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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
No CS, No GP, No PE
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:03 AM --- Post#111574193930494187

Say its now 12am...and im still rushing thru the Photoshop AJ wall papper i need to hand in by tml....wah lao no inspiration sia....and i just got to find out that that Rou Hua gal was no joke when it comes to Photoshop....no joke..her artwrk was good...Anyone hu noes me noes how pessimistic i am...i always look down on myself., cos i believe im useless...but this time no! How can...Rou Hua...i dun care....whats her artwork when compared to me huh?

I am in VS 4B last year leh...Eh Brudder...VS 4B leh....What is 4B...BEST Asthetic and Design class rite...me...TOP in DnT...TOP in Design.....summore kena influence by damn artistic ppl everyday....summore i in cXtreme Photoshop department...HELLO....hu am i? Lose to Rou Hua...BullSHIT! Hu cares abt her Ayumi HakaSHITTY? Come lah...let me, king of DARK ARTS make her Auymi darker than shit lor...Let me zombify her wanna not? I even help Qiao Yun make her layout one leh! Oi wake up Rou Hua and everyone...look hu's digital ART is better! ME!! ME!!! ME!!

Haha...too worked out lah....Sry arh....

Wow today went to Toa Payoh Stadium to watch Loy play table tenis...AJ got thrid despite having only two classes as supporters....good...hahaha got to skip CS, GP anfd YEAH... NO PE.... WOW!


And recently i heard tons of this thing abt BLOG....tons of ppl complaint abt BLOG....they say what a diary is something personal, why must post on the net? Then sometimes ppl post smthing offensive, then no good.

Let me say smthing, state my point. I AM FOR Blogging.


Thus BLOG != DIARY, but Online DIARY = BLOG

To simplfy....its a web log...logging is may not be a diary.... but a diary can be in the form blogging...

2. I believe that its always better to voice out, whats the use of writing to ur dumb ass diary, i mean i rather write for some real life ppl to see than pretend that the dub ass diary is listening to me lor

3. Doesnt mean i blog mean i must write everything... U see me blogging, i still got some dark secrets no one noes... like last time i REFUSE to say out Bryan' secret on my blog, cos i respect his privacy

4. U wanna read the blog u gotta be mature and take everything that the author write as his own opinion and learn not to have "HARD FELINGS".

5. Ok...enuf...summore Blogging is so hi-tech...so much more convinent to ass animations and poics and songs and this and that...why not blog?

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