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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Some Quotes
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:34 PM --- Post#112722180005013566

Just some quotes frm my Sec4 VS friend, who called himself Blue here...some are really funny...some i dunno what they meant...well Strong languages are used...

Non-curviness isn't normal, just common

Oh, those who like to make out are all hotties with good bodies and black is gothic? Love quizzes are for dumbasses.

Biology fetish.

I was about to kill the most useless person alive, but I thought suicide wasn't the answer.

"You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing."

Who died and made you the new Angels, cheapskates?

"Mommy, I wanna grow up to be a neurotic bitch like you."

"Mommy, mommy! I don't wanna see Grandma!" "Shut up and keep digging, son."

You look cute, but you'd look a lot cuter with your face boxed in

No, you sadist, bears are alright as long as Ann Siong stays clear out of the picture

Of course I love nice boys. That explains why I don't love that crow. Duh?

Of course I love nice boys with cute profiles. Right, Cooper? Oh, and I left out the part with tight bums

That hurts. You don't suck and that hurts. Sniff

You make me think of you and don't even get the message. I should be thinking of me, not you. Not you

Look, you bastard, now I can't even remember my own face! Your face keeps showing up! Go away

Thanks for nothing. Tool

Don't think with your ass, egghead. Do you get orgasms in the ear and listen with your groin? Do you?

He's in NS, he's in SOKA, he's too nice, and his name is FABIAN. Sounds like someone who has ovaries up his nose

Keep up with that and your groin will meet my feet the hard way

Do we give a damn? Look outside your window, the fucking world goes on. Surprise!

Love-sick? Tired of romance? That shouldn't be. Get over it, what you need is rat poison. Nobody will care

Hiding how you feel doesn't make it any better than slitting your throat does. Tell me... you never know

Why are they so many morons on my list and why haven't they been shot yet?

Too many things I don't want to know... but I just did. Just the way my day's going

Quick! Go find ways to lose your virginity with a dog

It'd be perfect if no-one knew me. Go away

I liked you then. Until I decided I didn't want to grow up being a vegetable

Being an adult stinks. So does being alive. I just... can't... stand it

Look at your ass. You may be surprised

Something's wrong. I can't sit

You're alive because it's illegal to kill you, asshole

Last night I lay on my bed, looked at the starry sky, and thought... "Where the fuck is the ceiling?"

Thanks for that amazing display of gratitude, you piece of crap

Being a whore doesn't get you anywhere other than the street corner, you skank

I can't remember the last time I wanted somebody's jaw to break so badly

Oh no, a famine? Eat grass, you pussies

I hate this piece of rock we're standing on and floating in Milky Way. To hell with this world

The last time I checked, environmental pamplets were made of paper, too. Thanks for nothing

It's not so much about my pessimism more than my in-built lie detector telling me you're talking bullshit.

I'm so royally screwed up I love myself to bits

Oh no, it's Valentine's Day, let's bitch and play grab-ass. Please

No, I can't blow this one too. Not after Kong threw her geographic faeces at me

Electrolysis is nonsense. Who needs that anyway? Who the hell includes that shit in their system?

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