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Monday, July 11, 2005
The sixth way to die.....luff till u die...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:37 PM --- Post#112109097008698621

Wow i got some 1/25 for my econs Essay....damn chio hor....well haha despite all these 'shocks', i did enjoy myself today lah....haha i went home w Selina and what's the guy's name? Jerry i think....ya...3 stupid AJCian live all the way in Paya Lebar and Ubi.....mad

On the train....
We crap about that Selina likes to cry and luff too much until her eyes become damn small....like Jay liddat...then Jerry added that she is Zhou Jie Lun's sista..Zhou Che Lun....Then i say she is Jay's AE86's tire..then everytime intro her sista Jay must:

"My sista! Zhou Che Lun....aiya my sista deflated liaoz...must pumb in more air...."

Haha we went crapping all the way abt Tires and Selina keep saying how quiet and gentle she is...when she can luff during Econs midyr for nutting @ the DRQ.....funny girl hor...

Then we reached Singapore Post....we went to Mac and eat. Things get hornier there...Selina keeps saying she damn good in ballet....then we all luff....

"Oh she go up the stage and threaten everyone mah.....u gimme ur money or i shall dance for u to see....then go on top and screw ur head...."

then i say i noe syncrognised swimming...part of Water Boyz....muahaha.....then she ask me if i noe of cock screw turn....we burst out luffinf like mad....

Then i took my apple pie and twist and screw into my mouth......then he say 'turn not enuf'....

my apple pie almost came outta my mouth lor....the i told Selina the G-Sopt haven reach yet....she was quite puzzled what is a G-spot...she tot its smthing related to menstruation...then we luff anf luff and luff.....

The whole mac was looking @ the three AJCian being soo soo perverse....

She says "eh exclude me hor..."
and i heard "eh screw me hor..."

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