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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
I Broke The Silence Of The Nite
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:55 PM --- Post#111882545385851474

Late in the nite,
twenty-three forty-five.
I crept out of my bed,
and unlocked my gate.
Tiptoed down the ulu corridor,
and reached the spooky lift lobby.

"12" i pressed,
That machine woke from rest.
The feeling was nostalgic,
and somehow maybe a little bit the tragic.
The door slided open,
and i took my step out.

Something there familiar,
im looking for that laddle.
The sign says "Roof Access" pointing left,
which all HDB flats will have.
Taking all my effort i climbed,
forced open the trapdoor to the roof top.

The nite sky is nice,
where all the stars shines.
I groped to the ledge and sat,
wondering this and that.
i fell into despression,
and realised why im up here.

. . . . . .

Life really really suck,
and so far not much luck.
So who the hell am i?
just a JC student in other's eye.
Dumb, ignorant, ugly and useless,
weak, fimble, poor and stubborn.

When i was young and gullible,
I had childhood never!
My mum told me to mug and be a nerd,
Locked me at home and spolit me absurd.
"No comp, no music, no going out",
"No violence, no rights, no EVERYTHING!".

Six years passed and for the next four years,
i spent my life in Victoria.
Lower Sec life is not much better,
being an attention seeker and no-lifer.
Still remembered Kian Tiong and Ru Bin,
Being my best friends then.

At first when i got to 3B,
i remembered i hate where i be.
What a lousy class others call,
I wasnt welcomed then at all.
the Principal, OM and DM,
Whole day come looking for us with no end.

As the year ended,
my Evolution started.
But dunno what went wrong afterwards,
that now my mind is all corrupted.
I went mad, violent and psychopathic,
IT darkness and pessimesstic.

Then it is Sec 4 the year after,
Everything was a lot better.
I grew emotional,
and mug a lot lesser.
Magically from hate to love,
VS spirit rulez above!

I left VS and went AJ,
and continued my very dark days.
First three months bersek things went,
My good friends now know what i meant.
2505 is the cursed number,
and the scar will be in my heart forever.

When Qiao Yun told me 0805,
I knew its going to be a better life.
Sher Hern, Su Yee, Lily, Robert,
Shaun, Wendy, Yi Yu, Alfred.
And a lot more to be mentioned,
just pray and hope it wun get disturbed.

. . . . . .

But why am i up here on the roof top?
Becos this is where my life story stop.
If i go on further from now.
Im sure i will play foul,
Im sure i will screw up everything.
and once again my life will fall back to darkness,

I offend people very easily,
and do things very very rashly.
My friends soon become my enemies,
My result is is damn bloody lousy.
I wun get get far from here,
Just hope this poem can preserve my fond memories.

I stood up from the ledge,
and look down by the edge.
i can see the carpark down there,
Its so high that i might not dare.
Dare what?
U guessed right!

I closed my eyes and opened my arms,
My memory scanned through people that comes.
Bunny, Dry Lips, Mushroom, Potato,
and of course i wun forget Bloody Tomato.
I gathered courage and did a jump,
as the cold nite air rushed passed.

I broke the silence of the nite...

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