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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Happy National Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:48 AM --- Post#112355710073825890

Toooooday is National Day....yeahh(yeahh not cos of National...yeahh cos today no school...)

YA...lets tok about yesterday....yesterday i was the mascot lah....well it wasnt that bad. No parading, no going on stage, no meeting RouHua, no "unwearable stuff"....

All i need to do is last minute wear a white jacket (represent Ang Moh i think), Red towel turban(represent Ah na???), Yu Yu's red scarf(dunno for what), and an apron representing that Singapore is Food Heaven... Immediate aft the judges had judge i took them all off...like Selina and Qiao Yun said...it wasnt that bad....

Comming up is worse, later on i met Wilson Foo in the MRT station and decided to watch Seven Sword @ Lido. Down there we saw this on the LED display board:

[ SEVEN SWORD (M) ][ Marebito (NC16)(Jap) ][ Land of The Dead (M18)][ Maid, The (PG) ]

!, SEVEN SWORD IS M18??? Oh shit, M18 then cannot watch le. So we went to watch Marebito, the NC16 Jap Horror. But later on, when we went out for lunch, SEVEN SWORD wrote 'PG'!! WTF....so isit PG or M?? i guess the means Mandrin or watever....sucks...cheated our money, watch some Jap show...well nvm...unlucky mah...


Marebito the story:
Movie Trailer HERE!
Masuoka was a freelance TV cameraman, who liked to go round capturing images and videos of The Unexplained and anything horrifying, like spirits, ghosts or even videos of slaves being tortured. Fear-obsessed Masuoka tried everything to make him feel horrified.

One day by chance he was fliming on the scene of a suicide. A man took a dagger and stabbed his eye. After that he was wondering what did he saw that makes him so horrified that he would want to kill himself. And since it took place in an MRT station, he found a sort of trap door and went down and down into the subterranean world under Tokyo, through a series of staris and look-alike trap doors.

Finally he reached level ground, where he saw a guy sitting there, asking him to leave. Masuoka thought that he was one of those who decline society totally and escaped here. HE told him to be afrad of the detrimental robots, or DEROs. who will suck anyone's blood dry. Strangely, he met the guy who stabbed his own eye, Masuoka was not afrad al all and addressed his as "ghost".

"Do you really think im a ghost?"

Well Masuoka did not really cared and kept pestering him on what did he saw to make him so horrified that day. They went into conversation on the Hollow Earth Theory, where there is a subterranean world underground. Suddenly the man blew off his lamp and disappeared. Masuoka took out his camera and used its lightning lamp and wandered about, and read an open area.

It was mountainous and bright despite being underground. He called it the Mountain of Madness. (NB: The scene mountain scene in the background look so fake, its obvious the crew pasted a large printed paper there to act as the backdrop) He walked around and found a naked girl being chanined on the foot in a small cave (NB: Thats why its NC 16, i think).

The scene suddenly change....he was back home again, with the girl in his apartment. He called her simply 'F'. F barely walks, would not speak, eat and drink. She had sharp teeth and her behaviour looked barely human. Masuoka had a camera linked to his handphone so that he can observe F while he was away from home.

After a few days, he saw her on his phone talking to something near his apartment window. Who is she talking to? As he was watching on his phone, a big dark man approached him and peeped at his phone, Masuoka felt something not right and ran away.

Back home, he saw F shivering at one corner, she was weakened by something, so he replayed his tapes and went back to the scene where F was crawling to the window suddenly the screen turned blue for 12 seconds before it came back again, and by that time F was already shivering by the side. What happened during the 12 seconds?

Then after he recived phone calls from supposingly the dark man that keeping F was a very wrong choice and that she will never be able to survive there. The next day at work, Masuoka cut his finger and went back home to bandage his finger. F saw the bleeding finger and went forward to suck his blood. Masuoka then deduced that she was feed on blood since her day of birth. He took a penknife and slit his arms to feed F with his blood. For the next weeks he bought animal blood for her.

One day, after work Masuoka found his apartment in a mess and F missing, he went round looking for her and found the dark man, he told him something about F not being statisfied and that he failed to look after her, he felt weak and returned home, not surprised to find F back home again with scarrings and bruises all over her. Then Masuoka decided that F needed more nutritions...

There was a mad women who claimed to be his wife and asked him to hand over her daughter. He targetted on her and made her follwed him to a deserted area and stabbed her. He placed her body on a garbage dump and allow her blood to drip and collected them in bottles for F. There he saw the ghost of the mad women standing no far away (NB: Strange place for such ghost to appear? The story is not focussing on ghost but on F isnt it? So the appearance of her ghost is quite extra)

His second target is a Japanese girl who wanted to have sex with him, he unbuttoned her first few buttons in a toilet and stabbed her throat. Bloody scene when you can see her blood splattering everywhere as she tried to scream helplessly.

Coincidentally, he was assigned to film the murder area the next day, while filming he saw the ghost of the gal near her body (NB: again....extra ghosts). And his life continued on feeding F with the blood and sometimes his own blood. And he called up the dark man and told him F is satified now.

Somehow he met the 'ghost' whom stabbed his own eye again while he was sitting by the sea, and he thought that maybe he was not mad. Well in the end he ended up camping in some field (NB: Why?I dun noe...ya also mentioned about him killing his wife and treating his daughter like a pet, but before that he told the mad women he got no wife or duahgter? So the mad women his wife and F his daughter? Why is he contradicting hiself?)

While walking past a petrol station, he saw the DEROs. They are human-like white creatures and made whining noise, crawling on fours. He ran after them and lost track of them, but he found a phone supposingly the DEROs left him, ringing. He picked up and heard F's voice (NB: now she noes how to speak huh...strange)

He rushed back to his apartment and saw F hibernating and woke up upon him going near her. She said "Come back to me..." and Masuaka took a pen knife and cut his toungue and she sucked his mouth for his blood, and he fell semi unconscious. The story ended by F taking Masuoka back into all the tunnels and back to where he found her and she lay there with Masuoka on her legs, smiling at him. Masuoka looked quite horrified and confused then....

Conclusion: WTF...strange plot with soo many question unanswered, wtf is the relationship between the DERO, F, the dark man, the ghost of the women and gal and the man who stabbed his own eyes? So what did the man see that made him stab his own eyes? Is he still alive? Is Masuoka mad? Well a strange show with aliens(the DERO), ghost (the women and gal) and monster (F?). Watch & Sword instead....and its not horrifing @ all to me...

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