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Saturday, October 15, 2005
The Days Before Monday
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:53 PM --- Post#112937290029618283

Dun scold me for not updating my blog recently, I was playing like mad everyday. You know the reason...I want to enjoy myself before next monday. This one week has been quite a peaceful one, and I am feeling less depressed. At times i thought that maybe im already numb to emotions, no more happy, sad, angry, just feeling 'zombie'.

I have been trying to stay with my class more, rather than escaping. I tried to talk to more people, rather than dao them. I mean i may never see them again next year.

I feel that i have become more and more soft hearted. I can actually forgive Robert just liddat for betraying me, I actually felt happy when Su Yee told me Rouhua misunderstood me, I actually nothing much when Tsun Lam did the poster without me. Whats happening to me? I tot im suppose to kill SiHui for Robert to be depressed forever, big nuke 2505 and hopefully AJC get destoryed as well or blind Ah Lam with lens flare so that he will not be able to see again?

Of course thats what i though i should do. Im just getting too softhearted. Thats typically ZOMBiE. ZOMBiE remain on the Earth becos his mind is filthy like a corrupted HDD and he has the ability to make everyone hate him thus cannot go to Heaven. Neither can he go to hell becos he is too softhearted to elimiate his friends who obstructed him. Thats why zombie is not a creature from hell nor is he a human.

Darren Woo so kindly asked me why i failed my promos like a fuck. I was damn hell touched lah. HE told me not to jump down and reminded me of the VS days where we fought and aruged and passed through thick and thin.Ya of course i remembered. But this is AJC, you fail you die, so easy. He told me something about 4B meeting and how peepz miss me. Something is damn wrong (ya learnt that phrase from cXtreme Darren). Someone is missing me? Who? The poly or Macdonal? Or isit hell telling me to me less softhearted so i can join there.

Sometimes i wonder if ppl hate me so much, why do they still say hello when they see me? Why did Lily and SuYee wave to me today? Why did 'X' greeted me so warmly that day? Why did Shuan still talks to me? WHY? I dun understand, or maybe i will never. Maybe they should just leave me alone. For this, i gave a second though that maybe there is really such this call 'love' and 'friendship' on Earth. Maybe only lah...

Robber. Thats Jeremy's MSN nick. He told me out of the blue that day that he is actually a J2. I was quite shocked for a moment. The though of a retainee gave me the idea of ppl that will always piss me off, like Braddy lah...He dint look like any retainee to me. HE is so hardworking! Jeremy is far off from Braddy! I went to KFC with him that day where he met his last year J1 CJC friend.

"So you having study break soon lah!"
"Errrmm actually I am still a J1"

Suddenly i can feel that he is actually quite...how to say...strong. If im him i will never dare to face my friends again. Let alone telling then i had retained. I really 佩服 Jemery.

Today the AJC open house is mad. My LAN team:Tsun Lam, Darren and me was suppose to meet @ 12pm and monitor them in the LAN room till 3pm. I was only playing for 30minutes when Mr Khor stormed in and ordered us to shut down. I was damn shocked lah. Darren and ah Lam oso complained that they had only played for a short while. Mr Khor was making a call to Vinoth (i think so...) to come in and delete the games, Then Terrence quickly told us to shoo off and everyone went off to the MRT station together. Hahaha i think Vinoth was the only one left there uninstalling all the games one by one on each comp...Hehehehe...

Later one I went with Tsun Lam to J8 to watch Into The Blue. Quite nice show lah but im not writing a movie review this time. @ 4.40 we went off to Toa Payoh and Tsun Lam went for Tuition and i went home via Bus 8.

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