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Sunday, August 21, 2005
Son of Victoria
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:19 PM --- Post#112461804276361298

THis is mad lah, me in AJC now last yr sec4 Victorian. This issue a bit big lor. U can see on MSN messenger the number of Victorians and ExVictorians Protesting lor.


Number 1, Im neutral, there are both benefits and no-goods to going co-ed.
Number 2, i dun protest this idea of going co ed does not mean im no longer Son Of VS or dun feel for the school.

Ok, number 1, Ang Pow Chew need to be removed from the Earth 1st, yes he had been creating tons of nonsense out of VS, since he becomes a principle.

-Getting girls MIGHT improve the results.

-Guys generally become more mature with females around (but sometimes remain childish is good !)

-Demolise the tradition and culture
In VS, boys strip anyhow, yell anyhow, cheer anyhow, pull down other's pants, play with some parents name, go wild, be brother....

To others this may seem childish or ganster like, but i tell u its not, thats the tradition, only when there is no obstruction between the students that there will be strong bond. With gals we need to "respect" them, restrict our actions and stuff, thus in VJC the bond is not as strong. It is only when there is a lot of exposure to each other there is bonding, or so call "brothers"

Thats the tradition, thats why ppl enjoy themselves in VS.

UNLESS the girls who come in can TOLERATE totally all these acts we do, which is impossible (which gal can dun screamed when she is flattened by all the guys in a cheer? No...), the tradition will diminsh.....

-Mr Ang keep saying that before VS will never be a mixed school, he will be breaking his promise

-U think the guys/or girls will get used to the situation?
Some sec4s now opted for co ed just having the idea to rape sec 1 girls...
Some say they want to wipe out the entire gay population...

-Sch uniform will need to be redesigned (imagime ling brown skirts...eee)
Oh FYI for guys in VS now....gal's skirt get shorter unlike guy's pants...
So dun come telling me how disgusting brown mini skirts and while long skirts are....

-Chaos will evolved if he goes against almost all the students in VS, image all VS students going for a strike...awfully history in Singapore huh?

-Ang's life will be threatened (we all noe anything is possible in VS....)

-Money spent to reconstruct toilet and do much admin stuff, VS quite poor liao.....


What can be done now: Victorians, please do not create too much chaos and attention, it seems that old Victorians potray this issue as "very chaotic" when it is now really the case in VS. I noe thru a Sec4 friend that only rants and some grubling and signing of petition thats all.... No fights, strikes, war or watever extreme cases.

Also no use putting up all the [Sons of Victoria], in front of your MSN nick...please u think Mr Ang uses MSN? Below is a pic of students putting badge on right sleeve to protest.

All these cause students previously frm other schs in my JC to keep asking me abt VS and i feel a bit embarassed to have such principle.

We all noe that watever Ang decides he does it...no matter what happen if he wants co ed he will do it, further more this is his last year in VS, this idot wants some attention and create history and try all sorts to recover VS's standard so that other principles will not luff behind his back and save his MOLE face....

Imagine if VS really co ed, 10 yrs down the road, Students in Singapore will be complaining
"aiya, which idot allow Vs to co ed, now i need to memorise so much history on the last governent boy school to co ed and the changes in Singapore's education system, sure fail Social Studies liao lah...."

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