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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Life Sucks....it really does
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:55 PM --- Post#111529182599746853

Life sucks....i gonna fail all my test....cant understand a single fucking bullshit what the teacher is toking abt....ya i got 30/40 for the fucking Phy test....ya i copied...i cheated...how can i not cheat?

Maybe u feel like aking me why i so long no blog liao...the answer is : What is there to blog if everyday is the same?

Nvm....Well Project wrk is going quite smoothly...quite fortunate to ahve Liang Hock, Su Yee, Sher Hern and Akshay in my grp...all damn enthu one....so well i can slack a bit....

For stupid physical test...i flunk as normal lar...failed SBJ ny 1cm, 205!!! Fuck that teacher lah...for pull up i still zero fighter....so? Hahaha this reminds me of PE in VS....

Memory Flashback.......

"Pass pass"

The fresbie flew over and i jumped for it....reaching reaching reaching....no no no....


It flew over me and miss my hand by 5cm and flew straight into the goal post....Cedric turned his head and made a little jump.

"YAHHHH" his team shouted...

"Ar ar....now go over..."

"Wah lao fuck lah" i complained.

Samuel and Jason and reyneth and ppl in my grp unhappily and slowing made our way to the outher side of the field...now we are facing the sea....nice beautiful East Coast sea....As i was walking over....i can see the whole East Coast field filled w Yellow and Black Victorians. The whole filed is donimated by us....

Wow....got a roller skate pass......and my thoughts was distrupted my ppl frm the other team asking us to mov faster..

Our goal post is now in front of the big big tree....and we cont to play....not strange...my team keep losing...

-----20minutes later-----

Randell Siao blew the whistle and PE was over....and we stroll back to VS....it tales wuite sometime lor...that time the East Coast Food center was only partially complete...and we walk down the rows od Palm Trees and roller skating chio bu, some PE teacher will ride their bike and ask us to hurry up....then we will all run towards the underpass....

Underpass...nice old an stuffy underpass that cuts under the ECP. Then some idots will keep shouting to make some Echo effect in the underpass...

After some 3 min of jobbing we finally see some brite light and followed the cureved path back to VS...yeah VS...nice building....then the teacher sure scold us for dashing across the roach w/o looking. Then at that we all drank tons of water and unwillingly climbed to the SEVENTH floor....to attend some Geog lessons....

I hate PE....

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