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Thursday, September 29, 2005
LG - Life Good
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:42 PM --- Post#112799055916164362

These few days were quite some fuck.

Well I did got better. Fell better at least. For the very very very least I TRIED my very best to filter out all those that I hate. Locking myself up isn’t correct. Instead I went round and talk more to people in my class, which I would actually feel better.

Before that I took the depression test I got 32, which is considered severe case liao. My friend got 48 lor…sad right…ya sad…

check your depression level here

So I went mugging and mugging and mugging and more mugging. Well things in AJC are just not the same, people actually do mug. For the first time in life I understood “mug”. Really…serious…

These days release damn early sia. 1215 can go home mug liao. Well then everyday after school I will go back with Jeremy, some guy who lives near my house lah. Quite rare right. Of course…. Anyway…we everyday after school go Singapore Post eat KFC lah, mini Wok lah. WTF, the mini wok there nicer than the one I ate with Robert in AMK lor.. Noodles nicer and more stuff inside. Well we will gal gaze a bit to relieve stress lor. Then we staring at the bloody tan-line girl with bouncy neh neh lar. Got one ah pek walk past then keep ogling like eye balls dropping out onto the cleavage liddat . Jeremy was talking about sexy zhar bo and stuff so loudly lah, like no one’s business. Then all the TKGS gals beside all stare at us lor. Crap lah…haiyz….cant help me…we both from guy school mah.

Oh ya, remember X? That person I mentioned earlier (dun mix up December’s ‘X’ and my ‘X’ hor!) Dunno why I kept bumping into X nowadays, in canteen and especially that area around the foyer. Remembered I assumed X was angry with me becos I dao X because I do not want X to hate me as time passes. X dao me in the MRT that day and

WTF, a few days later X came smiling at me! OMG…im seriously afraid of such people with fast changing mood swings, its super scary lah. Ok fine, so I smiled back at X.

Next time is I met X outside canteen. I took the initiative to smile at X yet X dao me. I ignore X and walked towards Jeremy.

Remembered next day in the canteen, my Raven Vision failed to spot X (Raven Vision is an algorithm developed by me hor, to constantly monitor people around you to avoid or go to selected people.) X came popping out from a seat beside me and freaked me out SOOOO much. X shook hand and nod head like siao to say hello.

Maybe that’s what they call PMS (pre menstrual syndrome)…Alex Lee??? So I was thinking…maybe X read my blog on that particular entry and X knew I was talking about him/her. My blog is having some weird visitors lately. Though no one tag, I have a feeling that some people are secretly reading my blog to track my life (ahem sher hern…). People who do not use to come to my blog, read my blog constantly…

Wikipedia's explanation on PMS

ENOUGH… maybe X is reading now…maybe someone had harbored evil plan on me..hmmm…hahaha Im thinking too much liao. Ok…time to eat dinner…then mug…
Oh ya Qiao Yun…spare me…no more streamloads please…

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