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Saturday, June 11, 2005
Sher Hern's Little Secret
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:17 PM --- Post#111848864183560403

Today after the injection i met Su Yee and Lily in Junction 8 at 2pm...

What do u think three of us are doing...haha secret....you will noe very very soon. Whatever it is we had a hard time looking for the stuffs we want and Su Yee keep smashing the idea that eating durian wasnt that good... Then after that we went to the Food Junction and tok cock there..

I bought a Teh-O Bing and told Lily thats the Love Potion for Lily and Sher Hern. Su Yee came back with a Tau-hua with Red Beans topping.

SuYee: 那你还喝他们的 Love Potion 做什么?

Lily: Eh eh 你们不要乱讲啦!是 Su Yee lor! 你们做么一直 gossip 我们...

Me: haha... SuYee 很像满了解 Sher Hern 的 hor.... 你都懂他喜欢什么。。。haha 但是我相信 Lily也很了解他。。。

Su Yee: 祥云我知道你会吃醋的。。。

Me: hur hur hur。。。是啊是啊。。。你们都喜欢 Sher Hern 可以 share 的 mah! 你看量两个人 share 一碗相思豆 (红豆 lah) tau hua....

Su Yee (looking @ Lily): 我很想揍他。。。


Me (called Sher Hern on the phone): Hello, Sher Hern arh....

Sher Hern: Ya wat?!

Me: Whatever i sms you and whatever happen just now (cos i got send him some crap message on two gals fighting over him before we entered the food Junction) all pretend noting happen hor! I got a lot of things cannot say or i will be killed. Got two terroist (Su Yee and Lily) pointed gun at my head now....

Su Yee (whispering): 哪里有。。。

Sher Hern: huh? What u toking about???

Me ( i took my phone and brought it near Su Yee)

Su Yee: Hello Sher Hern!!!

Me (now i brought it towards Lily)

Lily (stared at me said nutting) : 。。。

Sher Hern(who cant hear Su Yee properly cos its too noisy) : Who the hell is that???

Me: Oh nothing.... (and i hung the phone)

Me: aiya! Sher Hern 说 "who the hell is that"

Su Yee: 他听不到 meh???

Me: 太吵了吧。。。如果是 Lily 他一定听得到!!

Su Yee: har lor....

Lily: Oi....够了 hor!
Me (sms Sher hern) :

Lily: Oi, 你 sms 他什么??

Su Yee: 给我看 给我看!!

Me: Nutting lah....

Then Lily snatched over my phone and Su yee took it and wrote an sms to Sher Hern:

I tired to snatch back but they alluse their body to shield my phone.

Lily: Eh, 男女授受不亲!

Me (tried desperately to take back but neva managed): Ok ok, send lor!

Su Yee (sent the sms): 不大会用他的 phone.

Me (took Lily's phone which is on the table): hey, Sher Hern 的电话号码几号?

Lily (shocked): Eh, 还给我!!

Me (return her phone) : 还给我!

Lily (took her phone) : 还要不要乱乱 sms??

Me (taking my phone) : ok ok 不会。。

Me (taken my phone) : 才怪。。。
And all these go on and on until we all reach out MRT and neva stopped when Su Yee left the train, where she tok and tok till she almost miss her stop.

So poor Sher Hern on the othe end damn confused on whats going on...hahaha...evil sia...

So who will Sher Hern choose: Lily? Su Yee??

I shall stop writing now and let you (or who ever is reading this blog) continue the Love Story on your very own imagination ba....

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