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Monday, October 10, 2005
Corpse Bride
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:34 AM --- Post#112895496488975636

Today went out with Jeremy to watch movie. We went to Princess @ Bedok. Well it was not as ulu as I thought, the only complain is that the air con is not cold enough.

We watched: CORPSE BRIDE

The story is about Victor marrying Victoria. They only met on that very day of marriage. Being nervous, Victor screwed up his marriage vows that he was suppose to recite in front of the priest and Victoria. The priest was furious and doubt his sincerity in the marriage. Victor was blaming himself for being such a failure and went into the woods to practise his lines.

Victoria and Victor

He tried his lines umpteen times and he got it perfect at last, where he put his ring onto a tree branch. Surprisingly, the branch turn out to be the finger of a corpse! She woke from death and insisted that Victor is his husband. He was knocked out and found himself in the land of the Dead.

Emily rising frm death

Down there, he met the deeds, disgusting but portrayed in a cute manner. Skeletons who could disassemble themselves, a man who was cut into halves, and spiders who spoke. They told him about the corpse bride, who was so relieved she got herself a man.


Her name was Emily. She came from a wealthy family. She fell in love with a gentleman but their parents objected their marriage. Being desperate, they decided to take all the money and they eloped. The gentleman kindly requested Emily to wait for him under a tree, while he promised to meet her later. She waited and waited but the gentleman never turn up. She died of grief and the cold.

Skeltons dancing and telling Victor her story

Victor being smart, lied to Emily that they should go to the land of the living to meet her parents. They approached a priest and he cast a spell and brought them back to the land of living. He sneaked away and looked for Victoria, but was caught by Emily. Victoria was shocked that he was married to a dead lady and Emily was angered by the fact Victor lied to her. She immediately brought him back to the underworld.

Angry Emily becos Victor lied to her

Meanwhile, another guy proposed to Victoria since Victor could not be found. Victoria's parents thought he was rich and agreed to it, although Victoria objected violently. She had no say and the wedding carried on.

Victoria's dad

Upon receiving the news, Victor felt hopeless and he overheard the priest telling Emily that his vow "...Till death...." Was invalid as Emily was already dead. The only solution was to drink the poison wine and give up Victor's life. Emily being softhearted would not do it, but the depressed Victor see no point in waiting for Victoria and agreed to officially marry Emily.

The wedding was held in the land of Living. Where all the ghost and corpse rose and met all their kins who were still alive. Victor was about to end his life by the poison wine when Victoria sneaked into the Church. Emily saw her and stopped Victor.
"I was once saddened that someone took away my happiness, while now I'm taking away someone else's' happiness" with that she pulled Victoria's hand and put it in Victor's.

Sad Emily

Victoria's husband came over and stopped the wedding. He claimed that Victoria was ultimately his. Coincidentally, he was the gentleman who cheated Emily of her money and caused her death. He took a sword and battled with Victor. Emily blocked his attack and threaten him to leave at once. The gentleman took the poison wine, not knowing that its lethal, and gave Emily a toast, mocking that she would never get her happiness.

The guy who cheated emily

Upon drinking, he died and the corpses pulled him to hell. Victor and Victoria were finally together, and Emily turned into butterflies and flew away...

Ironically, the movie was portrayed in a way that the word of living was in desaturated colours (ie almost grayscale)while the land of dead was in full colour. This shows that the dead were actually happier that the living who were always bounded by rules.

Also someone mentioned that the fact that Victor was alive and Emily was dead was only a temporary situation as all man got to be dead one day. The spider and maggot comforted Emily saying that she was in all ways better than Victoria except that she is dead. So is dead so important? I guess he was trying to say that love can actually go beyond grave and that dying is just a natural phenomenon.

With that...I think this is a really great movie. The plot is easy to understand and it was really touching. Go watch ba!

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