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Sunday, June 26, 2005
The Trip To China....revealed....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:51 AM --- Post#111977175885292032

Day 1 Sat 18/06/2005
Ya, I woke up like 5am today n went to the usual Changi airport. I was packing my luggage like siao till 2am lor, squeezing all my lecture notes into it. Damn tired n the whole bag of notes weigh like some 8kg lor. Anyway, the baby plane flew me to Fuzhou then change plane to Shanghi. Aiya, China except every thing damn budget n in Chinese, not much diff thn Singapore one lah. But beggars n the chao flashy advertisment a bit the irritting lah.

Got go n see some Dong Pu river today. Wah lao, the personnel there damn inefficient lah, They neva say who can go first, then all the tour grp luan lor. Then now its 1am liao, mugging Physics on Current Elect. Haiz....i haven enjoy hols enuf lor. Where enjoyment is definitely noy having to mug on a tour. I rathet go out w my friends, watch movie or smthing lor... or maybe play w Tomato...haiz...sucks lah...

Left: Flashy advertisment every where
Right: Dong Pu River

Day 2 Sun 19/06/2005
The nite was ok lah...mum was in another room n spared all her nagging. But hor, the hotel room was quite lousy lah, some three star hotel.

Today went to Chung Huang Miao (no, its not a temple, some shopping parade) then some graveyard of Sun Zhong Sun's wife, 4got her name liaoz... then there the ppl teach us abt fungshui. Wth, all the buldings in China all built based on fungshui sia...those ppl nutting better to do... then my parents bought one set of some auspicious animal jade carving (the name is Pei Shou i think..).

Later lunch ws a lot better than yesterdy's dnr, at least it looks like some hi-tea place, though they call it a restaurant.

Then aft tt went to Zhu Sha Jiao, another more lousy shopping parade.The sun was damn big but shines only n not hot.

Then its a 3 hours tip to Hang Zhou, where i mug two chap of Phy. There the ppl damn relac lor. They lead those 'sit one corner relac' life. The air not too polluted there.

Then got the West Lake. Ok lah quite nice lor. At nite cos my parents dun wann go or the optional tour pavksge thus neva wstch the stupid show at Song City...

Finally reach the hotel. wtf, tts wat i call a hotel, the interior damn nice lor, well decorated n cosy. Bad thing is my mum wanna come over our room cos the king size bed is avaliable...Spoil everything lah...then i cont mugging till 2am.

Left: Cheng Huang Miao
Right: Streets Of Cheng Huang Miao

Left: Wife od Sun Yat Sun, taken @ her graveyard
Right: Zu Sha Jiao

Left: Streets of Zhu Sha Jiao
Right: Dong Po Rou, fatty pork famous there

Left: West Lake
Right: The Hundred "Shou" Character Wall @ West Lake

Day 3 Mon 20/6/05
Quite tired when i woke up....cos the nite b4 went mugging till quite late.

Morning go see tea plantation and let us try the famous Long Jing Tea. Ok lah...the tea leaves can eat one...

Then later we go tour one round the West Lake. Upon reaching land hor, i saw these peacocks and peakhens....damn cute leh!!! Hahaha i got a close up of the baby peakcocks.

Sianz....arrived at some place where Liang Shan Bo n Zhu Ying Tai used to mug there. Then aft tt went to Su Zhou n look at the Industrial park n some dunno wat mansion...Dunno the name lah...but there the Ah Em row the boat while singing....they used to be some chio bu i heard...

At nite went to Guan Qian Jie to shop. Ok lah but the mp3 player damn ex lor....

Then went bk hotel...damn tired..sleep lor...never mug...

Left: Long Jing Tea Plantation
Right: West River Tour

Left: PeaHen feeding babies
Right: Muggers....Liang Shan Po, Chu Ying Tai...

Left: Su Zhou Industrial Park
Right: Chio Bu Rowing boat and singing

Guan Qian Jie

Day 4 Tues 21/6/05
Had quite a good sleep yesterday lah. Haiz...morning suppose to wake up to mug but overslept lah...

Wtf...the breakfast today is like shit lor... then went to the Han Shan Temple. Nutting muchi there lah.

Then visit some Silk Factory... wah lao the silk worm damn cute sia...the silk texture not bad neh....the bloster damn comforty lor. But my mum wun buy.....

On the way to Nan Jing i mug all on Production n cost like mad lor.

In Nan Jing go see some lousy bridge...Lousy bridge lah....

The Tour Guide like some lecturer...damn boring, he frm some univerisity teacher...haiz...

Then see the mass massacre spot where the Jap murdered the Chinese. Got some saddist real body n bone there..wow...violence finally..But i neva took any fotos cos my dad say no good lah....The place quite soluem oso.

The nite is the best lah. The Fu Zhi Street w tons of shopping stall...wtf can cut cost like up to 60%...

Then the nite, my dad veri niao...say aircon not cold enuf...then damn mah fun must change room. Im like chao tired then lor....haiz.....sucks lah.

Left: Han Shan Shi
Right: 800 yrs old tree there

Silkwork and silkmoth

Pulling the silk bigger and bigger to make bedsheets

Left: The lousy bridge built by the Cheena during poor times
Right: My dad and mom in the grand restaurant

Fu Zhi Street

Day 5 Wed 22/06/05
This morning cont w the 'lecturer' to go to see some Burial Ground of dunno which emperor...boring sia....they only dig out the outside, the China Gahmen say cannot digout everything cos their technology not enuf...

The Jade Factory is the best lah...the sales gal keep pestering my dad like mad, one small jade cos S$700+ lor. Then bargain till $500(not RMB hor), my dad still say too ex. Then the sales gal tell him to name a price.., my mouth itchy say S$200. She like kena shock. Haha, then my dad buay tahan, ran away le...to second floor eat lunch.

Aft lunch, the stupid sales gal still there witing lor. wah lao, she askmif we meant wat e say, so i think she would actually go with a bit more...tooo bad my dad really pissed off...Ran immediately to the bus liao. In bus i mug Econs on Elasticity but fell asleep halfway...shit...

Finally went off to Wu Xi, aft tt lecturer tour guide, we welcomed a small small short short dark dark tour guide. He is the best of all lah, quite humourous lor.

We went n look at them Tai River then the Shan Guo Chen. Shan Guo Chen quite cool lah...real horse n stun men dressed in olden days' costume n battle in the arena. Haha...oso time o get down of the bus n walk, sweat n sun myself...

At nite aft dnr (ya..same whole stuff everyday lor, fried egg, fish, fatty pork, oily vege soup, coke n beer, 大米 n finish off w watermelons). We went shopping at Parkson shopping complex. Again i went to look for music players but again is damn ex...i think gotta go bk SLS buy le.

Then go hotel n slp.

Left: A brick of a stone wall with the brick maker's name on it
so that is the brick wasnt make well the emperor
can locate the brick maker
Right: Blood Jade, greyish jade with reddish lines

Shan Gou Chen, live horse stun actions

Soldiers going to war

Left: My tour mate dressed up as emperor and empress
Right: Grand Stone carvings

Day6 Thurs 23/06/05
Woke up but feel damn sleepy. The breakfast is upmost digusting. The best thing u can find there is a half naked pic of a women hung on the wall.

Morning went to another temple (sianz hor...)Then the perl factory(sianz hor...)...

Then went bk to Shang Hai, first thing come some crappy cheena dotor say my dad got tons of illness..,then come out with some prescribtion more than S$600...

Following up is going to some illegal shop buy some famous fake...It looks so so so real lor...but the price not worth it lah so nvr buy. Wah thanks to my big mouth plus me beingg damn tired n keep saying wrong thing in English thinking tt theywun understand....the sales gal turn n solded me say i anyhow say their stuff ex.... then they lock us in the warehouse reluctant to let us go cos they scared we attract attention...damn scary...esp i dun have my Swiss knife w me....Thy finally let us out n....wah.....can relac liao.

Then eat dnr n we r caught in a jam, but oso good cos we can see the nite scene frm the bus...Aft that go and see some shows in Bai Le Men.....

Shang Hai Tan....no beach....just some place to take fotos. Then see the Bund Tunnel.....outside there show got some 3D laser...inside is crap...

Ok enuf...back to hotel n slp..

Gu Zheng performance in the temple

Left: Man-grown clamp with 30+ pearls inside
Right: Performance featuring the 1930s ShangHai in Bai Le Men

Shang Hai Tan, oso known as Yai Tan

Day 7 Friday 24/6/05
So....today do wat? Haha actually today is the most fun of all lor.

Morning eat the vomit tasting breakfast, later go to some ulu ulu shopping complex n there can cut price like mad...damn song....i tell u hor this trip to China the best thing i learnt is bargining skills lor. I bought a two nice black shirt, one of them has studs of red n blue on it, when viewed at different angle shades of blue, red n purple can be seen. The other is damn long down, then the lady say is some hip hop shirt, then i just buy lor.

Later take taxi to Xiang Yang Market...., there got tons of cute stuff i like lor, some 29 LED torch lite, pen knifes, colour bands, G-shock watches(fake one lah). There i bought the 29 lite bulb LED torch and an encapsulated scopion specimen. Haha the $200 torch i bargin till only $50...hehe

Later took a taxi and went to Chen Huang Miao, then there slowly walk walk eat eat till 8pm then return to hotel and had an early nite lor.

Left: A foto of Shanghai from hotel
Right: A market place there

Streets of Shanghai

Still some streets and the Uncle selling watermelons @ 1 RMB / Jin

Day8 Sat 25/06/05
Morning woke up quite late and slacked till 10.45, where we all went to the airport....who noes...i arrive back to Singapore @ 12am the next day.....freaking tired.....haiz....tour ends liddat..... Go home, PokPok haven die yet...but the whole tank of goldfish had rotten damn smelly....haiz...

Sunset taken outside the plane.

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