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Sunday, May 22, 2005
A Series of Unfortunate Events
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:01 AM --- Post#111672879309044511

So suay so suay.......

Last week Friday went tback to Vs to collect my O level cert.....and wah lao....i i forgot all abt my 2003 express chinese cert...then now this Friday need to go back and take again liao...sianz....anyway that nite was quite an enjoyable one...hahaha esp w Kuen Ho, Samuel and Muzzy....laming abt in the MAC....mugging....of course im not....i was finishing upo my Sotong drawing which was meant foe Hao Siong long long ago in the 1st three months AJ....hahaha...then Kuen Ho help me do some gradienting and Sam lend me his pencils....then the most funny part is in the toilet....dunno why me and KH suddnly started laughing like mad...then cant pee properly....then ppl in the toilet keep staring @ the two mad ppl keep luffing anf luffing over nothing...hahahaha


Then this wednesday nite....i was burning NFSU 2 for Robert....and i tried TEN CDs...all buringing failed....well this situation wasnt uncommon...a month a go...the CD drive cant accept the cutie CD i bought...out of ten four dint wrk....and now all dint wrk...i decided that its time to get a new one....

Next day morning i told my dad to buy a new CD RW...he said ok. I was quite glad lah....just hoping that my Piracy wrks can continue. Then in sch Joel keep luffing @ me.....then suan me why not buy DVD RW...

Joel: "哈哈,你叫你老爸买CD RW,等一下他买错,买到DVD RW, summore 还是dual layer 的!哈哈!”

Me: “Ok..... 我懂你强,有DVD RW。。。"

Joel: "Wah lau....还是叫他买Blue Ray Disc 吧!不过等一下很多东西都 cannot suppot!"

Me: "eh....你也懂Blue Ray Technology sia...hahaha some 40GB...."

Hahaha...guess what...in the MRT my dad called me....said he really bought a DVD RW!!! WOwo cool! Hahahaha....summore 16X one...support for both Plus and Minus....burn CD @ 40x....thats damn cool.....

Then the unfortunate party comes...i opened up my comp was installed thge DVD RW withoug a prob...then there was this audio cable which came loose frm the motherboard....then i need to take out the graphics card to plug it in....hahaha....then i took it out and saw the sticker on the colloing fan almost peeling and peeled it off...then i played w the fan a bit and wonder why its so damn reluctant to spin...and aft setting up every thing i powered on my comp...

Eh.....wtf....why monitor nothing???? I switch to the mother board's internal graphics card then can liao...but only 16 colour...omg....i look @ my graphics card agian....THE COOLONG FAN IS NOT WRKING!!!!!

I powered down my comp once more....and took out the card....OMG...its damn hell hot....and i noe thats the end of my GeForce 4 MX 440 DDR 28mb w TV out (ya long name...) I BLEWED ITS PROCESSOR!!!!!

I was almost crying.....damn buay song.....and have to live with this 16 bit screen....


The next day....I was showing off to Joel hjow great my DVD RW was...and he tiam tiam liao...and @ the back whining abt my GeForce 4 MX 440.......haiz....

But luckily yesterday i went to Sim Lim and bought a $88 GeForce FX 5200.....

Wow....now the screen colour is a lot more vibrant lor...and a lot brighter oso....and when n playing NFSU2...i can use higher settings without significant lagging. Rendering of graphics in Photoshop is much much faster lor.....Wowow...nice sia...a blessing in disguise ba...haha

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