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Sunday, October 02, 2005
I stupid?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:37 AM --- Post#112821479354699687

I was mugging like hell yesterday.

Well my exams anxiety problem is showing up again. Symtoms include keep feel like eating though i know im full, keep feeling the need to shit but nothing come out when i go toilet.

Siao liao, i haven mug math yet, haiz . . . it seems that Math is my "no-hope" subject. I had been plouging into physics and comp science and finally, today im gonna mug math. Fuck liao lah.

People like Lily can get a lot better grades than me though she was from Normal Acad. Ppl like Jeremy taking Combine Science got better grades than me too! Haiz...Look at Frank, that lazy fella. Once he starts his engine he and add a bit fuel(mugging, his scores can go wild. Robert is starting to mug too and i have got this very strong feeling his is passing his promos with FLY-HIGH colours.

I noticed that people who are those kind of a bit naughty and in-famous among teachers normally do not have very decent grades. Like u noe, Zhe Ming in VS and a few to mention in AJ. Im talking about those kind of people who are very "cool-looking" and "hip", everyday play DOTA play pool, furthermore zhar bo tends to stick to them. They tend to get into some kind of discipline problems and are not very elcomed by the teachers.

Another kind of students are those whose parents very rich and they take up lots and lots of enrichment classes. They know piano, violin, swimming, ballet and all kinds of "hi-class" craps! Their dad tell them that there is no need to study hard because he will be able to pass his business to him/her when he/her grows up. They have a lot of talents and thus next time their parents would be able to open some ballet school, swimming college or violin insitute for them.

But me this ugly shit who is unpopular and un-cool and un-hip and do not go hangout everyday and do not play DOTA. Neither do i have any so call "talents" in any fucking aspect. So why am i just not scoring???

Laziness is not really a factor. People like Frank is lazy. But why is he scoring so well? Sher Hern is hardworking, but his just pass his subjects with Ds and occasion Bs. Robert is lazy but how the hell he got 9pts for O's and i got only 11? Gek Han is hardwordking but is his score better than mine? No really, summore we are both from VS. Bunny dun mug much but why is his grades so FLY-HIGH?

Maybe is my study techniques . . . ahhh dun care le . . . FU&CK lah . . KNNBCCB. Feeling better now . . .

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