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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Nothing to blog lah
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:09 AM --- Post#113034857385681474

Dun ask me why i dint blog recently, the reason is very simple, there is nothing to blog about! Everyday is the same, I have PW until 5pm, reach home @ 6pm, play CS/Gunz/NFSU2/RCT3/some other games till 7.30pm. Then I will have my dinner till 8pm and watch TV until 9pm and start doing PW. All my job is about imagining and digital illustrating lah. Take a long time to do lor. I will normally finish my job at 1am or if i fell asleep in front of my computer i will work all the way to 3+am.

Ya of course I will suffer from my 'lack of sleep' symptoms: severe backache, headache, loss of ability to do visual scanning, everything seems so fast except yourself.

I realised something, to play well in games like Gunz or CS which requires accuracy, you must sleep well. In fact, i think the concentration level required for playing computers games is a lot higher than mugging lah. When i had enough sleep, i can close my eyes and kill all the level 30 fuckers in Gunz with my Maxwell LX30 lor. When Im sleepy i keep feeling that my rifle is firing at snail speed while others looks like Agent Smith in Matrix.

Me with my Maxwell LX30 firing like hell

Those are Light-Weight Kodachi, or dual wielded sword.
Me the guy in black waving them like so sparstic liddat

Same thing with CS, when Im wide awake the enemies all felt like they only have 50% life, anyhow shoot oso hit! Like all tyco shots liddat. But when im sleepy, i thought i was aiming right on his hairy chest but never knew why my Aug firing in burst never hit him while one shot of his lousy pistol can rip my 100% life and armor off just liddat.

Steyr AUG, one of the more accurate auto rifles in CS

Its all about sleep lah. ZOMBiE dun need to sleep? Maybe lah..

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