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Sunday, August 28, 2005
No one cares...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:01 PM --- Post#112522066266547717

It seems that it has been a long long long long long long long time before i blog....ya i used any free time to make a new skin for my blog...this skin simply sucks...unpresentable. The new skin will, i hope appear nicer, and using rollover CSS style sheet for one fixed space for the tagboards and stuff...sianz...

Recently life has been quite sianz...I dunno why but i find that im getting mroe and more slack...i push all my homewrok to only sunday...even saturday i will be playing around.

Am i really really that lazy? Or isit cos i dropped econs? Ya econs has tons of homework...now i dropped im so free...

Physics...two week one tutorial which will be go through like two qn per lesson. Even u dun do go there teacher oso give u time do..

Math. I hate math that much. I will wait till Sunday then i will copy whatever my pussy(补习) teacher tell me...then make it more presentable and hand it in.

Perhaps i spent most time on computing...ya...but i dun feel stress @ all...i feel fun...even after like hours and hours of programming...i still feel that im having fun for hours...till the end of the day i question myself if doing computing homework is actually doing homework anot...of course yes...

Hmmm now my comp sc course wrk is over...ya it went quite smoothly..except stupid Elvin kope my code wholesales...fuck that idot...Haiz..life sucks...i think one more month to Promos...and im still slacking...tml got Math test and i cant even be bothered...how sia?

Maybe i thinbk i will fail my promo...then retain...luff by everyone...cannot go University, end up no job...borrow money go gamble...then no money return. Loan Sharks come up...Father mother disown me...i very the weak....no strength wack...the kena chopped to death...buried someone no one find...and yeah my life end...

Really Roberty is rite...JC life sucks...NS will suck more (not for sher hern...he is looking forward to it)

CRAP....CRAP....Life is a total nonsense...no one cares abt me anyway...ya. From VS till now no one cares!! NO ONE. Im always the "extra" guy that everyone ignore, the one who tok cock and do all the strange stuff until no one likes...then everyone avoid me....dun tok to me...dun sit with me...make fun of me...leave me alone...no friends...i think i got absolutely no EQ...no IQ oso...super lousy in socialising. Next time go out i surely kena fired by boss or sabo by ppl..sure one...

Im lonely...no one cares...even no one come to this blog to read....im blogging for myself....no matter how nice this blog is no one cares! No ONE....Why would they read a blog of a LOSER??? Someone so irritaing and unimportant and can be avoided by all means....

Im becoming like JOEL CHAN....Liang Hong is rite...i meddle too much with him i will be like him...JOEL....exactly...EMOTION NUMBESS!!! No emotion...all logic...like a stupid computer that takes in all data it feeds and wait till it get outdated and get thrown away...

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Sunday, August 21, 2005
Son of Victoria
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:19 PM --- Post#112461804276361298

THis is mad lah, me in AJC now last yr sec4 Victorian. This issue a bit big lor. U can see on MSN messenger the number of Victorians and ExVictorians Protesting lor.


Number 1, Im neutral, there are both benefits and no-goods to going co-ed.
Number 2, i dun protest this idea of going co ed does not mean im no longer Son Of VS or dun feel for the school.

Ok, number 1, Ang Pow Chew need to be removed from the Earth 1st, yes he had been creating tons of nonsense out of VS, since he becomes a principle.

-Getting girls MIGHT improve the results.

-Guys generally become more mature with females around (but sometimes remain childish is good !)

-Demolise the tradition and culture
In VS, boys strip anyhow, yell anyhow, cheer anyhow, pull down other's pants, play with some parents name, go wild, be brother....

To others this may seem childish or ganster like, but i tell u its not, thats the tradition, only when there is no obstruction between the students that there will be strong bond. With gals we need to "respect" them, restrict our actions and stuff, thus in VJC the bond is not as strong. It is only when there is a lot of exposure to each other there is bonding, or so call "brothers"

Thats the tradition, thats why ppl enjoy themselves in VS.

UNLESS the girls who come in can TOLERATE totally all these acts we do, which is impossible (which gal can dun screamed when she is flattened by all the guys in a cheer? No...), the tradition will diminsh.....

-Mr Ang keep saying that before VS will never be a mixed school, he will be breaking his promise

-U think the guys/or girls will get used to the situation?
Some sec4s now opted for co ed just having the idea to rape sec 1 girls...
Some say they want to wipe out the entire gay population...

-Sch uniform will need to be redesigned (imagime ling brown skirts...eee)
Oh FYI for guys in VS now....gal's skirt get shorter unlike guy's pants...
So dun come telling me how disgusting brown mini skirts and while long skirts are....

-Chaos will evolved if he goes against almost all the students in VS, image all VS students going for a strike...awfully history in Singapore huh?

-Ang's life will be threatened (we all noe anything is possible in VS....)

-Money spent to reconstruct toilet and do much admin stuff, VS quite poor liao.....


What can be done now: Victorians, please do not create too much chaos and attention, it seems that old Victorians potray this issue as "very chaotic" when it is now really the case in VS. I noe thru a Sec4 friend that only rants and some grubling and signing of petition thats all.... No fights, strikes, war or watever extreme cases.

Also no use putting up all the [Sons of Victoria], in front of your MSN nick...please u think Mr Ang uses MSN? Below is a pic of students putting badge on right sleeve to protest.

All these cause students previously frm other schs in my JC to keep asking me abt VS and i feel a bit embarassed to have such principle.

We all noe that watever Ang decides he does it...no matter what happen if he wants co ed he will do it, further more this is his last year in VS, this idot wants some attention and create history and try all sorts to recover VS's standard so that other principles will not luff behind his back and save his MOLE face....

Imagine if VS really co ed, 10 yrs down the road, Students in Singapore will be complaining
"aiya, which idot allow Vs to co ed, now i need to memorise so much history on the last governent boy school to co ed and the changes in Singapore's education system, sure fail Social Studies liao lah...."

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Monday, August 15, 2005
Influence by QIAO YUN
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:31 PM --- Post#112411007350120129

Do you know when is my birthday?
I think you will know if you check your book.
But do you know what is the flower of my birthday?
I bet none of you know.

It's Canadian Goldenrod
Stands for "influence" in the flower language
But am I that influential?
The obvious answer is 'no'

What if one day, I fell sick
And I did not go to school?
What will happen to the class?
Will they really care if I am there or not?

Somehow I have this feeling
That they dont even notice I am not there
The world will not stop spinning for me
No. The world will definitely not.

What about those who called themselves 'friends'?
Do they stop for me?
Will my absence influence them?
I guess they cant be bother with me.

Who in the world will stop And give me a hand to help me up?
Will these 'friends' stop?
Most probably, they will continue to walk
Without me. Leaving me behind. Leaving me where I had sat.

Do these 'friends' know that Every little thing they say breaks my heart?
Dont they know that I am very sensitive to whatever they say?
Do they know that when they boast about their friends
I have this feeling of being unwanted and left out?

Maybe they dont at all.
They just carry on with their lives.
Without realising that they have already injured me
One way or another.

I think I am not the one who is influential.
I feel like the one being influenced by others.
Their actions and their words.
I could do nothing. But slowly waiting for my wounds to heal...

(Extracted from .h.o.p.e.l.e.s.s. chronicles)

Ya i begged her for this poem...yes i feel its dark enuf. I can feel it....the desperate, the loss, the DEPRESSION faced....yes....I mean for me, my dark literature works are often bombarded by vugarities or scenes of death and such to represent agony, hatred and sadness. But this...take a turn, we now looked into how a girl feel...nutting harsh yet effective to bring out the feelings.

There a lot of question marks, showing she is asking herself, loss...yes she is loss. Quotation marks are used in "friends", representing her acute viewpoint from people around her. She also asked a hell lot of questions to her friends, if they noe this or noe that, it creates the effect that she is angry and sad, sort of shouting out her true feelings to those whom should listen to her...

Btw, do pay attention to the length of ur poem, dun make them too long, u can have more stanzas and notice that there shld be a rhythm following the poem, sort of like a rap. The rest is ok....seriously nicely done poem, qiao yun.

Evaluation aside....i dunno what happen to u lah, so sad so sad. Actually im no better, ya u said u seemed happy....i dun even have the chance to look happy at all lor...I mean u have quite a nice personality mah, not like me got so low EQ and socialising skills, always make ppl hate me and make fun of me only....Dun sad le....haha remember the Elastic Plaster?

| |
| 00 Heal ur Heart 00 |
| elastic plaster :) |

Dun sad le lah, as i said lor, everytime u sad u think im 100% in a state worse than you lor. I mean u so smart noe so much not like me rubbish52....nutting but rubbish frm me....

Some tips lah...if u feel really depressed...cry it out ba...u will feel better de....ok....can???

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Saturday, August 13, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:05 PM --- Post#112393276276975666

It all started wiht my thought to crack AJ's admin password....of course w my skills its IMPOSSIBLE and i was searching the net for toos to crack WinXP

password and came across this tool call Austrumi, Linux. @ 1st i tot its just some Linux-programmed small software that u boot b4 ur OS loads and it cracks ur WinXP password....i was dead wrong....

When i boot....it IS linux itself...its only 50mb so dun expect a lot of apps and nice gui...

Well if im not wrong Linux is made up of three parts, the kernel(main OS), the Graphical User Interface(GUI, what u see lah...) and the Interferences(eh..this one i not sure, i think smthing relating to data transfer across different medium).

Nvm....well i went to DL this distro(distribution) call SLAX, well its looks pretty much like Window. I dint want to partition my harddrive so i boot w the Live CD. Means i put in my CD and when my comp starts i keep pressing F8 and a menu will appear and i choose to boot frm CD. And all goes well everything will boot.

But when u shut down ur comp everything is gone....cos it uses ur RAM as harddisk...

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Happy National Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:48 AM --- Post#112355710073825890

Toooooday is National Day....yeahh(yeahh not cos of National...yeahh cos today no school...)

YA...lets tok about yesterday....yesterday i was the mascot lah....well it wasnt that bad. No parading, no going on stage, no meeting RouHua, no "unwearable stuff"....

All i need to do is last minute wear a white jacket (represent Ang Moh i think), Red towel turban(represent Ah na???), Yu Yu's red scarf(dunno for what), and an apron representing that Singapore is Food Heaven... Immediate aft the judges had judge i took them all off...like Selina and Qiao Yun said...it wasnt that bad....

Comming up is worse, later on i met Wilson Foo in the MRT station and decided to watch Seven Sword @ Lido. Down there we saw this on the LED display board:

[ SEVEN SWORD (M) ][ Marebito (NC16)(Jap) ][ Land of The Dead (M18)][ Maid, The (PG) ]

!, SEVEN SWORD IS M18??? Oh shit, M18 then cannot watch le. So we went to watch Marebito, the NC16 Jap Horror. But later on, when we went out for lunch, SEVEN SWORD wrote 'PG'!! WTF....so isit PG or M?? i guess the means Mandrin or watever....sucks...cheated our money, watch some Jap show...well nvm...unlucky mah...


Marebito the story:
Movie Trailer HERE!
Masuoka was a freelance TV cameraman, who liked to go round capturing images and videos of The Unexplained and anything horrifying, like spirits, ghosts or even videos of slaves being tortured. Fear-obsessed Masuoka tried everything to make him feel horrified.

One day by chance he was fliming on the scene of a suicide. A man took a dagger and stabbed his eye. After that he was wondering what did he saw that makes him so horrified that he would want to kill himself. And since it took place in an MRT station, he found a sort of trap door and went down and down into the subterranean world under Tokyo, through a series of staris and look-alike trap doors.

Finally he reached level ground, where he saw a guy sitting there, asking him to leave. Masuoka thought that he was one of those who decline society totally and escaped here. HE told him to be afrad of the detrimental robots, or DEROs. who will suck anyone's blood dry. Strangely, he met the guy who stabbed his own eye, Masuoka was not afrad al all and addressed his as "ghost".

"Do you really think im a ghost?"

Well Masuoka did not really cared and kept pestering him on what did he saw to make him so horrified that day. They went into conversation on the Hollow Earth Theory, where there is a subterranean world underground. Suddenly the man blew off his lamp and disappeared. Masuoka took out his camera and used its lightning lamp and wandered about, and read an open area.

It was mountainous and bright despite being underground. He called it the Mountain of Madness. (NB: The scene mountain scene in the background look so fake, its obvious the crew pasted a large printed paper there to act as the backdrop) He walked around and found a naked girl being chanined on the foot in a small cave (NB: Thats why its NC 16, i think).

The scene suddenly change....he was back home again, with the girl in his apartment. He called her simply 'F'. F barely walks, would not speak, eat and drink. She had sharp teeth and her behaviour looked barely human. Masuoka had a camera linked to his handphone so that he can observe F while he was away from home.

After a few days, he saw her on his phone talking to something near his apartment window. Who is she talking to? As he was watching on his phone, a big dark man approached him and peeped at his phone, Masuoka felt something not right and ran away.

Back home, he saw F shivering at one corner, she was weakened by something, so he replayed his tapes and went back to the scene where F was crawling to the window suddenly the screen turned blue for 12 seconds before it came back again, and by that time F was already shivering by the side. What happened during the 12 seconds?

Then after he recived phone calls from supposingly the dark man that keeping F was a very wrong choice and that she will never be able to survive there. The next day at work, Masuoka cut his finger and went back home to bandage his finger. F saw the bleeding finger and went forward to suck his blood. Masuoka then deduced that she was feed on blood since her day of birth. He took a penknife and slit his arms to feed F with his blood. For the next weeks he bought animal blood for her.

One day, after work Masuoka found his apartment in a mess and F missing, he went round looking for her and found the dark man, he told him something about F not being statisfied and that he failed to look after her, he felt weak and returned home, not surprised to find F back home again with scarrings and bruises all over her. Then Masuoka decided that F needed more nutritions...

There was a mad women who claimed to be his wife and asked him to hand over her daughter. He targetted on her and made her follwed him to a deserted area and stabbed her. He placed her body on a garbage dump and allow her blood to drip and collected them in bottles for F. There he saw the ghost of the mad women standing no far away (NB: Strange place for such ghost to appear? The story is not focussing on ghost but on F isnt it? So the appearance of her ghost is quite extra)

His second target is a Japanese girl who wanted to have sex with him, he unbuttoned her first few buttons in a toilet and stabbed her throat. Bloody scene when you can see her blood splattering everywhere as she tried to scream helplessly.

Coincidentally, he was assigned to film the murder area the next day, while filming he saw the ghost of the gal near her body (NB: again....extra ghosts). And his life continued on feeding F with the blood and sometimes his own blood. And he called up the dark man and told him F is satified now.

Somehow he met the 'ghost' whom stabbed his own eye again while he was sitting by the sea, and he thought that maybe he was not mad. Well in the end he ended up camping in some field (NB: Why?I dun noe...ya also mentioned about him killing his wife and treating his daughter like a pet, but before that he told the mad women he got no wife or duahgter? So the mad women his wife and F his daughter? Why is he contradicting hiself?)

While walking past a petrol station, he saw the DEROs. They are human-like white creatures and made whining noise, crawling on fours. He ran after them and lost track of them, but he found a phone supposingly the DEROs left him, ringing. He picked up and heard F's voice (NB: now she noes how to speak huh...strange)

He rushed back to his apartment and saw F hibernating and woke up upon him going near her. She said "Come back to me..." and Masuaka took a pen knife and cut his toungue and she sucked his mouth for his blood, and he fell semi unconscious. The story ended by F taking Masuoka back into all the tunnels and back to where he found her and she lay there with Masuoka on her legs, smiling at him. Masuoka looked quite horrified and confused then....

Conclusion: WTF...strange plot with soo many question unanswered, wtf is the relationship between the DERO, F, the dark man, the ghost of the women and gal and the man who stabbed his own eyes? So what did the man see that made him stab his own eyes? Is he still alive? Is Masuoka mad? Well a strange show with aliens(the DERO), ghost (the women and gal) and monster (F?). Watch & Sword instead....and its not horrifing @ all to me...

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Friday, August 05, 2005
! Skool Sucks
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:10 PM --- Post#112325324112673306

我的生活fucked up! Si buay 烂。
我的生活fucked up! Si buay 参。
我的生活fucked up! 超 guai lan。

初院生活苦闷 真是那我没办法,
可怕压力太高 没有生活的味道,
我 不顾一切 heck care 所有的烦恼,
继续玩我的电动 管他考不考的到!

每天六点起身 就是恶梦的开始,
着种致命游戏 非 把你给整死,
到了学校门口 走到广场里 边,
听着校长 talk cock 根本浪费时间,
走进 LT 睡到 Audi 听着盗版 Music
着就是我 也就只有我 所谓的 happy 生命!

Live Show! Let me go! Let me go!
让我来当场解除 读书 muggers 的赌咒,
废除读书机器 铲除 nerd 的病人,
干掉老师校长 尽我通通的责任!

我说读读 读读 越读越像木乃伊,
我说读读 读读 越读脑越受刺激,
我说读读 读读 我会死得不安心,
我说读读 读读 我越来越伤心。。。

会考考不及格 不要打我手心,
我的 pilot 笔 写不出那段开心,
Sorry 对不起 我以进了全力。。。

我的生活fucked up! Si buay 烂。
我的生活fucked up! Si buay 参。
我的生活fucked up! 超 guai lan。

Lyrics: MC Ba Gua
Inspired by: MC Hotdog
Genere: Underground Rap

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Current Affair Quiz
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:29 AM --- Post#112300041042710072

I made the new power point slides here:

The Powerpoint BG image!!!:

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:05 PM --- Post#112298440708369050

Life...is still as sucky as u can think of....why neh? Not forgetting the number of times i bumped into Rou Hua and the number of times i got suanned.....sian arh.....

Haiz....finally i dropped the freaking Econs....now life is a bit better(since i had not been doing much homewrk....)But every Econs period i will have to sit by myself...lonely...yes lonely...

Summore????Ya project wrk a bit slack recently le....haha below show two pics i illustrated:

Sian arh....i am the bloody Mascot...for NDP...sit down there stupidly let the zhar bo dress me up like a shit...then parade around the sch....
Please lah....my face horrible enuff liaoz....now still worsen me....fuck lah...

Haiz....Comp Sc....Ya the practical is still ok lah..except thatAlvin got angry cos we dun help him...but he really neva try on his own mah.,...aiya....

Life so sad hor....summore today i got mood swing(no...no PMS)....feeling so terrible....

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