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Sunday, August 28, 2005
No one cares...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:01 PM --- Post#112522066266547717

It seems that it has been a long long long long long long long time before i blog....ya i used any free time to make a new skin for my blog...this skin simply sucks...unpresentable. The new skin will, i hope appear nicer, and using rollover CSS style sheet for one fixed space for the tagboards and stuff...sianz...

Recently life has been quite sianz...I dunno why but i find that im getting mroe and more slack...i push all my homewrok to only sunday...even saturday i will be playing around.

Am i really really that lazy? Or isit cos i dropped econs? Ya econs has tons of homework...now i dropped im so free...

Physics...two week one tutorial which will be go through like two qn per lesson. Even u dun do go there teacher oso give u time do..

Math. I hate math that much. I will wait till Sunday then i will copy whatever my pussy(补习) teacher tell me...then make it more presentable and hand it in.

Perhaps i spent most time on computing...ya...but i dun feel stress @ all...i feel fun...even after like hours and hours of programming...i still feel that im having fun for hours...till the end of the day i question myself if doing computing homework is actually doing homework anot...of course yes...

Hmmm now my comp sc course wrk is over...ya it went quite smoothly..except stupid Elvin kope my code wholesales...fuck that idot...Haiz..life sucks...i think one more month to Promos...and im still slacking...tml got Math test and i cant even be bothered...how sia?

Maybe i thinbk i will fail my promo...then retain...luff by everyone...cannot go University, end up no job...borrow money go gamble...then no money return. Loan Sharks come up...Father mother disown me...i very the weak....no strength wack...the kena chopped to death...buried someone no one find...and yeah my life end...

Really Roberty is rite...JC life sucks...NS will suck more (not for sher hern...he is looking forward to it)

CRAP....CRAP....Life is a total nonsense...no one cares abt me anyway...ya. From VS till now no one cares!! NO ONE. Im always the "extra" guy that everyone ignore, the one who tok cock and do all the strange stuff until no one likes...then everyone avoid me....dun tok to me...dun sit with me...make fun of me...leave me alone...no friends...i think i got absolutely no EQ...no IQ oso...super lousy in socialising. Next time go out i surely kena fired by boss or sabo by ppl..sure one...

Im lonely...no one cares...even no one come to this blog to read....im blogging for myself....no matter how nice this blog is no one cares! No ONE....Why would they read a blog of a LOSER??? Someone so irritaing and unimportant and can be avoided by all means....

Im becoming like JOEL CHAN....Liang Hong is rite...i meddle too much with him i will be like him...JOEL....exactly...EMOTION NUMBESS!!! No emotion...all logic...like a stupid computer that takes in all data it feeds and wait till it get outdated and get thrown away...

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