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Thursday, September 01, 2005
I Love DnT
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:15 PM --- Post#112558987249458427

Again im spending my tutorial time trying to blog...

Today is Teachers's Day...or more of a holiday for everyone...

Well as usual AJC celebrated Teachers' Day...It all began with the stupid ACES day dance, whic is such a FLOP...Of course total flop. I can see William Chua's face so xiaong sia...totally stunned...hehehe....

Ya the nite before i manged to desgin some teachers' day card specially for my 3 beloved CS teachers. Its below lah...can take a look, again its the usual ZOMBiE Dark Arts style.

Actually i dint wanted to go back VS...dunno why....maybe i just dun feel like seeing my brothers...no dun get the wrong idea...just that i dun want to get too emotional thats all..your all noe how emotional i can get. But maybe i shld go back and wish Mr Jimmy Chan happy teachers' day and walk off...after all he is a nice guy...the teacher who understood me most are the DnT teachers...

I went there and walked by the back....i dun wish to see any one i noe and i purposely arrived late. Sorry 4B..sorry...well after a long way via the back...i managed to reach my DnT Lab.

The lab was awfully familiar, my most deep VS memories went there. The glassy wall and the greyish staff room door that is doubled pad locked. To the side is the entrance to the main workshop and in front is the timber store...

The timber store is the place built for Mr Joe, our tech assistance. He is a middle aged Malay. Kind and polite and never threw his temper before. His hands are filled with scars frm the countless accidents he met while helping the students. The machines he operated are strictly out of bounds to the students as they are among the most industrial dangerous Circular Saw and Tool Grinder. In the timber store is packed with...timber...unprocessed woods of all kinds in larged sizes of all types (juletong, teak, dark red maranti). And large sheets of arcylic and rods of steel bars and other kinds of materials.

Mr Joe

As in pushed the cold door staff room handle and entered the bright yellowish-lit staff room. I walked my way thru to the end, where its the biggest space reserved for the HOD of Dnt and my sec4 Dnt Teacher, Mr Jimmy Chan. As usual i went from the back and called out "Mr Chan" in my polite way. He wun turn back immediately but he would reply "yes" 1st. He turned back and saw me smiling @ me.

"Hey how are u doing? Take a seat, have a drink!"

He always supplied us with snacks and drinks, always... We can eat in staff room. Of course we had lessons in the class room oso...the class size is only FOUR person. Again i sipped the Milo he gave me...nice and frgrant...its smelles like somewhere i belong to..ahhh

Boon Tat


Liang Hong

We will start to talk. I always enjoyed toking to him. About VS, about AJC, or anyhting. He will always never give any strict answers. I really enjoyed being w him.

Oh ya just o noe my Proj got to TKSS and exhibited there...my super duper Bingo Set hehehe.

my DnT Project

the i went into my workshop and saw Mr You there...i love Mr You...he damn cool lah. Got all the latest IT gadgets...I love his creativity...He was quite fustrastred as his students cant finish their proj in time.. Well time for me this senior to tok to them... Ya i told them some tips lah. How to score and all that, boost their morale a bit.

Mr You was SOOO glad that he treated all of us to PIZZA... the TRIPLE CHEESE ONE!! YEah....Mucks! Summore he treated me to drinks and a cake for Mr Joe and his GREAT GREAT contribution... Mr You i love u...

I stayed and tok cock w the sec4 DnT guys till about 3pm lah. Keep asking me abt JC and i told them how horrible the gals are and all sort...

I really really enjoyed myself...i mean...for once i got back my nice memories...for once my beloved DnT workshop....its so familiar...i can still recall myself working there...i feel like crying now le..i miss them soo much...i miss..i miss...

*sob*sob....i go mug le...happy teachers day...

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