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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Things get a good turning.....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:13 PM --- Post#111755326801357697

Bad boy, neva study....
well, i totally flop my Math test...some 5.5/30....freak fucker....F-L-O-P.......and i JUST pass my Econs test....some 16/35.....haiz.....my GP....没得比....second highesty in class....Muahahaha....isnt that damn pro? Muahahaha.....some 32/50.....pro sia...hahaha ok lah....haiz....

So it wasnt Rou Hua....
Hmmm according to Frank....it was Yu Quan who told the 2505 ppl abt how perverse i am....hmmm she said "I followed her home" and that "i touch continously so many times"...wtf...where got sia...im begining to hate 2505 ppl liao...lucky my class ppl a lot more better....haiz....but i tot Esther told me that "She still wants her face and wun tell ppl". Mei Peng even say "Eeeeee so scary rite......". So maybe it wanst really RouHua who is solely responsible for this...maybe i misunderstood her le....

Frank told me before "Gals are unreliable creatures" and Qiao Yun told me "东西到了女孩子口中都会被乱说。。。“

Su Yee and Sher Hern....like my parents...
nope.....i dun agree gals are unreliable creatures....i dun agree....though there are always some bastards. Take Su Yee for example...she was neva late....always do what she is suppose to. Any of her friends would noe that one very "famous" trait of her is that she will make sure that u finish ALL and every single rice on you plate.

"Su Yee家教严吗!" Robert told me

Ya...quite true lah (Su Yee is a vegetarian btw)..she told me that @ home she will NEVA kill an ant or a roach....her mum wants her to pick it up using a tissue and drop it outside her house, which means she is not afraid of those crawlies lor...quite rare for a gal lah. My mum....she will kindly grab the roach w a tong and drown it in the toilet bowl for 5minutes and enjoy watching it dyging so slowly...awww....darkness....

Aft eating every meal she would nicely stack up all the bowls and plates and throw away all kinds of rubbish that we left there. Cool....really cool...then that day in KFC she bought a 30C packet of tissue from an old granny...ever since young...my mum always wun let me purchase such thing....she thinks is some sort of 敲诈、、、some 5C tissue must sell so expensive...then summore got hand got leg....well i mean that my mum's view.....i got no opinion...i normally wun buy cos i lazy take out money....ya sounds like an excuse lah.....

Sher Hern...another impt member of my PW team...he like afraid of nothing liddat...even the sky fall down oso treat as blanket lor....aiya...pro in studies and sports...some super man liddat..ever time like to ack man....ppl take escalator he must run stairs....haiz....but he damn thrifty...everything use until damn old still dun wanna throw....i pei fu him lor.... i neva see him in home cloths...dunno if he got one...evertime go out he will surely wear some sch base Tshirt one...summore he neva tuck out his short...so guai lor....

Then everytime go out w them, i feel so pai seh lor....i must act like them..everything thrifty...eat ALL grains of rice, help food court auntie clear things...haiz....

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