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Friday, June 10, 2005
Yo Yo...Im a blog skinner!!!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:57 PM --- Post#111841023019066583

Ya....if im not wrong the last time i did a webby was Sec 3 when i still remb i was competingwith Zi Jian see who's webby has the most visitor...haha after that i neva touch HTML liao lor...yesterday nite suddenly i decided to lauch DreamWeaver once more and do a blog skin. Ya to save time i kope a template of layers containing the Blogger tags to read post and dates.

Last time i use to design webby using coloured layers as design, then i will insert some small images ad flash here and there...ya rite liddat a lot of times when u use a different browser u will see the alignment going out. Then suddenly i thought of Qiao Yun's webby. Hey i can use one backgrd image and then use layers to make them look coherent. Then i can make it look as if the message box or shoutmix box to look as if they are "fused" into the background. This oso saves the hassle of off alignment of so many different web elements as now i just needa adjst one back ground pic.

To save time again i use the idea of green, blue and orange colour scheme and rounded rectangles as the basic Blog layout. This idea is koped frm the old blog, if u still remb the old blog skin by Blogger the one w the number 95 and a star on the top left corner. After i drawn these basic layout i upload the pic on to the Image Shack server.

Now using DreamWeaver i position the template layers according to the background pics. Last time i create for 800x600 screen and when u view it in a 1024x768 screen, the layers position will now get out of position as the x and y azis had shifted. Now i do it in 1024x768, and when i view it in 800x600, the things get bigger and u need to scroll to view everything in the enlarged form. But i still realised that this only works in FireFox and Opera...not in IE...

ok now everything is is place, i now go back to photoshop and enhance the basic backgroup by making it pop up and made the logo.

Then i went BaiDu and look for a new song and slowly fixed up some bugs and violla!

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