economical...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:53 PM --- Post#111574101014981709

YES...fuck the econs and math test...i screwed it up...like some shit...

As Joel Chan last time would say to describe my feelings....
"Now the shit get flushed down the toilet bowl"

Math...huh? I dint finnish more than half of the paper...how to pass? Dun say pass lah...how to not get 9/36 again? Ok...enough...enough of math...really...get math outta my life...Econs is still ok...

Still remember aft both disasterous tests... Rage caught me...anger and fustration....i was waiting for Lily and Sher Hern..but they were taking their own sweet time to stroll out and dunno why stuck outside the LT....i was like trying to REN....but i ren wu ke ren....finally stomped off...to the MRT station myself, while blasting loud Machi hip hop into my ears....

In the MRT...dunno why the hip hop start to get more and more irritating....i was looking for Liu Jia Yue Tuan's Album but shit...i del liao...haiz...then i decided to try some slow music...yah...Toro's Bao Feng Yu did help calm me down....went home, i sleep and sleep anf played NFSU2 and heck everything else....hu cares anymore...i hate JC life...damn fucked up...blame it on my IQ...damn low...

Haiz...ya need to thank Sean Lim...for no reason i called him up frm AJ to VJ just to get some last minute tips...dint help but make me more confident only....haiz.. Sean is not a bad guy aft all...

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