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Monday, October 17, 2005
Monday: Doomsday
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:41 PM --- Post#112954913611339164

I was enjoying myself on Sunday, as I knew how depressed I will get on Monday. I was fiddling happily with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 until 3am.

Oh gosh I was really having a swirling mind this morning accompanied with a slight fever. I was PRETENDING to have fun with SuYee and Sher Hern though I knew deep in me I was unwell. I did not get sick becos I sleep late, but rather becos of nervousness.

1st paper was Math. I KNEW I FAILED. Yet I had to look at the paper. The score I saw was...Ridiculous...I quickly put away the paper and fiddle with my Zire. Math...who invented it? Someone once mocked at me for failing math when im a freaking Computer Science student. Like as if Computing is all about math? No.

2nd Paper is GP. I was rather freaked out when I saw my composition. Seriously feel like decomposing. Tsun Lam came up and told me happily he pass and got 50+ for GP. Ya I acted like nothing happen but I was deeply hurt inside. Lily that gal(I dint wanna use 'bitch', not polite)was getting like way way higher than me? Remember ZOMBiE-13 rule 1?
" 1. Use of negative emotions".
Jealousy kicked in me. Not only her but a hell lot of other people. I have nothing to hide now. No point hiding my feelings.

3rd was Computing. It was fucked up. Wilson did warn me about calculation error and BINGO! Mr Ang failed his math and totaled my marks wrongly.

Ok things are going really screwed as I can see my heart bleeding like hell now. I was in the canteen, waiting for Physics results. I could not see anything beyond 15m. My headache and fever is getting worse. OMG, I can’t even scan who is around me. It took me 10 minutes to find my class in AJC's pathetic canteen! My arms are weak like a branch, as if they will break anytime.

Last was physics. I was in the auditorium next to some 09 class. They collected their score sheet rather fast and was celebrating.
"WOW! A!...yeah B!"
"You got highest in class!"

Fuck them. Suddenly I feel like taking a shotgun and just blast some holes in their brain and make sure their head looks a blood fountain with softie brains parts smeared all over their face. I saw my score and was like...wtf...I feel like rolling up the paper and stuff it into my asshole and hope that I will die due to loss of blood.

Ok lor! Win liao lor! Retain lor! Happy lor!

I was damn hell chee bye traumatized and I stormed home immediately. In the MRT I fuck care some old lady aiming for that lan cheow seat. I just pushed my way across and sit on it and pretend no one was looking at my misdeed. I blasted Jay's and Xiao Ju's R&B music and was disappointed that I did not have MC Hotdog in my G3 that time.

Mr Ang called me and asked about me. He consoled me so that I feel less like a fucking idiot. I mean the best ever teacher in AJC will nevertheless be Mr Ang. He is the best.

Went home and dao my mum like she never existed. Neva bath and just fall onto my bed and sleep like a log.

I just realised something: According to Murphy's Law, if your life can get fucked up, it will!

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