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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:31 PM --- Post#112238489607726074

Heavy breath was drawn,
Agonised in the sea of pain.
Glaring at the hopeless dawn,
Accompained by the dashing rain.

The cold and icy bed,
Bounded my freedom for now.
Leaving my hands to fate,
Yet no more hope to be found.

Coloured pills i had taken,
Rainbows i had seen.
Sorrow minds awaken,
Painful like a sin.

My thoughts swirled into a daze,
Leaving my poor will hanging....
My body went restless for days,
With my lifeline weakening....

I close my eyes,
Numb my senses.
Where my body lies,
My soul shall ever, ever rest.....

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Sunday, July 24, 2005
My new player! iAudio G3
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:20 PM --- Post#112221642181553837

Aiya....life so boring...recently quite mang lah...no time to blog....oh i changed a new blog skin...just hope u like it....

Things changed a lot...really...Last Sunday i bought a new digital Audio Player...my iAudio G3....nice dude....Just to share some of the more prominent features:

-50hours battery life
-Lyrics Display
-mp3, ogg, wma, asf, wav support
-BBE Sound enhancement system (BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround)
-USB 2.0 fast speed
-Good Cresyn earphones

-line in encoding
-voice recorder
-FM radio w recording

-13+13mW output
-S/N 95dB
-2k to 20k frequency range

The bass is monsterous....but a bit too thick, @ first my ear hursts...but after a while i got used to the good and warmth bass....EQ need to rweak a bit to bring out the vocals....this unit is obvious a lot better than Creative or iPods....

The given earphone is great! Though the battery life is not really 50 hours, but abot to last me one week or about 30+ hours with a Duracell battery.

The Design is very nice, though the desing look 'common', but its hard to find a desing almost near to it...Lyrics display is great!!! Though i would pref to have OLED, but the LCD screen w blue backlight is still acceptable and readable in direct sunlight n in dark places...cool!!

Overall i would rate it 8/10.

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Monday, July 18, 2005
ZOMBiE 13 Code
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:49 PM --- Post#112204679429317757

This set of 13 code of conduct is what i always believe in...

1. Use of negative emotions(Vulgar, Being Mean, Hatred, Saddism, Violence)
Negative emotions should always be used in appropiate amout to get your way through life and any difficulties, this also build up your natural defence instinct.

2. Pessimistic
We should always be pessimistic yet do our best, this can minimise pressure and reduce impact of failure.

3. Vary yourself
Adjusting yourself to the situation around you may be a good idea and will allow you to gain certain advantage.

4. UnGentleman
"Ladies first" NEVER applies, instead we should believe in "First Come First Serve". But fo course we can always choose to let our friends go first in front of us.

5. Underhand methods(Sly, Cunning, Cheating, Brute Forcing, Lying)
"Kill or be Killed". Using underhand methods are one of the easiest and most challenging way to twist your way arounds facts and grab oppotunities before others do. Being thick skin in a lot of situation will allow you to get out of sticky situations.

6. No Muggers
No excessive studying or working.

7. Escapist
The best way to solve a problem is to escape from it. Despite argument saying "you do not solve a problem by simply avoiding it", but at times when u escape from a problem, it will disappear and may never bother you, why spend time trying to solve it when u can abandon the problem???

8. Reverse Enginnering and Direct Imitation
Stealing of others' idea and modifying it is encourage. This is the best way to be creative while not entirely using people's idea. In time where chances allow, direct imitation should be used.

9. Always Take Advantage of Situation
We should always take advantage of the situation where possible in order not to lose out. We should take things beside us for granted and rely on them. BUT we should aquire skills that would enable us to survive in case the situation changes.

10. Ignorance is Bliss
Learning to ignore negative comments is the way of life.

11. Attitude
Your attitude should be shown when needed so as not to be taken advantage of. Also e should express ourself explicitly when possible so that others know clearly what we demand.

12. Technology Enhanced
We should always use technology to enhance whatever we do as technology had evolved to be successful. This also increase our chances of success.

13. Enjoy Life
We live to enjoy ourself on earth.....

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Saturday, July 16, 2005
That day is the day where i suffered on Earth for 17 years...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:09 PM --- Post#112153175446912625

Haiz....birthday again....no im not happy...im neva happy on bithdays...and i get bad mood..some facts to know:

1. The last birthday present before this was when i was 5 yrs old, a Red Ranger by Tomato that time

2. My parents NEVER wish me "Happy Birthday"

3. I NEVER had a birthday party before

4. In VS, we gotta hide our birthdates....or we get wacked....

5. Celebration of my birthday is simply by eating a meal of not more than $50 for the family

6. I cant remember when i last ate my own bithday cake (i think5 or 6 yrs old ba)

7. The last time someone sing a birthday song to me was i think 3 years old

8. There wasnt any surprise on any of my birthday

9. If my birthdate is in Chinese calendar, it would me the Hungry Ghost Festival (Chinese 15/7 is start of the Hungry Shost Festival)

10. I neva really enjoyed my birthday......

Now JC....smthing a bit different frm VS...ppl actually celebrated birthday and buy cakes and presents for everyone....i still remembered Frank...his birthday falls on Valentines day..then the class gals actually paid their own money and bought some cakes....ya....

Well...i slp quite late the night before...playing Gunz i think....then yesterday (my birthday) i when to sch in my usual Zombify self, almost forgetting the cursed day....

Well good thing SuYee, Lily and YiYu they all neva forget abt my BD...so touched...aft so amny many yrs...finally some one said "happy BD" to me and gave me a card and wow a nicey Billabong pencil case sia.... awwwww....so touching....

Somehow smart Selina Zhou Che Lun was able to guess that that day was my BD by my MSN nick...ya..btw she sound sooo much like Su Yee...she was calling me frm behind and i tot SuYee called me...thanks to Sher Hern who notify me...or else i wun noe... she gave me some in hair hand shake and Jerry gave me some knucle crunch....oh too bad...everyone noes i got damn flexi finders and palm...i feel nutting....

Tomamto.,....oh Tomato...she so good....suddenly this yr she decided to gimme a presnt....guess what....Mei Mei's Lao Shu Ai Da Mi!!! OMG....Mei Mei so cute...ya though in cartoon...

ok lah...my dad say tml take me buy my mp3 player....it seems that this yr's BD the best...though i still needa mug and mug and mug.....


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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
That lame gal....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:32 PM --- Post#112117562980081409

Long Long ago....
In far far away land call AJC....
There is this lamer who lived next to me....
Whom Bunny call Chocolate....
So what she likes to do?
She enjoys watching bird shitting....
But the shit neva drops...
She inisited those are dots...
Then she also likes a panda wiht half a face back....
and tell me those are lines...
So are those lines or dots?
I think in the mind of this lame girl....
Who lived next to me.....
in AJC....
It doesnt really matter.....

Oh this poem is lame....isit a poem in the 1st place?

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Monday, July 11, 2005
The sixth way to die.....luff till u die...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:37 PM --- Post#112109097008698621

Wow i got some 1/25 for my econs Essay....damn chio hor....well haha despite all these 'shocks', i did enjoy myself today lah....haha i went home w Selina and what's the guy's name? Jerry i think....ya...3 stupid AJCian live all the way in Paya Lebar and Ubi.....mad

On the train....
We crap about that Selina likes to cry and luff too much until her eyes become damn small....like Jay liddat...then Jerry added that she is Zhou Jie Lun's sista..Zhou Che Lun....Then i say she is Jay's AE86's tire..then everytime intro her sista Jay must:

"My sista! Zhou Che Lun....aiya my sista deflated liaoz...must pumb in more air...."

Haha we went crapping all the way abt Tires and Selina keep saying how quiet and gentle she is...when she can luff during Econs midyr for nutting @ the DRQ.....funny girl hor...

Then we reached Singapore Post....we went to Mac and eat. Things get hornier there...Selina keeps saying she damn good in ballet....then we all luff....

"Oh she go up the stage and threaten everyone mah.....u gimme ur money or i shall dance for u to see....then go on top and screw ur head...."

then i say i noe syncrognised swimming...part of Water Boyz....muahaha.....then she ask me if i noe of cock screw turn....we burst out luffinf like mad....

Then i took my apple pie and twist and screw into my mouth......then he say 'turn not enuf'....

my apple pie almost came outta my mouth lor....the i told Selina the G-Sopt haven reach yet....she was quite puzzled what is a G-spot...she tot its smthing related to menstruation...then we luff anf luff and luff.....

The whole mac was looking @ the three AJCian being soo soo perverse....

She says "eh exclude me hor..."
and i heard "eh screw me hor..."

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Saturday, July 09, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:26 PM --- Post#112092285242656434

Crystals eyes looked in daze,
with a face of those in a painting.
Ripples in the pond that you stared in gaze,
awaitng for me in the memories of forgiving...

I looked deep into your soul,
searching for a valid expression
I rest and had your hand in hold,
as i ever attempt to contol my emotion.

Drips flowed along the smooth face wall,
a touch of your lips reached my skin.
The grip release and held my hand no more,
about turn and wipe your memory clean...

Down the emotion lane,
evil sadness won.
Up my fragile spirit,
All hopes gone...

Silently i weeped,
for the love i had lost.
Looking into the deep,
for something to ease my cold heart frost...

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Darkness Duel
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:05 PM --- Post#112091863164798197

Good by nature, Evil by Force.
Come and challenge, by any cause.
Darkness overcomes, and you had lost.
Die upon me, under my claws...

I take my pistol, aimed towards your head.
If press the trigger, you shall be dead.
But i spared your life, leave you to fate.
Run my boy, before its too late...

Im evil, i have no heart.
But to kill you, i find it too hard.
I am bold, and i have the guts.
But still, I hate to see blood.

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Friday, July 08, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:39 PM --- Post#112083729561189492


“Ok…times up…pens down!” 小明手上的笔从手指间滑了下。

“Shit lah..." Haiz…着已经不第一次。。。可怜的他带着绝望的心情走出考。回会想前几天的“遭遇”也是如此,考完是后总是垂头丧气,总会问自己为什么这么笨,也因此对他周边笑嘻嘻的同学感到反感。



怎么这世上就没人理会小明吗?对他而言,自己只是读书机器,而父母是投资的股东,机器不好随时可以换个新的。也许是因为从小都不怎么受同学们的欢迎,小明总感觉不到身边人家对他的关心,他对“爱”也麻木了。。。他拿出他旧款的耳机,播放MC Hotdog 《我的生活》,头也随着音乐的节奏摆动了起来。可怜的他想以音乐麻醉心力的伤口。。。

“小明!” 小明转了身,视线正和小君交叉。小明好象被电了一下。




“你做么?Oi, are you ok?


小君看了看小明,也晓得他一向都很自卑,想也懂又是考的不理想了。“喂!不要这样啦,我也一定fail的吗?Mid year 而已。。。喂!”

小 明也没注意她在说什么,只是默默的坐在那儿。小君也不问了,就在他的傍边坐了下来。小明瞄了瞄小君,突然好像心里温暖了起来。小君怎么说也是他惟一的好朋 友,自从他进入学院以来,小君就一直根他满要好的。她是一位有爱心的女孩,虽然班上的同学都很少和小明讲话,小君不会排斥他。


“小明。。。 ” 小君更靠近地往小明身旁移。她伸出了温暖的小手,紧紧地握着小明的手掌。顿时他下了一跳,眼睛张大大地看着她。小君把小明的手掌举了起来,笑着对他说: “那,你看你的五根手指,没有一只是同样长的。每一只都有它的用途,这也说明世上有许多不同的人,而每个人都是特别的吗!”

小明显的信步在。小君继续问:“OI! HARLOW! 你不应我我不管你了har。。。”






其实我们身边是有许多关心我们的人的,只是可能我们没注意。生活是残酷不仁的,可是“爱 ”是温馨伟大的。。。


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