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Thursday, September 15, 2005
The world is still prejudice against males!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:43 PM --- Post#112678949125318416

I just remembered this event now...it happened like on tuesday i think...with Bunny in the Reading Room.

We are talking about...dunno what and suddenly jumped to the topic on dildos (for ppl who dunno what dildos are...nvm...go Google search then...) and i said smthing about some 50 inches dildos and Bunny (being horny VS guys) instantly thought out poking down there can comming out frm the top through the mouth....

At that time, he was like listening to his discman and well i was speaking A LITTLE louder than usual (I realised AJCians tok damn soft lah). I went rattling about putting some toothbrush @ the tip of the dildo and brushing ur teeth as it go out from your mouth.

Oh ya then i remembered that Bunny told me the same idea of poking the dildo frm down there and comming out from the mouth all the way back in SEC 2! I still remembered that time we are waiting outside the science lab with cai zhao they all and we started crapping.

Ya then I got more and more engrossed that i forgot im in the reading room liao. We started to talk more and more loudly about the dildo going through the nose come out from the ear and all those stuffs. LOL it was damn hell funny and Bunny and me luff like mad lah...

Then a gal from the table behind us came over and told us "can your lowerd your volume?". Bunny who is so deafened by his discman still dint notice the gal, I tiam tiam immediately and he was still luffing lah. Wee the gal seemed sort of afraid of us and angry too...

I guess she meant to want us to stop the digusting conversation and stuff...

Well thats what i hate about gals...cannot tok of dirty stuff in front of them. They think its insulting...hey! whats wrong with sex toys? Nutting wrong right? Oso got guy's sex toys mah...and they feel insulted just for that...

Did they realised that their fervently girlish behaviour and hug here hug there and act cute here and act cute there is an INSULTATION to me? To girls, guys who like to play fight with one another or being a bit stubborn @ times are childish? But do they noe their actions like:

1. being OVERLY friendly acting like idots hanging that big luff on their face when they meet one another
2. being mad and remembing tiny minute misunderstanding for life
3. herding instinct: one gal's opionion can "infect" all her friends
4. acting cute

These are what i call real childish!!!

I did not say all girls are liddat but some only. Or maybe those gals in the Reading Room just want us to shut up so they can mug. Well hard to say..im just stating some points here...

The world is still prejudice against males!

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