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Saturday, June 11, 2005
Injection Phobia
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:59 PM --- Post#111848504994361058

This morning....haha needa go for some stupid injection becos i needa go to China so needa vaccinate against FLU. Wassup with injection? No pain one lah. Haha but i still remember that un forgettable memory during Seconday 1....haha Tomato Gal shld remb this bah...dun luff lah...

That time it was abt time Tomato Gal collect her PSLE result when i was Sec1. I got this big big lump on my right ear...dunno why got it...it looks damn grosss lor...then sometimes got pus come out de.

So my mum force me to KK Hosp to remove it surgerically. Actually one jab to num my ear area is enuf, but i remb that i was damn damn damn nervous that i burst out crying like mad. Then summore got this Ang Moh female doctor taking down my particulars....damn her lah, cant speak Singlish properly then try to tok to her like damn hard.

She fed me with some "strawberry" drink which i believe to be some tranquantiser.

"Ello, may i know how Old'e are you?"

"Sec 1" i was a bit more calm by then...

"Huh? A-gain?"

" SEC ONE!!" i screamed.

"Never mind, do you had any Opera-ation before?"



"When Im 4 yrs old"

"Arm? which arm?"

"No no when Im 4 yrs old"

i got fustrated and nervous and cried again. And then i forgot what happen. I then request for for a knock out instead of just having my ear numbed. And the doctor see me in such state, have no choice. I lied on the bed and was pushed to the Operation theater. Then they got this mask and put it around my nose area. Yeah, chloroform. She ask me to breave in and out and counted from one to four. Strange enough from one to four i was still wide awake, but i was knocked out before i heard five.

Then its like skipping through time. Its like i closed my eyes and now im opening it the next moment. The operation was over and i was looking up and saw my parents. Wah lah...i feel damn hell weak and feel like puking. they say its the side effect of Chloroform...and i waited for about an hour before i was sent home.

After one week its time to remove the stitching. Again i was damn scared....I changed about 3 clinics becos the doc refuce to remove the stitch for me as i was too agitated and nervous. And for the last one...my mum told the doc to JUST DO IT.

OMG i was damnworked up and started to punch everything i saw. I almost saw wacked the doctor when my mum came and held me down. My head shooked vigourously in fear and banged into my mum's hand... And my glasses broke....and one big blue-black on my face....And then the doctore cam and did his dirty job.

Wow.....now im still quite scared whenever i remb that......

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