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Friday, September 30, 2005
Raven Vision Algorithm
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:21 PM --- Post#112807569883309252

Ok now here is the algorithm I used for searching of people. Normally I like to walk about in the canteen scanning carefully for any kind of people that I do not wish to meet or to look for my class. The Raven Vision is a fast method to search for people in crowded place.

Firstly, keep thinking in your mind the person that you wish to search for. Then we will glance at the scene from left to right. Not that only your head move while your eyes are still. First we mentally separate the people from the background. Meaning your focus will jump from person to person, ignoring the distracting background.

Next as we look through those people very quickly, we must look out for obvious filters. Like if your friend has a spiky hair style, a scan around the canteen can easily ignore those people with other kind of hair style. While if your target is a guy, girls can be ignored.

Then we will look for special features like height or skin tone or special hair bands. Since we are keeping an “image” or “profile” of them in our mind, our brain will alert us if we had seen something similar, then you will slow and check carefully if he/she is your target. All these can be done very fast as our brain can alert us very quickly if we spot something similar to what we want.

Then if the target is still not found, we can run a search from right to left again. This time we look for facial features and compare them with his/her image in our brain. This may take a slightly longer time but the search is more detailed.

Run the search in opposite direction once more if your want in greater detail.

Also, we can move about as we scan around, to increase our scope.

This method can be altered to suit our needs, we can scan the room for familiar faces and remember them to make known of who is present in the room. In this case, we do not stop scanning when we had found our target, but rather remember him./her and update on his/her position if your search happen to encounter him/her again.

Here is the algorithm:

LOAD target IMAGE into BRAIN ACTIVE MEMORY (keep thinking of him)
Found = = false
     FILTER search.
     LOOK for obvious characteristic (e.g. hairstyle, height, bag, walking pattern)
     IF ACTIVE MEMORY triggered
          COMPARE FACE features with IMAGE
          IF (FACE = = IMAGE)
               Found = true

IF (Found! = true)
     SCAN from RIGHT to LEFT
EXTRACT FACE from whole body
               Found = true

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Siao Lah...i where got keep looking at her sia!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:18 PM --- Post#112807192098198474

Now I noe why…

WTF! An Liang today come ask me why I keep staring at Wendy . . . WTF . . .  I where got stare sia… cheebye lah, I everyday every time also stare at zhar bo one mah. Wendy not even my type, she not extremely chio, I stare at her for what sia . . . I daydreaming stare into mid air, then she come in front of me sit there chatting with Su Yee Lily Yi Yu then say I keep looking at her…siao lah… I wanna stare also stare at ******* mah….

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Thursday, September 29, 2005
LG - Life Good
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:42 PM --- Post#112799055916164362

These few days were quite some fuck.

Well I did got better. Fell better at least. For the very very very least I TRIED my very best to filter out all those that I hate. Locking myself up isn’t correct. Instead I went round and talk more to people in my class, which I would actually feel better.

Before that I took the depression test I got 32, which is considered severe case liao. My friend got 48 lor…sad right…ya sad…

check your depression level here

So I went mugging and mugging and mugging and more mugging. Well things in AJC are just not the same, people actually do mug. For the first time in life I understood “mug”. Really…serious…

These days release damn early sia. 1215 can go home mug liao. Well then everyday after school I will go back with Jeremy, some guy who lives near my house lah. Quite rare right. Of course…. Anyway…we everyday after school go Singapore Post eat KFC lah, mini Wok lah. WTF, the mini wok there nicer than the one I ate with Robert in AMK lor.. Noodles nicer and more stuff inside. Well we will gal gaze a bit to relieve stress lor. Then we staring at the bloody tan-line girl with bouncy neh neh lar. Got one ah pek walk past then keep ogling like eye balls dropping out onto the cleavage liddat . Jeremy was talking about sexy zhar bo and stuff so loudly lah, like no one’s business. Then all the TKGS gals beside all stare at us lor. Crap lah…haiyz….cant help me…we both from guy school mah.

Oh ya, remember X? That person I mentioned earlier (dun mix up December’s ‘X’ and my ‘X’ hor!) Dunno why I kept bumping into X nowadays, in canteen and especially that area around the foyer. Remembered I assumed X was angry with me becos I dao X because I do not want X to hate me as time passes. X dao me in the MRT that day and

WTF, a few days later X came smiling at me! OMG…im seriously afraid of such people with fast changing mood swings, its super scary lah. Ok fine, so I smiled back at X.

Next time is I met X outside canteen. I took the initiative to smile at X yet X dao me. I ignore X and walked towards Jeremy.

Remembered next day in the canteen, my Raven Vision failed to spot X (Raven Vision is an algorithm developed by me hor, to constantly monitor people around you to avoid or go to selected people.) X came popping out from a seat beside me and freaked me out SOOOO much. X shook hand and nod head like siao to say hello.

Maybe that’s what they call PMS (pre menstrual syndrome)…Alex Lee??? So I was thinking…maybe X read my blog on that particular entry and X knew I was talking about him/her. My blog is having some weird visitors lately. Though no one tag, I have a feeling that some people are secretly reading my blog to track my life (ahem sher hern…). People who do not use to come to my blog, read my blog constantly…

Wikipedia's explanation on PMS

ENOUGH… maybe X is reading now…maybe someone had harbored evil plan on me..hmmm…hahaha Im thinking too much liao. Ok…time to eat dinner…then mug…
Oh ya Qiao Yun…spare me…no more streamloads please…

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:14 PM --- Post#112789599039007689

Below are two pics, its a piece of paper that my sista passed round the class, asking her classmates to comment on some baddy Bradon (he or she...is "Bradon" a guy or gal name???)

Oh ya, did I tell you my sista is in Maha Bodhi School Primary 4?
PS: seems that vulgarities are becoming more of a "normal" language.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
No Nano!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:38 PM --- Post#112781045275314747

Considering Nano? Read these first:




FRENZIED FANS are returning their new iPod Nanos because the screen scratches easier than a street dog with fleas, the Times has claimed.

The shrine, and shop, to the almighty Apple in Regent Street, London, has received shed-loads of complaints that the colour screen on the reassuringly expensive machine is not up to scratch because it cracks too easily.

Already a website www.flawedmusicplayer.com has been set up for all those iPod fanatics who want Jobs’ Mob to recall the Ipod Nano.

On the site is a disgruntled Apple enthusiast who was careful to keep his nano safe yet after running it only twice the screen showed an off-white rather than its usual beautiful colours.

One guy has claimed the screen cracked just by sitting in the pocket of his ever so baggy jeans. He took out his player to show his friends and discovered that his headphones must have cracked the screen.

Interestingly enough, when people have approached the mighty Apple to get their screens fixed, they have been told that they should buy a new iPod instead.

The official line is that stores will examine requests for returns of damaged players. So far, to the Apple spinsters, total recall is just a movie starring a Californian politician.
Really Broken nano



Re: Slattery v. Apple Computer Inc., No. 05-00037, 2005 WL 2204981 (N.D. Cal. Sept. 9, 2005).

Thomas Slattery has a pending lawsuit against Apple Computer, Inc. alledging the company has created a monopoly with the iPod and iTunes Music Store in violation of California's antitrust and unfair-competition laws. The suit is currently pending certification for class-action. Yesterday, Apple tried to have the whole matter dismissed but a judge in California refused, noting the commanding market share owned by Apple and the lack of compatibility with other devices and services.

Plaintiff Thomas Slattery's lawsuit claims Apple configured the iPod so that it will play only iTunes files and not digital music files from competing vendors of online music. Apple has also encoded its iTunes files so they will only play on the iPod and not any other digital music player, the complaint says.

The suit says another company, RealNetwork, reverse engineered Apple's iTunes format and began selling iPod-compatible music files for 45 cents each, compared with the iTunes price of 99 cents each. Apple quickly changed its software code so that the RealNetwork files would no longer play on the iPod, Slattery says.

"i was in the apple store today and fiddled around with an ipod and a nano. first off the nano was real small. it was impressive. but all the scroll wheels bugged me. they are too sensitive. i kept goin too far when i scrolled even when i was tryin to be careful. is there a way to reduce the sensitivity of the scroll wheel cause all 4 units i tried were oversensitive and really annoyed me."

"if you could use it without the crappy itunes software taking over your computer then it would be very nice"

"exactly.cute? yeah...but can you upgrade the software? nope. USB storage? nope. ogg? nope. flac? nope. video? nope. FM radio? nope.i expect to see these at my gym really soon.i eat 4gigs for for breakfast."

"The first paragraph on Apple's Nano page:
Believe Your Ears
Call it astonishing. Unbelievable. Impossible, even. Then pick it up and hold it in your hand. Take in the brilliant color display. Run your thumb around the Click Wheel. Put on the earbuds and turn up your music. That’s when everything becomes clear: It’s an iPod.

My improved first paragraph:
Call it astonishing. Unbelievable. Akward even. Then pick it up in you hand and accidentally break it in half. Spend $250 on a new one. Then turn on the small screen. Plug in the optional $30 lanyard. Turn up your music and hear that crap sound. Then everything becomes clear: It's an iPod."

Problems surfacing with iPod Nano screen

Nano owner Brian Cason posted one of 250-some threads in response to a recent post on Apple's discussion board about screen scratching.

"I don't really care if the case on my Nano gets scratched but my screen has scratched up so badly that all the images are starting to become distorted," Cason wrote, echoing the sentiment of many others in the discussion. "I have only carried it in my small pocket in my shorts and nothing is in there to scratch it. I still can't figure how the screen looks like it has been rubbed with sandpaper when the entire time it has been safe in my pocket (with absolutely no items)."

But this week, several users also started complaining about screens cracking, or failing, inexplicably. Nano owner Matthew Peterson set up the site flawedmusicplayer.com (formerly ipodnanoflaw.com) to tell the story about how his Nano screen shattered after just four days, to see if others have had the same problem, and to suggest that Apple recall the Nano and use a stronger screen product.

"It is way too fragile. Apple markets it in a pocket. Hell, Steve Jobs himself pulls it out of his when he announces it," wrote Peterson, who himself was smitten with the Nano upon its release. "It was in my pocket as I was walking and I sat down. No, I didn't sit on it."

An Apple official was not immediately available for comment on the alleged problems with Nano screens.

Some Nano owners have written to flawedmusicplayer.com, challenging its premise and arguing that they haven't had any problems with their screens. They chalk problems up to user abuse and reference an Ars Technica report that shows the Nano holds up to extreme circumstances.

Several, however, e-mailed with similar screen failures and debated whether the problem is caused by a design flaw or poor manufacturing, possibly just in an isolated batch.

iPodnn pointed out that at least one iPod repair company, iPodResQ, has temporarily raised the price of Nano LCD repair "due to LCD availability and overwhelming demand."

Last June, Apple agreed to settle several class action suits over the battery life of earlier iPod models, offering extended service warranties and $50 store credits to consumers who lodged complaints.

"Honestly, I have to admit that I'm somewhat dissapointed with the NANO in some aspects.... I had the nano the first day for 4 hours and it has 10000 scratches... I've tried to get a replacement at my local Applestore, (claiming my battery is acting weird) and they have NO IDEA when they will recieve them again!! I think that they should SELL ALONG WITH THE NANO A PROTECTOR SLIDE IN CASE like the PSP. I've called APPLESTORE on the phone and I WAS EXTREMELY UNHAPPY WITH THE SERVICE THEY GAVE ME - IMO APPLE will never be what it used to be...!!!!!!

I DON'T THINK THESE PICS COULD BE REAL.. the NANO disectomy proved otherwise... check it out.

Conclusion: No Nano

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Sunday, September 25, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:13 PM --- Post#112765039394963147

Hmm I was eating dinner downstairs when I suddenly though of something. While searching for “wrist” on google today, I found a site which is talking about depression. I once said that from secondary four till JC1, I suddenly grew very emotional. I just realized, its not that I grew emotional, but that I fell into DEPRESSION.

Let’s take a look into depression’s symptoms:

Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood
Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism
Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex
Decreased energy, fatigue, being "slowed down"
Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions
Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping
Appetite and/or weight loss or overeating and weight gain
Thoughts of death or suicide; suicide attempts
Restlessness, irritability
Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pain

Abnormal or excessive elation
Unusual irritability
Decreased need for sleep
Grandiose notions
Increased talking
Racing thoughts
Increased sexual desire
Markedly increased energy
Poor judgment
Inappropriate social behavior

Another type of depression is bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive illness. Not nearly as prevalent as other forms of depressive disorders, bipolar disorder is characterized by cycling mood changes: severe highs (mania) and lows (depression). Sometimes the mood switches are dramatic and rapid, but most often they are gradual. When in the depressed cycle, an individual can have any or all of the symptoms of a depressive disorder. When in the manic cycle, the individual may be overactive, overtalkative, and have a great deal of energy. Mania often affects thinking, judgment, and social behavior in ways that cause serious problems and embarrassment. For example, the individual in a manic phase may feel elated, full of grand schemes that might range from unwise business decisions to romantic sprees. Mania, left untreated, may worsen to a psychotic state.

Well it seems that I have got both depression and mania. Looking under mania, WTF! Isn’t that me? OMG, I’m having mania, oh….

Well I do some A LOT of suicide thoughts. Whenever I got hurt I would enjoy the pain, thinking when I can die. Every time I’m sick I would think of how I would die of just a common flu.

Well not many guys will admit they got depression, but I highly suspect I have got. Haiz…how? Heaven treat me so unfairly? Haiz… blame it on me being too pessimistic, too unwelcome, too ugly, too stupid. Oh…I think depression will eventually lead to some mental illness. I admit I’m actually quite mad now. Su Yee said I belongs to Buang Kok Green (Mental Hospital). I think so… Am I mad for admitting I’m mad? Because most mad people denied their illness…

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Saturday, September 24, 2005
World of Darkness 2: Piano
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:49 PM --- Post#112757334111916823

All characters, events, settings and objects in this story is entirely based in fiction, even if it seems related to any real life situations.

Words from author: Hahaha after the 1st story on The Battle, I decided to write follow ups to the story. I decided these shall be short stores, meaning it’s not a continuation of a long story.  Hmmm I shall call these fantasies World of Darkness…Lets begin…

I am Zombie. I am someone who had seen enough of this world, someone who had seen the ugly, the sad and pathetic of this world.

In this world of fantasy filled with variants of creatures, its not only human that dominate the world. In fact those mutants, or I should call them recreations, were master pieces by humans. They created them all for a specific purpose, some physically capable ones as slaves, while some other intelligent one was researchers. Those were beyond human cloning, where they can mix and match the genes of several creatures, brought life into those once considered fairy tales. Variants of human themselves emerged tens years ago, they had to change themselves to adapt to the changing world. Within this century, this world had become almost like a fantasy…

Chinese music flowed into my ears. It was nice, very touching indeed. That’s what I called analogue music – live performance. Mando-pop was always to my liking, especially through my music player. They were my only companion on sleepless nights, where I would stay awake and thought about a lot of stuff. Ah, that was 此战之伤, by some singer with the name of Jay some years ago. So who was the one singing?

I closed my eyes and began to enjoy his singing, accompanied by a grand piano. That song was about the lost hopes of the children during the war. His voice was filled with sorrow as he set into the chorus. Though muffled, his vocal power brought out the feelings…the hopeless feeling, like what I tend to feel every time. The reverb ricocheted around the hall. From here I could see the lighting of the stage, explicitly lit up by romantic yellowish light. The Pianist was just behind those velvety red curtains, sort of hidden at the side of the stage. Mystery filled the air. The hall was not big at all, it seemed to be able to hold only a hundred audience in all. Neither was the door locked nor were there any guards. Strange enough, there was no audience. My acute senses could not find any sign of life around except for the pianist. Strangled by my curiosity, I dashed out of the hall and looked around. Towards the left and right was nothing but long red carpet leading to a turn at the end.

Now I remembered, I was supposed to be loitering around after taking my lunch at the cafeteria when I heard the touching tune. Following the tune I came here. The music stopped. I turned around and retreated back into the hall. My footstep echoed as I made my way inside. There was a long deadly silence. I was about to applaud for Pianist when the same music started playing again. I stepped forward and forward and forward…

Every step revealed more of the large black grand piano and the tuxedo of Pianist. I sensed that something was very wrong. Grabbing my Raven Sword just in case, I slowly approached the curtains.

I was standing behind the giant piece of curtain, which acted like the only shield from me and that weirdo. The singing stopped by the music played on. What did it meant? Was he awaiting for my presence? Or was he signaling for me to go away?

I stretched my arm and pulled the curtain. Bit by bit, slowly. The pianist’s face was revealed. It was a human male. But he looked awfully pale. His bony fingers that were pressing on the keys seemed so fragile that they may break anytime. His sunken eyes stared blankly into the blank space, then turned unnaturally and looked at me. I could not see his lips as they were so pale like sheet. Gosh, he seemed to be a victim of starvation! Was this how they treat a high class music professional?  

“Tick…tick…tick….” Clock?  No!

I shifted my vision onto the stage flooring just below him. Crimson blood was tickling down the piano to be collected into a pool. What the hell? I ran to the side of the piano to have a good look at Pianist. Oh my god, one of his wrist was slit and he was still playing the piano! The keys were dyed red and blood could be seen oozing out from between the keys as they were forcefully pressed down. A small penknife was spotted lying guiltily on the flooring nearby, with a bottle of white pills.

The music was coming to an end, as he lifted his arms for his very last notes. His pupils widened and his jawed trembled. Blood gushed from mouth and gripped onto his neatly ironed tuxedo. His arm fell and banged into the keyboard, creating an ear piercing mixture of notes. Pianist fell back and landed on his back on the flooring. He was coughing away as more blood was pumped out of his gap. His body jerked erratically and I scurried forward and tried to help. I held him up in my arms while his mouth uttered something almost inaudible. I brought him close to my ears and listened dutifully to his last words.

Translation: Thank you for listening to me for the last time when I was feeling so terrible

My eyes were filled with pity as I watched him suffer. I gathered enough force in my palm, as a blue aura grew, making sure I would kill him, I pass the force right into his chest. His eyes opened even wider and a faint smile appeared. A tear dripped onto his tuxedo.

I passed my fingers across his eyes, shutting his eyelids in peace. My sixth sense which I though was numbed by my sadness alerted me, telling me to search his body. Though I doubt he would carry anything useful for me, I dipped my hands into his pockets and did a brief search.

More humans! My zombie instinct told me more people were coming as I was feeling into his inner tuxedo pocket. At last my sixth sense did not failed me and I discovered a folded lined paper. Securing it in my pocket, I jumped onto the low parapet and escaped through a window beside.

This was what was written, unexpectedly in Chinese:
This, in English meant:
“I cant take it anymore, being despised in this society. I cant feel love, where only music and Hell could be a place for me. This is a war, where I’m at the hopeless end…”

I once tried to kill the most useless person on Earth, but I though suicide was not the answer. So I kept that piece of paper, where it might come handy for me when the answer is found.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
The Train That Haboured my Sadness....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:49 PM --- Post#112729605001691149

Today is a total crap.

the day was fine until the last part...where i was sooo tired that I decide to went home almost immediately after school. On my way to the MRT station, i met J and his gang....i dunno what had gotten into him, i had never offend him in anyway and he keep picking on me. Haiz, since he is someone so childish and wu liao and im probably not seeing next year, I simply ignore him...I knew it, walking behind he and his gang is sure bound to get some stupid comments by him.

Ok forget abt him. I went to the station...almost half asleep, i really cant take it anymore. I dint really talk to anyone, i was so tired. Ur noe tiredness can trigger my bad mood easily. And i saw someone i shall not mention. I shall call him/her "X".

X never did anything to me. But I had kept myself away from X. Reason being simple, most ppl who are my friends @ 1st will become my enemy. Like Rou Hua, but im not hating her anymore since she apologised to me, no point since its a long story. Thus i kept myself away from X, also not wanting X to see me in such a sorry state. Dunno since when i start to learn to dao ppl. Maybe thats the natural reation when ppl start to dao me.

X saw me and i prentended not to see X, im just staring blankly in empty space, half asleep. Im really too tired to think of anything.

On the train, a lot of thoughs start to flow into my mind. December. That guy is really innocent. He is being luffed @ just because he is a bit sissy. Thats quite unfair i mean. I promised myself to reamin friendly to him, no matter what the 02 ppl think of him. At least he will feel a lot better. I know how it feels when the whole world seemed to be a gainst you...i really know, thats why i wanna help him. He is not a bad guy, i mean really, its just his grudges against 02.

Then i think again. 02 did give hima a chance. They all did ask him and tried to befriend w him. At least he got me and Bunny as his friend speaking up for him. What what have i got? Zero. Nothing. So i wonder, when i care for someone else, who care for me? No one. I pretty sure they will celebrate when i jump down straight today. Fine..thats what i call ZOMBiE Destinee.

In the train its awfully awkard. I used to crack jokes with X in trains. But today i prefer to remain alone. X is talking with friends happily so i dint really cared. Just feeling that....that strange...This is not what i wanted...but no choice...

Thinking back, i tot of Qiao Yun. That gal, she keep telling me ppl ignore her and dun care of her. Well, i really dun see so. Maybe gals are more sensative, a bit then she thinks they ignore her. Well maybe that explains her long term depression? Maybe? But i do see her luffing with her friends. At least she got some moments of happiness while i dun have.

"Ding Dong, City Hall Interchange, ppl going to pasir ris, punggol or changi airport...."

i stepped out, i dun feel like seeing X, but maybe giving a smile isnt that bad. X saw me, i wanted to smile but im too weak and sad to do so. Perhaps im waiting for that impossible grettingd frm X 1st. It ended up w some kinda stare, X looked @ me and gave me that "hey fuck-off" face. Fine. Well if im X, i would also be angry with someone who suddenly dao me for no reason.

The loud tones of my G3 pierced into my ear, blocking me from reality, i cant hear anything and my eyes are too tired to see anything. I only feel sadness and the craziness of Crazy Frog. nevermind, most prob i not gonna make it for promos...I got no one to say bye bye to...

The tension in the rain grew as i try not to make any eye contact. Things shall freeze as it is...X should prentent never knew me, really. X should. Nevermind.

I skipped lunch, no mood to eat and im skipping dnr too...Im starving myself to vent anger of myself. Haiz...sad lor...Hmmm maybe i did smthing wrong to X? Nope...i dint tok to X, how to do smthing wrong?I dun wanna end up like the 1st-three-months incident where it created tons of misunderstanding.

Ok X reached the stop and went off...The tension was released. I went off the MRT a while later aft a few stops. I quickily rushed out of the train. The stupid MRT train that habour all my sadness...Im too weak to walk home so i took a bus...

At home i rushed to bed immediately, neva bath or eat. Too tried. The last thing i can remember is...a bit of wetness in my eyes....

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Some Quotes
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:34 PM --- Post#112722180005013566

Just some quotes frm my Sec4 VS friend, who called himself Blue here...some are really funny...some i dunno what they meant...well Strong languages are used...

Non-curviness isn't normal, just common

Oh, those who like to make out are all hotties with good bodies and black is gothic? Love quizzes are for dumbasses.

Biology fetish.

I was about to kill the most useless person alive, but I thought suicide wasn't the answer.

"You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing."

Who died and made you the new Angels, cheapskates?

"Mommy, I wanna grow up to be a neurotic bitch like you."

"Mommy, mommy! I don't wanna see Grandma!" "Shut up and keep digging, son."

You look cute, but you'd look a lot cuter with your face boxed in

No, you sadist, bears are alright as long as Ann Siong stays clear out of the picture

Of course I love nice boys. That explains why I don't love that crow. Duh?

Of course I love nice boys with cute profiles. Right, Cooper? Oh, and I left out the part with tight bums

That hurts. You don't suck and that hurts. Sniff

You make me think of you and don't even get the message. I should be thinking of me, not you. Not you

Look, you bastard, now I can't even remember my own face! Your face keeps showing up! Go away

Thanks for nothing. Tool

Don't think with your ass, egghead. Do you get orgasms in the ear and listen with your groin? Do you?

He's in NS, he's in SOKA, he's too nice, and his name is FABIAN. Sounds like someone who has ovaries up his nose

Keep up with that and your groin will meet my feet the hard way

Do we give a damn? Look outside your window, the fucking world goes on. Surprise!

Love-sick? Tired of romance? That shouldn't be. Get over it, what you need is rat poison. Nobody will care

Hiding how you feel doesn't make it any better than slitting your throat does. Tell me... you never know

Why are they so many morons on my list and why haven't they been shot yet?

Too many things I don't want to know... but I just did. Just the way my day's going

Quick! Go find ways to lose your virginity with a dog

It'd be perfect if no-one knew me. Go away

I liked you then. Until I decided I didn't want to grow up being a vegetable

Being an adult stinks. So does being alive. I just... can't... stand it

Look at your ass. You may be surprised

Something's wrong. I can't sit

You're alive because it's illegal to kill you, asshole

Last night I lay on my bed, looked at the starry sky, and thought... "Where the fuck is the ceiling?"

Thanks for that amazing display of gratitude, you piece of crap

Being a whore doesn't get you anywhere other than the street corner, you skank

I can't remember the last time I wanted somebody's jaw to break so badly

Oh no, a famine? Eat grass, you pussies

I hate this piece of rock we're standing on and floating in Milky Way. To hell with this world

The last time I checked, environmental pamplets were made of paper, too. Thanks for nothing

It's not so much about my pessimism more than my in-built lie detector telling me you're talking bullshit.

I'm so royally screwed up I love myself to bits

Oh no, it's Valentine's Day, let's bitch and play grab-ass. Please

No, I can't blow this one too. Not after Kong threw her geographic faeces at me

Electrolysis is nonsense. Who needs that anyway? Who the hell includes that shit in their system?

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Saturday, September 17, 2005
World of Darkness 1: The Battle
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:10 PM --- Post#112695180423597488

All characters, events, settings and objects in this story is entirely based in fiction, even if it seems related to any real life situations.

I am Zombie, a hideous looking creature resurrected some 200 years ago because I was not satisfied that my life was such a screw up. My Spirit spent all the darkness energy reviving my dead body from death. 200 years later today my life is not much better. Well I guess this is what I call “ill-fated”.

The scene on Hill Anderson was magnificent, sights of little villages and unknown avian creatures soaring around, accompanied with the flora and fauna on the nearby forest. Being alone in such a nice setting was nevertheless calming and tranquil, as I relaxed my mind. Of course, I was not up here just for the beauty of nature…

My ears twitched as soft footsteps were heard. “Tap tap tap…” and it paused. Ah…she is here… I felt for my sword that was hung securely to my side and make a turn. Our eyes made contact and a sense of fury suddenly aroused in me. Keeping calm, I started some questioning.

“Rose, expected…”

She was shocked and took a turn as I continued my talk.

“Its time to tell me the truth…u little Rose had caused me misery…so deep in my heart that no elastic plaster can heal!” I grew more furious by then.

Rose turned back, I can see from her eyes she was expecting some violence in a moment’s time.

“You psycho, u know what you had done this spring!”

“I had done nothing to Samara! Whereas you misunderstood ME! And your spread filthy rumors with your dirty gap!”

Rose’s eyes grew large and looked sideway at the ground. Suddenly, she made a quick jump up and pounced on me. Expected, that’s the common attack by the Jungle Cat Elves. Concentrating, my processor began to calculate her movement and clock her speed. 35.3m per second. Amazing speed for her and I speculate Cat Elves at her age can move faster than that. I shifted to the right as she land right beside me. She pulled out her claws from the earth and settled into defensive posture await my move. I made a quick scan on her claws and my computer told me it’s reinforced with diamond particles. The 15cm long curved blades on her fingers would surely cut me up into meat slices.

Steadily, I grabbed my Raven Sword and swayed in around. It wasn’t a long sword, barely reaching 1m, the titanium based blade could withstand humongous tension and its curvature was designed to make clean and swift slashes. The sides were coated to be scratch resistance and its shine of a diamond made Rose seemed pretty freaked out. The connection of the blade and the handle was properly joined with suspension padding to prevent breakage if excessive force was exerted. The handle was of high quality teak with steel bar as a framework in it. Outside was cushioned with silicon wraps for comfort and grip.

As I swayed my sword in circles, defending her next move, I thought of a sneak attack, I let out a disrupting and spine-chilling shriek and the extreme frequencies penetrated her eardrums. She instantly covered her ears and now this was the chance I could attack! Holding my sword tightly I rushed forward with my left hand grabbing my right fist and lurched myself towards her and gave a bad bash on my elbow. She screamed in pain and I followed up by straightening my arm and attempt to slash her in her torso. She zapped backwards and forward again, this time with her claws aiming right at me.

I threw my arms and my sword got tangled in her complicated bunch of eerie finger nails. She was using all her body strength and was pushing all the way. I knew my strength was not enough and I withdrew my sword and slide my foot into hers while maintaining balance with the other foot and piecing my sword to the groud as support.

Rose tripped over and I forced my weapon vertically down, hoping to destroy her. She sprang with her leg upwards and knocked my arm away. The sword flew from my hands and landed somewhere behind me. As she made her complete summersault our eyes met. I stared at her and sent impulsive force wave over. She was stunned in her eyes as her whole body froze. Psychic forces always worked for me. I was draining energy from her and unexpectedly she gathered strength and broke our eye contact and landed softly on the ground. She was panting.

Without much hesitation I launch myself towards her and gave her an uppercut that threw her several meters away. She was weak. I stretched my bumpy-textured arms and focus my mind over her. She glowed in red and yelled as I apply Constriction on her. Constriction is another psychic attack which squeezes the body of my victim until she die from pain. It was very energy taxing though, but I want her dead!

A bullet whizzed past my arm and I lost contact. Shit! Rose was still crying in pain as I scanned around for the uninvited visitor.

“Stop, just don’t kill her!”

Oh, that awfully familiar voice of Denys, he came from behind with his 56k Battle Rifle, a cross between pistol and assault rifle, with deadly accuracy in mid ranges.

“It’s not her actually, Samara was at fault too, and though she looked calm that time she actually spread words about you and her. I think Samara is the mastermind.”

“But I shall kill her for her childishness, that’s what I hate about the Cat Elves, total bimbos! I can’t stand them!”

“At least you know Easter was not such a girl…”

“But since Samara and Ruth left, I shall revenge on Rose! Denys, let me do it!”

Rose rose from the ground, she was badly injured. Bruises covered her body and cuts were all over. She beamed at me and I stared back. Denys held my shoulders as I wanted to dash at her. She looked away and jumped off the cliff.

I pushed Denys aside and rushed forward and peeped downwards. Rose fell right down and landed softly. Cat elves could survive very high drops, sometimes without a single scratch, as far as I know. From far I saw her scurried away into the forests…

I backed away, ignoring Denys I picked up my sword. As the sun sets, I began my way down hill into the unknown reigns of that forest…

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Friday, September 16, 2005
Flash worthless?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:31 PM --- Post#112688483646535410

Sony MD's price will not fall after a period of time meaning that Sony MD actually worth more, even in resale to a second hand shop. While flash based iAudio DAP(Digital Audio Player) will have a fall in price not long after new models are released, which means current Flash Memory technology will be outdated soon. It is a waste of money to upgrade the memory of Flash music player as it meant replacing the player itself. With reference to Sony MZ-NH900 and iAudio G3 and in Singapore context, discuss.

iAudio G3

Sony MZ-NH900

MZ-NH900 is using MiniDisc as storage for music files while G3 is using flash-memory. While flash memory is a major concern now and the latest researching as it has the possibility to replace current existing harddisk. The advantages is that flash memory is a solid-state memory meaning there is no physical moving parts like harddisk, which also implies high durability. Thumb drives, mp3 players, portable storage devices, PDAs are all using flash based memory as it is also small and compact physically.

MiniDisc is a cheap magneto-optical disk that Sony intends to replace the floppy disk drive. Its also used in its MD players. MZ-NH900 can read ATRAC3Plus, a lossy audio format(like mp3 or ogg or wma) developed by Sony. It is not a very common storage medium used by Singaporeans but the very advantage is that its very cheap. U can get 1GB of storage for just $10+ while flash mp3 player of 1GB cost around $100.

Regarding to the main question.Sony is a large MNC that is able to control market prices very well. Sony MD has got quite a lot of supporters and thus its demand inelastic (the price can change w/o affecting the demand much). Sony is also having monopoly power over MD (its MD's only producer) Under such circumstances, Sony will therefore raise the price and keep it high to make more profit.

On the other side regarding Flash memory, it has been used commonly in DAPs since several years ago and has several large manufacturers including Hitachi or Toshiba. Various flash-based music players include Creative Neeon or iPod Nano or of course iAudio G3.

Since its a new and promising technology, there are a lot companies (regardless either its the flash-chip makers or audio player producers) and thus competition arise. No one currently has significant monopoly powers over such general technology (Flash is oso used in RAMs and ROMs in computers in the very earlier days but only recenly grew in capacity). One way to increase sales is to drop prices. Being Singaporeans who tends to want low prices, we always look for cheap stuff, thus customers is attracted to lower pricing. Thus under such competition, prices of flash memory drop rapidly.

Also having DAPs is an IN thing nowadays, so demand of flash memry increases, under normal circumstances, as demand increases, price drop also. Thus again the prices drops.

Thirdly, since Flash Memory is developing rapidly nowadays, more Research and Development is put in all over the world by lots and lots of companies. Resulting is that Flash Memory technology is getting better and better in a very short time. I still remembered last year my high speed 1GB SD card is such a rare and "WOW" thing. But now a lot of ppl is aiming for @ least 512mb and 4GB hi speed SD card had been released starting of 2005 (not popular in singapore though). Now i take out my SD card. "Oh 1GB arh..." Thus as flash technology becomes better, and that music piracy is still prominent, old products tends to get phase off fast.
Same thing:
-old product get pahse off as it incurs loss in production as no one buys
-the recent products cost will have low price due to very high demand but low price elasticity due to substitutes from other companies ( i can always buy frm Creative if i find iPod too exp for AVERAGE users)
-the latest has high price cos its demand elastic (ppl would be eager to spent much to get the latest product, thus companies can raise price w/o affecting demand much, this will earn them MORE profit than lowering the price and making demand higher )

Thus all these account for the rapid falling price for Flash-memory, as you can see, it is due to the rapid advancement in flash memory technology, which is a good thing.
"Flash Memory technology will be outdated soon"
Thus this is untrue as it is actually that CURRENT flash memory will be outdated and replace by BETTER flash technology.

The statement
"It is a waste of money to upgrade the memory of Flash music player as it meant replacing the player itself"
is not true also as Sony's old MD player cannot read HiMD and it results also in replacing the player. Also remember when u upgrade the capacity of your flash player, you also upgrading the functions and features. Companies do not dwell on one DAP model for long, they will come out with new players with new features ALONG WITH GREATER CAPACITY. Yes if a larger and cheaper HiMD comes out for Sony MZ-NH900, you do not need to replace the player and use the new HiMD BUT u miss out great features Sony has in their NEW MD players! While you upgrade from a 512MB iAudio U2 (old model) to a 1GB iAudio G3, the price may be the same @ that point of time in sale BUT u also enjoy new features like super long battery life and newer firmware updates (more support given to new players) The player and storage improves AT THE SAME TIME! Thus you do not really waste your money!

There is nothing to do with how much your player worth, a player can have its price falling cos its keeps coming with new updates like faster transfer speed and stuff, u call that "not worth" when the company is trying hard to put in new features and thus price falls? NO! Whereas another company can come up with its own technology yet do not have much improvments over time and price stays as high. You call that "worthful technology" just because you buy it expensive? NO! Remember im talking about MEMORY VS MEMORY not PLAYER VS PLAYER.

Well it goes the same thing with handphones, the models are coming out sooo fast that your one or two years old phone seem so worthless...so does it mean that i dun use handphone and instead i shall bu some kinda satellite connection system which cost so exp but cheap to make calls? Then i say "well in a year or two my present handphone's price will drop like mad and render it worthless, so i shall spend more on this portable satellite dish connection machine cos im sure it will still be as exp aft three years thus it worth more?" Make sense? not really to most ppl! While ppl enjoy video confrencing, new games, advance PIM on their new 3G phone, that guy gotta stuck with his satellite machine which can only provide speech. Of course u save up of your call cost, but u totally miss the fun of a "all-in-one" communication deivce and mobility! But do i call him STUPID? NO! COS HIS AIM MIGHT BE JUST TO MAKE CALLS! IF HE FINDS ALL OTHERS USELESS TO HIM, THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST SOLUTION FOR HIM!

Thus which you prefer? MD or Flash? You decide! No one really cares which you choose but only you feel happy or sad about it! I dun see ppl carrying iPod around as totaly idots. THINK! if you wanna look cool and be tredny and u just want some music in your ears...WHY GO FOR IAUDIO or SONY?iPod will do! no use! you are just wasting money! See what you want it what u NEED! But if you say iPod has great audio and features then U ARE AN IDOT!

Conculsion : The best is what u think is the best for you...and Econs do have some uses....

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Thursday, September 15, 2005
The world is still prejudice against males!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:43 PM --- Post#112678949125318416

I just remembered this event now...it happened like on tuesday i think...with Bunny in the Reading Room.

We are talking about...dunno what and suddenly jumped to the topic on dildos (for ppl who dunno what dildos are...nvm...go Google search then...) and i said smthing about some 50 inches dildos and Bunny (being horny VS guys) instantly thought out poking down there can comming out frm the top through the mouth....

At that time, he was like listening to his discman and well i was speaking A LITTLE louder than usual (I realised AJCians tok damn soft lah). I went rattling about putting some toothbrush @ the tip of the dildo and brushing ur teeth as it go out from your mouth.

Oh ya then i remembered that Bunny told me the same idea of poking the dildo frm down there and comming out from the mouth all the way back in SEC 2! I still remembered that time we are waiting outside the science lab with cai zhao they all and we started crapping.

Ya then I got more and more engrossed that i forgot im in the reading room liao. We started to talk more and more loudly about the dildo going through the nose come out from the ear and all those stuffs. LOL it was damn hell funny and Bunny and me luff like mad lah...

Then a gal from the table behind us came over and told us "can your lowerd your volume?". Bunny who is so deafened by his discman still dint notice the gal, I tiam tiam immediately and he was still luffing lah. Wee the gal seemed sort of afraid of us and angry too...

I guess she meant to want us to stop the digusting conversation and stuff...

Well thats what i hate about gals...cannot tok of dirty stuff in front of them. They think its insulting...hey! whats wrong with sex toys? Nutting wrong right? Oso got guy's sex toys mah...and they feel insulted just for that...

Did they realised that their fervently girlish behaviour and hug here hug there and act cute here and act cute there is an INSULTATION to me? To girls, guys who like to play fight with one another or being a bit stubborn @ times are childish? But do they noe their actions like:

1. being OVERLY friendly acting like idots hanging that big luff on their face when they meet one another
2. being mad and remembing tiny minute misunderstanding for life
3. herding instinct: one gal's opionion can "infect" all her friends
4. acting cute

These are what i call real childish!!!

I did not say all girls are liddat but some only. Or maybe those gals in the Reading Room just want us to shut up so they can mug. Well hard to say..im just stating some points here...

The world is still prejudice against males!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
石欣卉 in AJC? I think so...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:02 PM --- Post#112668708134799032

Ya tt gal came to the Just Shoot program in AJC..well thought i dun really fancy those superstars...i got some pics though...Enjoy ba...download them if u want.


AJCians crowing to let have her photos and autograph

The background of Just Shoot

Some gals taking photos....

Camera set up in the MPH

Close up of her signing

Speakers and chairs arranged in MPH

Ya...more speakers and chairs....

Yey more gals wanting her autograph

Shake hand? dunno lah...

Xavier wanna escort her....

Ya ya sign until hand pain...

Yi Long, Sin Huey, Xavier and Liang Hock

who are they?

i oso dunno who they are...

Kena surrounded like siao...


Xavier look where sia....


Video one (with Yi Long, Xavier and Liang Hock)

Video Two (With December)

Video Three (with ???)

If u want the videos or got some prob streaming them, tell me ba, then i send u thru MSN lor..kk i go slp le...

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ARTWORK: BookMonster The Anti-mugging Poster
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:12 AM --- Post#112664317418016848

Yes....NO MUGGING! Ok watever...this is yet another ZOMBiE Dark Arts. Isnt the book monster cute? Hehehe...Ok i drew on paper and took a photo of it? Then in photoshop:
1. Desaturate it
2. Gaussian Blur a bit
3. Increase the contrast to bring out the outine
4. colour the BookMonster
5. merge all layers into one
6. use 90% magic wand and take out the white background with 5% feathering
7. Use a soft eraser to remove the whitish edges around the Book Monster left by magic Wand
8. Add in the slogans and logo
9. Add in the ZOMBiE logo
10. Done!

Of course its not as easy as it sound....no im not coming up with some photoshop tutorials on this...well anyway after you colour the monster, u gotta use dodge and brun tool to do some toning...just some..not a lot... oh ya i got some prob w the hair (or book pages) while magic wanding, so i decided to leave it as some white hair...nvm

Oh ya needa thank my last time VS friend Kuen Ho for some guidence on toning...

SUPPORT....DL and set as MSN Display Oic or Wallpaper!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Spare Him
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:09 PM --- Post#112661018418143436

Please spare December ba...i mean ur ppl are really realy bad lah...what 8 inch dildos...crap lahi mean ur dun go so 过分 lah...Mr Ang say he always site alone one...recess i oso dun see him w the class...Please lah..spare him ba...i noe how it feels to be tortured & luff @ this way lor..i mean aiya...

Whats wrong with taking photo of himself? Ur jealous he shuai or what? And for whoever use my name "ZOMBiE" in his blog....becareful...ZOMBiE dun suck blood btw...

Oh ya..please dun drag in Bunny...he is INNOCENT...he already got some gal in mind...no not some gay partners or what...

AND im totally not some gay preying on December or smthing...i mean i really pity him...he still got pride one noe...

And sorry December for my big mouth...really sorry...

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Saturday, September 10, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:23 PM --- Post#112636582013675116

All i ate was a curry puff frm yesterday afternoon....its about the 34th hour le....i refuse to eat...im tramatised...Mr Chio wrote such remarks on my Math timed practise...fuck me...make me more sad....im a total hopeless in Math liao...

Click to enlarge...fucked up comments by Chio...

Back home my mum keep nagging me to mug...seriously i really hate mugging to the core...why neh? During the period of O level, i gave my best and mugged like some shit...so??? I got some 11 points.. All my friends in AJ all get better than me...I realised there is no pay off in mugging. Its the study method...unless some saint can come to me and make me smarter...no mugging helps..

I was sooo worn out aft the O's...so? I love VS life, though its a total flop for me. Being ostracize and stuff.. I tried to change myself. I dun wanna be a so call "no-lifer" anymore, i start to hop out of my house to get some life, change my appearance abit and brush up my skills (watever shit skills i have) so tt im a bit less useless. And for once i enjoyed the 2004 Dec hols.

Final pic...

And aft a bit long time i realised how sad that JC starts...I neva wanted to go JC...my mum forced me...I miss my friends (though i have near none) in VS and stuff. I cried. Yes i cried. Since young i tend to cry a lot a lot, maybe thats the best way i can comfort myself and vent some grief...


So after demuggifying myself nutting changes...Maybe smthing...aft the convertion frm a "No-lifer" to a "some-lifer" i become more and more lazy...Plus all the sad past i had...nutting nice in my history...I realised aft so much i can no longer feel love. Or rather no one cares abt me. As sher hern and Su Yee noes... I can even "emulate" miss tang, emulate personalities and stuff...but neva able to build "love" out from the algorithm.

I realised no matter how much i try i cant get math right...or rather im too lazy with math. Some crap and useless subject that i neva liked (i failed A Math O level remb!) My wrk revoles about Comp Sc and Physics. I love physics though i cant get great scores. Econs is out of the story liao..

Oh ya back to now...yesterday aft im being saddned by Chio, my mum keep saying im useless (i noe im useless but dun sadden me anymore) and keep asking me to mug. I hate that. I hate ppl scolding me when im soo sadden liao...i hate....I decided to skip meals..

They say when a parent sees her son suffer, she feel twice the pain. I WANT HER TO FEEL MY PAIN! yes...im evil...I already lost my mind a long time ago. Mad due to sadness, and everything get saddenise...

But @ nite i decied to go out (i neva stepped outta my room since yesterday lor) to the Mooncake fest celebation downstairs by the RC...my mum urge me to at the curry puff and i well i just ate...just one...

Ok my mum asking me what to eat again..i think enuf...i had stressed myself enuf...maybe i shld eat again...I mean @ least she snd concern abt me...

Crap...very crap...i noe im upsetting my digestive system...maybe i can die by starvtion? maybe...someone kill me pls!

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:56 PM --- Post#112636213912146315

Music:借口 - 周杰伦《七里香》
Lyrics: MC Ba Gua


Baby I so love you
As much as I can do

Repeat Once


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Friday, September 09, 2005
GOSSIP: Wan Ling VS Veronica VS Lily
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:49 AM --- Post#112619845663800561

Bunny, isnt he cute?


According to Bunny:
[10:21:09 PM] [ NKT] (明明很爱: my heart only belong to two gals
[10:21:23 PM] [ NKT] (明明很爱: nope my mum n cyndi

Hmmm but this is questionable becos:
[10:26:31 PM] [ NKT] (明明很爱: u still havent found the person who ahve
the same hp accessory?

He says that the gal with the same HP accessory as him WILL be his GF!!!
It is a keychain bunny and and turtle. LOOK AT HIS NICK:

[08:16:19 PM] [NKT] Welcome to Turbit Land!! Where turtles and rabbits
live harmoniously together ^^

So who is that gal? Veronica? The gal from 3805? Rumours said she has the same keychain as Bunny.

Wan Ling? Wan Ling as the exact same HP model as Bunny! NOKIA 33310!

Nokia 3310

Bunny once shown me his HP...inside got a whole list of sms from the same gal...LILY! Nope not the Lily frm 0805 but the J2 Lily Kwuan frm CLDDS...Could it be her?
ONE LONG WHOLE LIST OF SMS? Love letters? Sweet talks? Could they be like another SiHui-Robert couple? Or maybe underground affairs like SuYee and Sher Hern? Who will Bunny choose?

The cute hyper active Wan Ling?
The mysterious Veronica?
or the talkative Lily?


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Thursday, September 08, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:14 AM --- Post#112611252060948015


Shit off you mind chao chee bai
gimme five you are mine
Still alive? Gonna die!
别问我 这么死

我来的目的 就是铲除MUGGERS份子
在c-maths fucked up 一整班
面对读书盲从奴隶一大班全 没脑想!

九月假期 你们都拼命 告诉我 wei sia mi
Fuck what promos who will care
I rather go slack somewhere there

我 的快乐上哪去
Heck care 什么拿文凭

(Relac arh!
September holiday noe
mug so muchi for what
come on down and slack
enjoy life brudder!)

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:06 AM --- Post#112610966906517156

ROBERT says he is gonna mug...(later on he told me he failed..)

Su Yee said she finish her Math C hw...

Some one came online with the nick "Promo timetable prepared!"

I ask for Tomato her bro say she mugging, i ask her out she say she wanna mug.

Even Akshay finsihed his F math

Selina said she started mugging

Someone's nick says that everyone is offline cos everyone is mugging

And what had i been doing? NUTTING...The tot of mugger feared me and injected laze into my body...i had been programming my ZOMBiE Player all the time. I NEVA MUG @ ALL. WTF I HATE MUGGING. I NEVA LIKED SCHOOL AND EXAMS.

I really did not do A SINGLE HW LOR. I HATE MATH. Ok admiteed, im JUST TOO LAZY. Now the tot og muggine sinks....


HELP...PLEASE...HELP...OK...i give up...i not gonna MUG AT ALL....not gonna study...SEPT HOLS is for me to enjoy. FUCK CARE promos...fail fail...i rather get retain one more yr...


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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:19 AM --- Post#112597533761129993

There are basically two kinds of ppl on Earth: The guys and the gals...

I was frm VS. Yes everyone knows that VS is a guy sch, i think that to realised and know gals, you must 1st come from somewhere with no gals,and feel the difference..

But i seriously find gals...hmmm interesting creatures...But something i hate is that they are gaining more social status than guys! The 重男轻女 thing is like no longer exist! Now is like gals are climbing over our head liao lah!

Number One
National Service
Why guys need to serve NS while gals do not need? I had seen gals doing a lot more pushup than me, then they would rather sent me(physically unfit) to fight and lose? Stupid. U see, if the world all empolys both guy and gal soldier, wouldnt it be fair? In a fight u see both female and male soldier, there can be a rule saying female soldiers canm fight only female soldiers. Even no such rule, the presence of female soldiers on both side is already equlising the strength/weakness(It will be a strength if u increase ur force by adding in more gals.) Im quite sure some gals can really fight

Number Two
Why is there such thing as Gentlman and not Gentlegal? Why must guys always let gals go 1st? LETTING GALS GO 1ST HAS NUTS TO DO WITH THEIR PHYSICAL WEAKNESS! In AJ canteen i saw before some gals in a queue

"Hello, can let me go 1st?"

OMG, who are u? I dun even noe her and she has absolutely no reason to go 1st? She insisted she goes because she is a GIRL? NONSENSE! I tot the world says all genders should be treated equally?

If any guy/gal can gimme a valid reason to jump queue or that he/she is my good friend, i would gladly help.

Number Three
Tomboys VS Sissy
Which is more disgusting? Tomboy or sissy? To me well...i have not much opinion, it depends on the degree...

But generally, ppl can accept tomboys more than sissy. The guys find tomboys their "brothers" and the gals find them...well...they are still gals! For sissy, the guys find them erxin and the gals will seldom treat them like "sistas" cos they are still guys.

Why? Guys are @ a disadvantage...

Number Four
Abuse of protection power
Fine they say because gals are physically weaker, guys can harrass, molest, rape them as guys are horny creatures. Okok...fine. But dun u think that gals can abuse this law? How do a gal term as a "harassment"?A touch of hair? Or maybe molest? Accidental touch of their butt? Rape? A gal blackmailing a guy she hates after having sex? These are all very common cases of gals abusing their protection power.

A very good example is that in AJ, a guy was called up to the principle's office cos he touch a gal's hair while joking and chatting with her. The guy has absolutely no intention of taking her advantage yet the gal's father (who is rich and powerful) see this as an unforgivable act (the father was unreasonable? The gal exagerrated to her dad? I dunno). Luckily the principle was logical enuf not to let the father intercept and simply gave the guy a warning. See how gals can abuse their protection power even in JC level.

Also, if a guy is rapped by a gal...who on Earth will believe?

Number Five
A gal can dress the same as a guy anf no one will mention a thing. If a guy in Singapore dress up like a gal...something is very wrong.

See gals got choices of dressing, but not guys! Guys gotta stick to guy's dressing conduct. Also gals can have both long and short hair in school and im being scolded for having a bit longer hair.. Crap rite. See how good gals are?

Number Six
Sex (Do not read if u are under 18)
Hey its unfair, gals have 8 thousand nerve fibres on their clitoris while guys only have half of that!

Gals can choose to have two types of orgasm, vaginal(1/3 in front if the G-spot) or clitorial, while guys only have one way!

Gals can have mulitple orgasm while most guys have a refractory period before having a second orgasm!

Hey i tot guys are horny? But gals seem to be hornier...

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Saturday, September 03, 2005
Glass Core Blog Skin
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:34 AM --- Post#112567983390953027

After so long of development... this new Glass Core blog skin is finally done...all i wish is that it looks nicer than my previous skins...thats all..

- New Interface: Glassy like, yet clean, look thru dividers/segments

- My 1st graphic blog skin, all other blog skins are just vector shapes and designs

- ZOMBiE Colour Scheme: Shades of greys and blues

- Use of CSS getElementById to reuse the space set for Profile, Archives, Links, ShoutBox

- Cross browser support (IE 6, FireFox 1.0 and Opera 8)

- WebSite feeds like jobs, tech news or horoscope

- ZOMBiE Player, i followed thru some Flash tutorials and developed my own webby streaming audio player using ActionScripts (eh...i no knowlegde on Actionscripting b4 noe...oso dunno AS's syntax nor how to use Object Oreintated Programming, i only noe C++...)

Programs i used:
- Adobe Photoshop (for the blog skin and player skin)
- Dreamweaver MX 2004 (coding this Blog)
- Flash MX 2004 (for scripting and animating ZOMBiE Player)

Special Thanks:

- Tomato gal (ZP beta tester and for toking cock about Sports Bra when im bored)
- Selina (suppose to be ZP Beta tester but she dunno how to unzip stuff i send...)
- Angeline (ZP Beta Tester oso critise my old blog not nice TT_TT )
- Robert (for coding help other support)
- Qiao Yun (ideas and some torturing..)
- Anirudh (ZP Beta Tester, though he dunno chinese...)
- Kuen Ho (ZP Beta Tester, my good VS 4B friend)
- Wei Yang (ZP Beta Tester, noe him online, neva see him b4, and he got pissed off my some of the music,,,)

Still got any one i haven mention de tell me hor...

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Thursday, September 01, 2005
I Love DnT
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:15 PM --- Post#112558987249458427

Again im spending my tutorial time trying to blog...

Today is Teachers's Day...or more of a holiday for everyone...

Well as usual AJC celebrated Teachers' Day...It all began with the stupid ACES day dance, whic is such a FLOP...Of course total flop. I can see William Chua's face so xiaong sia...totally stunned...hehehe....

Ya the nite before i manged to desgin some teachers' day card specially for my 3 beloved CS teachers. Its below lah...can take a look, again its the usual ZOMBiE Dark Arts style.

Actually i dint wanted to go back VS...dunno why....maybe i just dun feel like seeing my brothers...no dun get the wrong idea...just that i dun want to get too emotional thats all..your all noe how emotional i can get. But maybe i shld go back and wish Mr Jimmy Chan happy teachers' day and walk off...after all he is a nice guy...the teacher who understood me most are the DnT teachers...

I went there and walked by the back....i dun wish to see any one i noe and i purposely arrived late. Sorry 4B..sorry...well after a long way via the back...i managed to reach my DnT Lab.

The lab was awfully familiar, my most deep VS memories went there. The glassy wall and the greyish staff room door that is doubled pad locked. To the side is the entrance to the main workshop and in front is the timber store...

The timber store is the place built for Mr Joe, our tech assistance. He is a middle aged Malay. Kind and polite and never threw his temper before. His hands are filled with scars frm the countless accidents he met while helping the students. The machines he operated are strictly out of bounds to the students as they are among the most industrial dangerous Circular Saw and Tool Grinder. In the timber store is packed with...timber...unprocessed woods of all kinds in larged sizes of all types (juletong, teak, dark red maranti). And large sheets of arcylic and rods of steel bars and other kinds of materials.

Mr Joe

As in pushed the cold door staff room handle and entered the bright yellowish-lit staff room. I walked my way thru to the end, where its the biggest space reserved for the HOD of Dnt and my sec4 Dnt Teacher, Mr Jimmy Chan. As usual i went from the back and called out "Mr Chan" in my polite way. He wun turn back immediately but he would reply "yes" 1st. He turned back and saw me smiling @ me.

"Hey how are u doing? Take a seat, have a drink!"

He always supplied us with snacks and drinks, always... We can eat in staff room. Of course we had lessons in the class room oso...the class size is only FOUR person. Again i sipped the Milo he gave me...nice and frgrant...its smelles like somewhere i belong to..ahhh

Boon Tat


Liang Hong

We will start to talk. I always enjoyed toking to him. About VS, about AJC, or anyhting. He will always never give any strict answers. I really enjoyed being w him.

Oh ya just o noe my Proj got to TKSS and exhibited there...my super duper Bingo Set hehehe.

my DnT Project

the i went into my workshop and saw Mr You there...i love Mr You...he damn cool lah. Got all the latest IT gadgets...I love his creativity...He was quite fustrastred as his students cant finish their proj in time.. Well time for me this senior to tok to them... Ya i told them some tips lah. How to score and all that, boost their morale a bit.

Mr You was SOOO glad that he treated all of us to PIZZA... the TRIPLE CHEESE ONE!! YEah....Mucks! Summore he treated me to drinks and a cake for Mr Joe and his GREAT GREAT contribution... Mr You i love u...

I stayed and tok cock w the sec4 DnT guys till about 3pm lah. Keep asking me abt JC and i told them how horrible the gals are and all sort...

I really really enjoyed myself...i mean...for once i got back my nice memories...for once my beloved DnT workshop....its so familiar...i can still recall myself working there...i feel like crying now le..i miss them soo much...i miss..i miss...

*sob*sob....i go mug le...happy teachers day...

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