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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Funan Story
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:12 PM --- Post#113326042932554869

Yesterday i did my blog the first thing i woke up, and now u can see some changes here and there. Nothing major lah, i will slowly change the layout bit by bit. I was so engross that i forgot about time. I promised Tomato to meet her at 13:33:33 that day....omg...it was 13:15:15 liao! I dint bother to shut my comp down as usual and quickly change to a more decent cloth and took my G3 box and....ran off...downstairs to have my lunch.

"Uncle! 白斩鸡一盘!"
"Auntie! Teh-O 冰!"

Then I went back to my seat and my mum took out $10 and said

“Na, 十块!”
“Har...耳机 neh...”
“Na Na Na... 不要超过 budget arh!" and she stuffed $50 to me....WTF...yeah! Mummy 万岁!

Tomato and CC came just as i was about to finish my lunch and we set off liao.

“有没有带雨伞?”My mum yelled as we walked off, ignoring her...oh did she gave me $50 just now? Forgot le...

Ya its a long long trip to Boon Building, the sole iAudio dealer in Singapore, and ya we are finally there....Ashame enough, this is the second time i came here for an exhange of my player. Despite the sound quality being good, there are bound to be faults like FM nor working. This time there was smthing wrong w my voice recorder, and i believe its some firmware bug....but who cares, it gave me a good reason to have it exchange.

In the Boon building, i briefly described the problems to Mr Peter (I even remembered his name sia...) and he dint even ask any question and set to transfer the files into my new player. WTF they using USB 0.1 Alpha isit....the transfer take fucking long lah....

While waiting, me intro all the COWON iAudio devices to Tomato. WoW! U3 is here in singapore and so is F1 and A2 sia! U3 cost $370 and i think i could get it some else cheaper. No im not buying....me evily awaiting my G4 or G5 for its juicy batteries! Hehehehe....I oso broke le lah...the $50 is borrow from my mum only...needa return one...

Left: iAudio F1
Right: iAudio U3

The A2 was astonishing! Its crystal clear and the colour is very vivid. Its hooked up to Creature II speakers and...the sub dun seem working....Perhaps they mixed up the connection le! The GUI was quite idiot proof lah....me spent 5 minutes on it and i noe how to use le! yeah! but is cost $900+....Bo Lui....I asked Tomato next yr BD give me!

Almighty iAudio A2! $900 sia...

We got sick of waiting and decided to leave it in the hands of our great Mr Peter and head off to Funan....its only about 1.5 km from the Boon Building lah...Then me fast walk chiong all the way there....I dint noe how long it will take and damn scared the Boon Building will be closed when we come back...

"Anyone behind me will drop 20!"Me rattled in my NPCC noise
"没有这种事 lah!"Tomato yelled...
She sped up and we fast walk all the way.....the freaking Traffic light like neva turn green liddat....wtf....faster faster.....

Things got more like a rescue mission once we are in Funan....we scanned through each shop for any signs of earphones....hahah imagine me dashing into the shop w a serious look and start looking around. Then two of my men rush in behind for backup. On scanning i found no sign of our target and i ordered:

"K guys, dun have, lets got"

And I took big steps and strided out the shop...not surprised that the shop sunties will kao bei kao bu behind...One thing i learnt in Funan is to be thick skinned. The shop keepers will never let you browse their products w ease and will keep questioning you. They get rather unhappy when you say "看看而已", and they will jeck the price up like siao if they think you are in great need of it.

Hahaha, 我们人多势众, not scared go in ask for Koss earphones, too exp we say dun want. give them the fucked up face they scared liao...muahahahahaha....

Ya, we rushed into a lot of shops and found NONE....no sign of KOSS anywhere....crap lah..and i found....maple story...wtf....maple stories giant figurines on the 5th floor of Funan....disgrace sia...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Tomato was suggesting Challenger, but i thought things would be exp there....but well, i decided to take a look. We marched in and started our search, first on her mouse.

"要买 mouse 去 Sim Lim mah, 这里这么贵!" I blurted out w/o knowing...oh shit...later Challenger ppl come out wack me how sia...better run....So came into this "mouse corner" and the few mice looks cool...$69...We scanned across...$59.....$40.....all the way inside was....$28.....$19....and $15! Yeah... She grab a blue one and i found some $14.90 ones....she say no need le...can liao....

Now down to my KOSS, and the earphones corner is just beside. I saw a whole row of Sennheisers MX's and below is....KOSS....the first KOSS i saw was already the KSC75! WTF! YEAH. I look at the price, ok its $48....I was thinking its near to the end range of $30...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I looked at the label: Memeber $44. Wah lao....my dad not here sia...he member leh...$44 woucld be a good buy liao, and i no need go to Sim Lim Square ot Tower to look for cheaper ones...

My deat Tomato looked into my eyes suddenly, filled with feelings...
"Oh! Zombie! 我有 member leh!"
"OHHHH....我好感动 wor! You sure 可以用的吗?"
"到 2006 年 leh!"
"我的 lah"

KK we browse around....OMG its 3.50pm liao....i wanna go back collect my player by 4pm! WTF....we faster go and pay and ya....her card really works like a charm..

We flew down to the 1st floor as Tomato wanna buy her SHE albums...The shop name damn lame...call Sembawang....the she rush in and settle w the Auntie w dunno what special edition crap lah...wah lao...Tomato and her bro CC separate sia...they bought two same albums! Cost them $39....a bit the $5 can buy my KOSS liao...

SHE's 不想长大

Out from the building me had a great fall....
ZOMBiE ZOMBiE sit on the wall,
ZOMBiE ZOMBiE had a great fall!

I neva sit wall oso fall...useless...it was raining liao as we dash past all those traffic lights and my Addias was sqeaking as i made acute cornering around the path way, racing back to Boon Building...

I chiong in and....was panting...lucky haven close sia...I grabbed my player, did a brief check, said TY and ran off....ahh.....i anxiously tested my new KOSS...wow....it goes: UM-chi UM-chi UM-chi CHING! Mad bass! But the treble was a bit harsh! Well i dint bother about the EQ and we dash BACK TO FUNAN...

Tomato's stupid idea....she wanna buy ink...we went in and rested Macdonals as i figure out the correct way to wear the KOSS...We went some shop and she bought her ink liao...Ok now how we go back....ya we any how any how go out any exit...then see the bus stop no 63! I was checking up my PDA for a map and we tyco tyco see one 63 bus zooming off across the street on the other lane...

Ya shr told me she thought that was the way home lah...ya...we took the next bus 63...and unfortunately landed outselves home....Me tired like siao...run here run there....haiz....

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Monday, November 28, 2005
Holiday Stress
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:30 AM --- Post#113314731952378229

Im getting really sad lately...haiz...In case Robert is reading it now, no im not going to try out ZOMBiE Rockson or smthing.

Why sad neh? How i noe, I always dint noe the reason for being sad lor! Strange. Perhaps its because i get a lot more free time and really think too much during the holidays. Thinking how bad 2006 day 1 will be. Thinking how im going to finish my holiday homework where i had only do 3 pages of math and thats it. Thinking how im going to fail my A level.Thinking how im dying in NS. Thinking of what happen if my comp breaks down. Thinking why my IE still wun work. Thinking why ppl are doing holiday jobs and im not. Thinking why im so useless....haiz...

Im getting awfully lazy. Lazy to wake up, lazy to do homework. Lazy to even do up my blog. Lazy to go out. Lazy to play games. Lazy to bath. Lazy to make my bed. Im so lazy...Everytime i tried to do my homework, i will tell myself i will do it another day and perhaps i can have one more day of fun. In the end I will never do, thats why i must force myself to sit down and complete a page or two, if not at least a few questions. Its terrible. I just hate homework.

Ever since O level where i really mug it out, hoping for at least an L1R5 of 8 or 9. I got 11. Not fair! I really mugged for it. A lot of other non-muggers got better than me. Its like a score of 11 is really in the bottom list in AJC. Make me so fucked up only. And i realised i wasted all my life. And now i wanna enjoy life. But....i grew too lazy, now that i regret. Maybe i should stay as a mugger? I dunno....im just feeling very terrible...

I dun even feel like going out. Got zhar bo ask me out i oso dun feel like going. Haiz, actually not zhar bo, but my lesbian cousin asking me go KBox, she really dun noe the consequences of listening to me sing....

Sitex was so...disappointing. I mean i dun even get to take a look at whats inside. On sunday where my dad took me there, i was in quite a high spirit, but then was NO CARPARK! All carparks from A-K are filled! Even the illegal ones on the roadside are taken up, and the poor Auntie gotta take down all the number plates, wtf can see her fingers almost breaking....

What more coming up? I dunno. I just feel like keeping myself at home, suddenly i hate interacting with people. Hate going out. Hate everything. But staying at home isnt the solution, i will be bored to approaching death, where the asymtote will be death thus you end up 求生不得,求死不能.

Games? Forget games. I used to like playing games a lot, but now no matter how much robert tell me what game is fun, i have no interest. I dun noe what is "lag" or "lousy graphics" last time. But since i upgraded my comp i can tell the diff. Halo use to have perfect graphics, but now i find hard to satisfy my appetite for speculars, decals, Anti-aliasing, high textures and all that. My comp isnt good at all thus switching them all on will result to superb lag. In my memories, a lot of games which have ultimate graphics and runs fast now looks ugly and lagging. All because i learnt what is good and what is not.

Just like audio, I used to be stisfied with 96kbps ogg on my freak PDA w the $20 Sony earphones. Now im wanting more and more becos i learnt what "good audio" is... How i wish i dint noe all that...not just that i can save more money, i can also fufil my satisfaction with ease.

So fearing all these will happe, i dun play games. I want online games where i can acutally see other real players. CS is just not for me, too tatical and realistic and im too noob. I want something fancyful, thats why im still stuck in Gunz.

Sucks right? No matter if its holiday or school days, im still sad and sick in my mind. There is smthing very wrong with my mindset, but who set the default "ideal" mindset for comparison? Why is that guy who says "we must work hard in studies" correct? So what if i want to defy him? Stupid....

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
What's Wrong with AJC?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:09 AM --- Post#113267937407943902

Note that the following are purely opinions and may not be true at all. There should be no harsh feelings. If you feel uneasy, please do not read. Whatever that is written do not represent the author or related people, places and events in any way.


Whenever I return to AJC during holidays, I would have this strange feeling, where the best way to describe is what you feel during Day 1 in JC. It’s more than unfamiliar, but rather cold and unfriendly because the people do not know you. More importantly, its because you do not UNDERSTAND anything from that place.

A lot of people questioned why dint I chose VJC? Not to say that im a sour grape, the first reason is of course I did not satisfy the L1R5 requirement. Secondly is that I find VJC people hypocrites. This is further confirmed as my friends from AJC now told me how… “fake”, as my amkss will describe, the people are. Of course VJC are strong both academically and in terms of CCA, and perhaps “fake” is just my worthless opinion.

Back to AJC, to me, AJCians are of cos not that fake, in fact people there are soooo nice hor… Anyway, they will at least they dun meant “me going home mug and get better score than you!” when they say “I go play LAN lah, no need mug de!”.

AJCians are cold? I think so. People seldom stop and say “you look sad….what happen sia?” even you explicitly tell them “Im fucking sad…” they most probably say “oh…”. They seldom bother to ask why, even if so, they will never bother to sit and listen to you.
When is the last time you had a heart to heart talk with a friend in AJC?

My friend told me how fake people in her class are, how they broke the promise they made to her and how their hypocrisy disgusted her. Note that "ZOMBiE Desti" is my trancated screen name, and "遗失" is mock up name to protect her privacy.

[05:27:18 PM] ZOMBiE Desti: so how was AMKSS then?
[05:27:22 PM] ZOMBiE Desti: isit better than AJ?
[05:27:43 PM] 遗失: nod
[05:27:54 PM] 遗失: much better...........
[05:27:59 PM] 遗失: yucks
[05:28:06 PM] 遗失: here da pple so fake
[05:28:14 PM] 遗失: see them i jiu wanna puke

[05:38:35 PM] 遗失: but some around me really very fake...
[05:38:40 PM] 遗失: say like wat..
[05:38:44 PM] 遗失: friends for how mnay yrs..
[05:38:48 PM] 遗失: wont ignore me...
[05:38:53 PM] 遗失: but in the end..
[05:38:57 PM] 遗失: none of this come true,,,
[05:39:11 PM] 遗失: yucks... /yucks
[05:39:11 PM] 遗失: so disgusted by them..

Feeling is the key, people in AJC just do not really felt for each other. Some birthday presents are just purely to put up a front simply for courtesy sake. Sincerity is really lacking among people. Mr Tan was formerly a principle of RI and VS, he told us about the blazing school spirit down there, how they sang their school songs with so much pride.

I am from VS and I can verify that. One step into VS canteen and you can feel how warm it is even on a rainy day. It’s bursting with LIFE! I remembered how I and my friends really talked our hearts out beside the eco pond, accompanied with the cooling sea breeze and eye relaxing view of the flora and fauna around. My juniors never fail to look for me when I return, Bryan Nuyuan still called me when he saw me even I quarreled with him so much during NPCC last time. Darren woo consoled me when he saw my MSN nick mentioning about me lousy results. I can even feel the sense of bonding through Messenger.

When I return to VS, not only juniors, teachers and canteen vendors will come up to me and ask about me. The canteen vendors came up to me and chit chatted to me like he had known me for long, where im just one of the regular customers. My teachers are like my brothers (notice I dint use “friends” as I think “brothers” have closer relationship), especially my DnT teachers, I never had problem communicating with them, and generation gap is also kept to the minimum.

AJC… You see teachers chatting to students? Teachers treating their students like brothers patting their back and giving a big warming smile when they see their students back in school after secondary life? I dun see so…Yes I do see teachers having fun with the whole class, but not close down to the individuals…It shows that teachers are also responsible for the school spirit.

VS was a guy school, AJC is not. Maybe the presences of girls affect school bonding? Activities like stripping in the field for PE, pulling down others’ pants for fun, jumping on top of each other, talk about sex whole day long, wack anyone you like….are of course…barred. Bad isn’t it?

“There is no need for girls…” Someone in RI once told me.
“What about sex?”
“Oh yell there is always a computer…” (dun look at me lah….)

Some fervently girlish girls, who whines, act high class and snobby, act cute and innocent, expect to enjoy extra privilege just because they are girls are unforgivable to me no matter how chio the look. Bitches and bimbos turn me off as well. They refuse to even talk louder than the night wind, what more on shouting school cheers? Some girls says that the brotherhood stuffs (ya, fighting, laming around, look stupid) are childish. Childish? You mean holding hands, giggling away aimlessly, playing lesbians isn’t childish?

Of course with the rotten girls come the shitty guys. Im referring to those who show their muscle around and act gentleman to attract girls, I think they are call “posers”, you may say Im a weakling and therefore im jealous. Ok my good friend Terrence is a body builder, im pretty sure his muscles are the largest among the AJC guys, he goes round showing them off to zhar bo? No…He acts cute? No…that which made him the real cute guy! You may rebuke say he is unpopular that’s why. Shuan is popular, but he is sincere and direct and concerned. He is one of the really friendly guys around. He was overly friendly that someone actually complains that he is being too close to his girlfriend! See?

So what am I driving at? Turn AJC into a single sex school? Nope! Fervently girlish girls normally spoil the school spirit and posers are often hypocrites…I hope you do get my point, for sure that’s only my opinion.

Of course there are things that both guys and girls do, that’s it…mugging. Let me define mugging. Mugging is excessive memorizing of content and spending too much time on school work that result to neglect personal interest and add on to stress level. Studying is not everything. Now look at what my Chinese High friend says:

"You want to do well? So wat? You think you can be lawyer? Doctor? Just because you take bio? Are you really motivated enough to make that field your purpose in life?"

Most likely, they will be stumped for words. Seldom do we come across people who really know what they are after…

There's a reason i heck about my studies… I do not want to live my life by doing what others want of me. Other people should spend time managing their own life, and should not care about mine. Its my right to live my life my own way. Life is priceless. Do not allow others to steal it from you…I see the drive in myself, as well as them. The drive to make it the purpose of their life, and the motivation to carry it through their lives. How many of the muggers are able to do just that?”

AJCians spent too much time studying. We all know that TJC people are a lot more hip, a Swiss Cottage girl and Chueng Cheng girl portrayed to me how sucky our Orientation 2 was. That I agree but I have to say that Orientation 1 was a lot better. I made very good friends like Joel, Jonathan Lim, Angeline, Angela and Kwan Cuan.

Benedict had a nice chat with me just now. He quitted school. Reason simply being AJC’s culture was bad. Is it so bad that it drives people away? Maybe, there are a lot of people who wished to leave, but turned away by the fact that a school transfer is too troublesome or that “puking to death by the sight of rotten people” is not a valid reason to their parents. He told me that it would be good to leave if it benefits both parties (he and his class). Robert argued that it’s an “escapist” act but I would definitely not say so. Why? Just think, how much courage do you need to have for a school transfer after one year? Imagine you need to readapt, re-buy materials, change your lifestyle, and the worst is that you need to pass through most parents’ view on such “nonsensical” idea? Those are also reasons why people do not want to switch college even they wish to plant C4 in the principle’s office. It’s more than what you think…I find him doing the right thing…

He mentioned something which may sound insulting, but I must say it out. The AJC population is made mostly people from schools that do not do as well academically. You may say “WTF! AJC top JC sia!” Yes, and we got a collection of muggers from all those schools? No one is at the fault of course, being hardworking and going to a top AJ is a good thing. But this phenomenon adds on to the mugger culture. And it seems that even AJ muggers are not hypocrites, they had lost their emotions…

Why neh? My Chinese teacher told me in secondary four that the aim in life is to be happy. What for live for your parents or others? Slacking around and expecting money to flow in is of course, morally wrong. But what if someone without much education driving taxi enjoys his simple life? Is he useless? No! If you want something, you work for it. The reverse is also true! There is no point in working for something that you do not need! You sure you will need that certificate? Or rather do you need a certificate that suits you better?

What AJ need is more feelings flowing through it. It’s a very good reflection of the society? 17 years old prepared for that? Some may say yes, 17 is a young adult, no more childhood. But is there childhood in the first place? Wouldn’t it be reasonable if that you wanted last 16 years was havoc that the coming years would be less harsh? I do not have answers seriously…think ba…

Another thing I found out. AJC seldom recognize talents. To AJCians, the word “talent” often meant “track”, “sports”, “Chinese Orchestra”, “Band” or “Choir”. That’s all? You mean the rest not in those CCAs are not? Tsun Lam, best digital artist and designer in AJC; Wei Kiat, one the most reliable programmer; Terrence, PC hardware modder. There are a lot to mention: audiophiles, animators, artists, cooks, PDA fanatics, craft masters, blog skinners, net-workers, pet consultants, pen tricksters….You see that those mentioned are normally do not fall within “sports” or “cultural”. Talent are wasted down here. Other JCs provide Strategic Gaming Clubs while members on cXtreme in AJC begged till their knee cap burst to hold a cyber game competition. The World Cyber Games proves that computer games are not just mere senseless addictives. Even a secondary school next to AJC train sound engineers and master pool players, while AJC do not have much (other than AJ Idol) to provide their students room to develop.

I am not really an IT savvy guy, but the class thinks that im some free technician. Being kind I will always try to do to some technical problems but most are not I my field of expertise. All they know is to complain how lousy I am and give me that freakish look. On the other side, someone who can run just a bit faster (as to me know just a bit more in IT stuffs) receives compliments without fail. See the biasness? This will eventually wipe out those talents that we never notice….

I heard a lot of people not recommending AJC to their juniors. This is bad. I just hope that the situation can be improved. Well if you disagree totally with whatever I had said…congrats, you are a 100% AJCian and ought to be proud of yourself!

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Monday, November 21, 2005
The DnT Champ
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:33 AM --- Post#113250447487661334

MUAHAHHAHAHAA.....Me Champion for Design in VS for 2003 and 2004! Me rocks!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Click to enlarge, as promise the picture of the medals....

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Sunday, November 20, 2005
Back To Slacker Land
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:07 PM --- Post#113248503799456596

Yup this is a flash back post, I went back to VS to collect my Speech Day Prize for DnT 2004. Why I wait till now when the Speech Day was in July? Attitude lah.... This is gonna be a long post with lotsa images, since they are in hyperlink thumbnails, they should not take too long to load.

Yup FridayI went back to my SLACKER LAND...VS...wah...i always feel so happy going back leh...1st thing i headed to the general office to get my prize...

"U ah...call you so many times now then you come back!" The staff shouted at me...I gave her that innocent innocent smile, took my prize and signed off. How does it look like? I shall post the detailed picture shortly in the next post.

I went to the canteen and saw my NPCC junior and he was preparing for O level last paper - Chemistry. But we still talked on and on, I miss those days where i can talk so freely to my friends, unlike in AJ where i have to becareful of whatever nonsense that comes out from my gap.

Familiar sight to me....hao huai nian wor...

The canteen was just like before, with only the Watering Hole stall opened as its holiday liao. The uncle recognised me and I ate the fried rice and guess what, it still taste (as bad) as before! Wow the Season Ice Lemon Tea still taste the same as well (of course lah...it taste the same everywhere..). Ok lame enuff le...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
They call the drink stall Watering Hole, damn guai lan...

Well I see Victorians mugging, I can tell you that thats the only time where they can be seen mugging, ya a few days before O's. A lot are chatting about everything thing under the sun lah (eg that junior that talked to me non-stop...)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

After my fried rice i went off to sight see a bit lah... nutting much had changed lor...Spotted a VERY STUPID poster outside the library lah...By the way...The third pic below is the VS school bagde...its **NOT** MANCHESTER UNITED's crest!

Views outide the Library, with the stupid poster (middle pic)

I went back just in time to see my juniors rushing off to the now air-con hall. I remember the exact scene last year loh...haiz...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
All chiong to the hall liao for their last paper!

After that i went one round the school again. The field was still as botak as ever, constantly filled with Victorians playing soccer, though i admit that i had not stepped into that field even once lah, cos i dun play soccer.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

We played floor ball a lot during my days lah. The graffiti wall looked washed out in colour now, probably due to the rain and shine lah.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Now i returned to the eco pond and sit one corner relac. Wah...cos VS near East Coast so its very windy. I remembered that we do cycling for PE last time...Romantic sia...There is this platform on the eco pond that we can dangle out feet just a little about the pond water...how nice...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Thats the platform! Who's leg are those?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

KK...time to get HIGH...last time, i used to run up seven levels to the mathematics room when APC implemented the stupid JC-style subject base classroom system after recess. Now i decided to time myself again. I remembed my best record last time was 57 seconds.

I strapped my G3 to my belt and held on to my heavy bag (filled with Twisties that Yi Long they all threw to me) secure all my gadgets (Zire, HP...) and up I go....!!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Strapping my G3 to my belt
to secure it while i run up.
Looks like pager sia...

Yeah i ran un 7 levels within 36 seconds! Remebered i just had lunch hor...damn full. Yup summore with bag and all my cumbersome gadgets! Hehhee...Who dare challenge my record! Muahahahahha. The pic below is blurred, but it reads 36 seconds!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Ya the scene from top storey was fantastic lah! The VS building structure look a bit hi-tech with a nice framework for steels and supporting bars. Large metal hole-punched portraits and pictures hung around the wall.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
On the left is the parade square at level 5.
On the right is the path leading to the humans room.

Wait a minute! Isnt that Samuel's AEP project??? Its still there? Yup his Art Elective Project is about butterflies, he drew six A4 full coloured pics of butterflies in a jungle...I can tell you they look even nicer than those printed by printer! Its just beyond ink and bubble jet! I dun have a pic now. Anyway, all AEP students are to setup their own little "gallery" in school to place their artwork or craftwork for marking. His he use black cloth to corner the walls and placed a dim spotlight inside. The floor was covered with sand and butterfly specimens to simluate the forest environment. I when in but only the sand and spot light was left...

Cloth cornered mini gallery!

Enuff ah...damn tired lah...so i took lift down...Normally we aint alow to use the lift lah..cos only a few lifts so many students then confirm not enuff for everyone, so only teachers can use lor.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Nice underused lifts...

Then i spent the rest of the time slacking in the canteen blogging w my Zire....Wow...nice day...OH Ya! I met Tomato's lao gong too! Hehehehe...i got this pic but not posting....later she wack me....

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Saturday, November 19, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:39 AM --- Post#113233554062236613

Finally this week ended, it wasnt as fucked up as i tot but quite unproductive lor... Did not do much hol HW...unlike sher hern lor...who almost finished his math n phy...haiz...

Its CDP this Monday...crap lah...pay money to waste time only...the games played are worse than those played in Orientation lor....summore 08 got overall first....ok...congrats...

I also overheard that its ****'s birthday then (not Selina, though i just knew tt their bd is i think on the same day). **** was one of those more kind hearted who gave me bd present one lor, but since **** pretend that i do not exist in this world', i oso dare not give him/her any present lor...perhaps a few moment of peace frm me is his/her best present. Though itds a bit late now, but i would still wish **** a happy birthday.

The math make up lesson was ok lah...oh I miss JJ sooo much wor…. Only me, Liang Hock, Sher Hern, Mee Kwan, An Liang, Guang Wu n Eat Shit turned up...oso go there tok cock only, neva do much math. Some math teachers actually brought us some Twisties and Wang Wang lor, how totful....

On Wednesday got no math, then me went out w Ah Lam in search for my cans (slang for earphones). WTF, cannot find Sennheiser…finally only got one ulu shop selling MX 450 for $31…but I dunno good anot so I dint buy. The Shure in ear cost $320! Almost the same price as the Cherry Wood Audio Technica Clip on. Ah Lam insisted that I buy a Harlo so I agreed…HAHAHA BUGIS CANNOT FIND….so big area not even one Harlo….hehehe…

Then halfway through…I saw something….PUMA…that back was utterly familiar…wah lao…Bugis leh… Bugis can find AJCians? Cant be ba! Its one of qiu yun’s friend lah…dunno what she doing there…I met some peepz from 25 oso…WOW damn lucky hor, one day meet so many people…

Today Friday I went back to VS…I shall say more later….

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Sunday, November 13, 2005
What will you do if u can reverse time?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:14 PM --- Post#113188405361763492

I was lying on the floor, listening to The 12 Girl's Band latest album, with all the lights switch off except for my monitor that night. What a pleasant moment...But this did not stop me from wandering through my vast imagination and thought.

So i was thinking, had the holiday started? To me it’s a definite 'No'. There will be CDP and Math makeup on Monday. So what’s the big deal? Well, i heard they would make you do damn stupid things during the CDP, and you know i had all these. In fact i hate all orientations or class outing and these sort of social activities. Yes I am anti social, I hate being with a big group of people doing stupid stuff. Yup and the math shit, im gonna get trapped with people whom I hate down there for an unknown period of time. CDP starts in the morning like usual school and the math thingy stretches throughout the WHOLE week. Crappy isn’t it? PW had already molten a lot of my hols and how is all these shit. What more? I dunno.

When I came back for PW OP, I realized something…Every time I come back to AJC during the hols, I would have this creepy feeling. The moment I step into the gate I can feel it. It’s that sort of feeling whenu are in P6 or Sec4, going into a totally new school which you are so unfamiliar with. Sort of that you do not belong there… Furthermore AJC feels so ‘cold’. Its not  冷笑话 that kinda cold, but rather I feel that the people in AJC are sort of emotionless. Its like no one actually cares about you, they will neva take the initiative to ask “how are you?” or “are you feeling ok?” or at least give you that look that they are happy to see you. Ok maybe they neva wished to see me in the first place or they too shy, but the fact is that in VS, people actually felt for one another. They will sit and listen to you, have a heart to heart talk, motivate one another and such stuff. Its very heart warming in VS, even now im so proud to go out and say “Fuck off, Im from VS u asshole!” Unlike AJC, where whining zhar bo and act cute hypocrites roam the place. Tear off their masks to see their mugger face. AJ Spirit is as good those bundled iPod earphones – Mite as well dun have! That’s another reason why I hate to return to sch during the hols.

You may say im dwelling on the past. Ok I admit so I am to a certain extent? Which Victorian do not cherish and think about the fun they ever had? At first I thought the VS spirit was dumb, but that was due to the influence by my parents. Every time is liddat, you only cherish something after it is gone. That’s why no matter how much I do not like my life in AJC, I will try to make it a good one. I just hope that I do not find myself deceiving my soul after those two years.

So I was thinking, what will happen if I do not exist at all?
-Tsun Lam will be the only one dictator in the Digital Art reign
-Wei Kiat will be the only audiophile
-Wei Kiat will also have no one to backstab
-Sher hern will have say upon all martial arts stuff in 08
-Sher Hern will also be the IT headmaster in 08
-Lily will never ever get pissed off (ya im sorry…)
-Whole class will love soccer
-My PW group would have done the job a lot better without me idling and talking cock
-The ‘first three months’ incident would never happen
-AJC will be 100% mugger
-No porn surfer in AJC
-The rest of the guys are all帅哥
-QY will have no one to bully
-Tomato will remain as the INNOCENT gal gal…
-My sista will sponge everything off my parents and be the world most spoilt kid
-The ever hated “Glass Core” theme will never exist
-Music, Movie, Game and Porn industry will survive longer cos one less pirate
-All CS players are pro by then w/o me
-I will not be unhappy becos I neva existed
-Ppl will be happier due to my non-existence

If someone ask me the question “What will you do if u can reverse time?”

My answer will definitely be “I would make sure my parents dun fuck that time…”

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Friday, November 11, 2005
Delta Air Earphone Cushion
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:14 PM --- Post#113170111147484833

For those who
-finds that they need earphone cushions to add grip between the earphone and your ears becos the earphone is too big or too small
-hate the look and feel of that black fluffy traditional earphone cushion (isit call cushion? i coiled the term...u noe that black covering you put on your earphones)
-finds that the traditional cushions tear easily
-get loose and lost from the earphone
-not much help in adding grip...you earphone still slips off your ears easily
-wants to make your earphone looks unique
-wants confort yet preserve sound quality
-dun wish to spend much

Introducing..... THE DELTA AIR CUSHION!
It is a cushion made of silicone, meaning its soft and comfortable, stylish (remb those iPods silicone protective casing?), extremely flexible and durable. Most important of all, it fits gently at the outer edge of my ear canals, yet my earphone stays firmly there! It wun come off even if i run or jump. Mind you, im using the stock Cresyn iAudio earphone which is reputated not to fit well into most ears. If you can press it in further...It will stick to your ears like superglue, yet its COMFORTABLE.

It cost only SGD 0.90 which is about USD 0.53 per pair! I bought it at Bras Basha's new Popular outlet, inside CD Rama.

There are two sides, one with a big opening and another with small opening. When I tried placing the small opening facing my ear canal, most of the diaphragm is being covered, thus i find the vocals being abit 'blocked out'. Thus i put the bigger opening towards my ear where only a portion of the diaphragm is covered. Now it sounds no different from without cushions. Though its hard to squeese the smaller opening to fit the other end of the earphone.

But there is no website or phone number on the packaging. It only says "Delta Corporation Japan".

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
This is how they look on my stock Cresyn earphone. Note that i hate that shiny dome thing at the side of my earphone and plucked it off...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
The left is where the bigger opening is facing the ear canal side, while on the right is the reverse direction. Note that almost the whole diaphragm is blocked on the right pic and silicone is not really a well sound conductor so the way to put on on the left is preferred.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
A close up of the grey cushions. It comes in grey, white and blue.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Compare the Delta Air Cushion with the normal fluffy cushion

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Bought it for Singapore $0.90 in CD Rama.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
This is what's inside.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Showing the top and bottom, though i dunno which is which.

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FREE $25 Voucher!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:53 PM --- Post#113169967531423370

Hahaha me and my mum's 三姑六婆 went to Popular today! Yes the new Bras Basha Popular outlet....Summore...1st 250 customers gets a $25 Popular Voucher! We arrived at 9am and not long after we joined the long queue(as expected in Singapore...)some Popular peepz came out and tell us that...

"对不起,到那个弯一经250个人了,我们的 management 算过了,我现在跟你讲,等一下那不到 voucher 不要怪我们!”

He pointed at the turn in front of us and told us that that is the point up till 250 people. We became quite disappointed and one of my mum friend's kid ran all the way to the starting of the queue and started counting. After 5 minutes, he came back and told us till our point, there were only 190 ppl! I was quite bo liao and decided to do a count myself, using my Raven Vision, I detected only 198 ppl infront of me...WTF...that Popular stuff is lying...Soon after...a lot of ppl behind us started to do a count. This time the Fatso manager came out and told the same story as the other staff.

One ah pek right behind us was damn pissed off as he counted the number of people himself too. He brought Fatso along with him and did the counting again in front of his lard face. He was quite shocked and angry at the ah pek and his face turn black like burnt lard.

He said "KK...i inform the mangement..." and rolled off...

He came back at around 9.50am and gave out numbered cards to confirm your vouchers. He face was as blaack as just now and keep yelling like a hog..."Later must give the cards in order! Or else wun give vouchers!" Behind me an Auntie was walking past the bouncy lady giving out cards and being bouncy, she did not know that Auntie was just a passerby...(Bouncy=blur? No link...) And gladly gave her a card...Auntie grabbed the card and wanted to join the queue. Of course she was cutting queue and stirred some commotions at the back. Well she went off upon all those embarassement. If im Auntie i would flee for good, who noes we saw her later as she followed our queue, but standing my the side.

Being 三姑六婆,my mum and co started gossiping at her...Her card numer was after that ah pek and he was staring her her too. When it reached 10.30am, we followed to collect our vouchers and she was begging ah pek to let her join. He gave that fucked up face to her and told her to join behind and then.....I did not know what happen...

Hehehe, i collected my vouchers and went sprinting into Popular and looking for Guo Mei Mei's new album: 不怕不怕...nope i dint find it...perhaps it is yet to be released. Who cares about Auntie now...

I bought a new file, those kind that allows me to chuck paper inside instead of filing it nicely, and a 96 nice nice CD-album (my collection is getting bigger...) also a sillicone earphone cushions.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Yup thats the nice Cd album!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And this is my file!

What is this??? Hehe thats the earphone cushions...I will give a review later! Stay Tuned!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Who are the Guys?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:50 AM --- Post#113138582805942081

There are mainly five types of guys around:

1. Sports
This is the most common kind of guys around, they love sports, and they know soccer and basketball stuffs and updates around their finger tips. Trust me, they can talk forever about some EPL or World Cup. Sports include racing, shooting or maybe taekwando. In combination, they may like Need For Speed Underground 2 or some soccer manager kinda sports computer games. They love to sweat out and find tensing their muscles shiok, they go outdoors often and get moldy but staying at home. They love to show their body like folding up their sleeves or go topless around, flexing their solid chunks of flesh with steel bar hardness. PE must be their favorite lesson and get more excited when Alex Lee gives them circuits training. They see NS as fun and adventurous and aspire to be some commandos with their M16 plugging rounds into their enemies’ forehead. They may be barbaric at times, these guys are known to the gal’s favourite.

2. Techno
This is the second common kind of guys. Baffling you never-heard-of terms and forking out never-seen-before gadgets, these ppl fight their way to rule the IT reign of being the best programmer, the most pro gamer, the coolest graphics designer or the most amazing audiophile. They can feed you with a list of pirating tools and sites and name you application software that one would not normally use. Of course most of them know more than Windows and followed the path of Linux or Mac. They would get the latest games by means of Bit Torrent or queuing outside Challenger the day before its release. They will laugh at those people playing DOTA and criticize how bad the graphics look and how old the game engine is as a RTS compared to Black and White 2 and strive for CS: Source rather than the old skool CS. Not only that, they will mod their systems and pump their processors to their limits and feed them with gigs of RAM and terabytes of hard disks. Not enough? They will always argue that their hardware or software of their choice is the best and use their GP argumentative skills to engage in flame wars…Scary?

3. Mugger
Yes they do play a bit of game and watch a bit of sports, but mugging is their “rice bowl job”. For the EXTREME case here, look around you for ppl who isolate themselves and seldom speak unless told to. They have that nerdy look and does everything as their parents say. They are often called “no-lifer”. No doubt they mug like mad but does not guarantee their results… Remember those are the extreme cases. Of course most muggers do have some interest in other stuff…

4. Popular
These guys are just a mixture of the above three and they are quite popular among others. Ppl are aware of them and they can communicate well. They are either very harsh and sarcastic towards whoever they hate or being extremely nice to everyone, sometimes to the extent of being “fake”. There are quite a lot of such people around and they can be classified as “miscellaneous”  other then the above three

5. Gays & Sissies
The last is the most hated of all. Gays or sissies…I like particularly the term “vagina boy”. They inherit the behavior and properties of girls and like making up and wearing feminine accessories and making sure their skin stay white and their cloths dun get dirty. They speak softly and sweetly….in fact so sweet that I can put a magnum bullet into their breast…  

Ya that’s the five typical kinds of guys, these 5 properties are quite unique to guys, unlike characteristics like wealth or generosity which can be applied throughout by both guys and gals. Violence and perverseness are most of the time present in all guys except the difference in seriousness and levels.

Normally total sports people are quite IT illiterate, and Comp-pros are mostly unfit. Guys usually fall between the two and bias towards sports. Unfortunately, tech experts are often not recognized and noted only for being free technicians during times where something cock up in your computer. Worst still, they are expected to know every single thing to solve ALL kinds of problems. Sportsmen are usually idolized by gals for their “manliness” (or maybe “low-tech-ness” and “barbaric-ness”)… Sad hor? Ya you guessed…im a full time technician…

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Sunday, November 06, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:20 PM --- Post#113127612780589741

That day Friday after OP, me and Tsun Lam and Gek Han went off to Hougang in search for....PIRATED SHOP! Our little pirate adventure begins on Bus 72, as told by Yi Yu, me and Gek Han were seriously clueless where to get off, all that i knew is that that shop i saw three days ago is near Heartland Mall. Ok we saw Hougang Mall and decided to alight and yeah....We are presented with the underpass....Going thru it is the MRT!!! One stop and we reached Kovan...

Coming to sight is the familiar Sake Sushi in Heartland! Woot....And we started to move in into our target....Unfortunately...The neighboring look so damn alike that we lost our ways....3 pathetic AJCians dying in the hot sunlight... Haze...

The shop is in front of the coffee shop and beside an aquarium and hardware shop...We took a turn and change our directions and reached our destination! YEAH...Gek Han was like a bit the breathless and Tsun Lam was sooo excited that he could but his...Game (i forgot...Only knew its a racing game)...

WTF....The store sign read "XXX凉茶店" ????????????? Herbal Tea???? Where is our shop??? OMG!!! Tsun Lam almost chocked me to death when our shop just vanished within 3 days...

"Ok Ok...We go Comics Connection and Popular ba...."

Ya....We crawled our way to the Bubble Tea store and had out stomach filled with some juices and continued to HEARTLAND MALL....As our fear began...

We went to the third level and was searching for our precious Comic Connection...And...Its gone...WTF??? Magic? Everything disappear??? NOOOOO.....

Gek Han later suggested KFC and we resigned to fate and ya....We EAT....Me no money...needa share a two piece chicken meal w Tsun Lam...Ya we gotta dissect the poor drumstick and BREAST into two (erotic?)for both of us...Ya we share the pathetic coke oso...Stupid Tsun Lam purposely blow bubbles into the coke!!! WTF!!!

"Hahaha...u dare not drink liao!"

I look at him and then stare at the coke....i suck in air like vacuum...WOOOOOOOOO!

"NOOOOOOO!" Tsun Lam yelled!

I opened my mouth and blow all that is in my lungs into the coke...It bubble like fart...Muahahha....He looked at me and Gek Han was luffing away feeling disgusted...Guess what....He was so disgusted that i finished the whole coke...

Well anyway...Gek Han left for Angeline after that and me and tsun lam went to eat Sushi (ya...i eat not enuff sia...... I keep asking him what i should eat until the auntie keep staring at us like we damn 婆婆妈妈 liddat...the auntie told us that Popular is just at the 4th level...We travel up again and..We dint see any Popular...Well we walk walk walk and WTF....the level had a sort of passage leading to another area...

COMICS CONNECTION!!! Woa! Nice... he bought some Sally model and he keep asking me to buy a...Harlo....Well i asked qy b4, she said its some kinda mechanical ball that keep rolling here and there...And i immediately though of Voltorb :) . Anyway that bugger keep asking me buy that Harlo figurine for $5...siao lah...i saving for my earphone sia...I also saw that light saber...Damn nice...And its not for sale...ya oso the M16 B/O gun...

So ya...That's Friday...I heeded Kuen Ho's advice...Keep myself out and kill boredom.. or else i will die...

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Fatal Four Days
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:41 AM --- Post#113086658001497067

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Four fucked up days.

I spent my time at home most of the time. I dint go out, obviously on Saturday the others are mugging for Chinese and my pathetically hardworking PW group gotta go back for OP preparation.

On Sunday Dad took me to Suntec to eat Prata and had Kway Zup for dinner. It had been such a long time since we had dinner out, miser Dad inisisted on eating his char tao gey plus steamed tao hu (fried beanprouts and steamed beancurd) to save course. Especially during 1st and 15th on the Chinese calendar he forced us to go vegetarian, which i hate. Hey they are buddishts but I dint say i wanna become one! Nevermind lah, I had been following them since young so might as well just go the 'Buddhist Way' and be a good innocent boy! I think i will become a free thinker in furure lah, or maybe start a new religion call Zombism! (Hahaha not funny....)

I got Jay's full new album with MVs: 十一月的萧邦 (November's Chopin)a few days before the official release date (i think it was Now 1). I was soooo proud of myself. Haha I was the 头号盗版专家 (#1 Pirate) in 2003, 2004, 2005 at Victoria School and Anderson JC leh! The album was ok lah, though i prefer 七里香, becos most songs in that album are fast.

I got Black and White 2 working also. The error message "CD/DVD emulation detected" when starting the game refers to Clone CD rather then Daemon tools. I uninstalled Cone CD and the game was going fine. I wun say much about the game except that i took one week to download and another two weeks to figure out how to make it work. I shall write a review when I complete the game. The game is basically about you being the God and you control your people. You also have this Pet which is a giant Cow, Monkey, Lion or Wolf which can help you build houses, entertain vilagers or wage war (they are damn cute lor!)

I was playing my heart out gluing my ass onto my seat all these days. Haiz...Imagine my poorly ventilated room glooming in darkness. The lack of fresh air and water caused heatiness upon me. Long sitting hours made my bad stiff like wall and painful like some old men. Poor lightning and glaring screen almost blinded me. All these of course in turn transformed into depression.

Ya, the stupid depression feeling came back to me... I was damn heated up...backache, sore eyes, sweaty palms, hot aftertoons... I was damn fustrated. Thinking back, suay and worrying things happened:

-PW group got into some small argument
-freak teachers all giving me extra holiday homework cos i failed
-my G3's voice/fm/line-in recording cannot write to file all of sudden with this new unofficial firmware despite relflashing it several times
-Internet Explorer lauched with a message saying it had encountered an error without much clue on what the error was and restarted infinitely with the same error (Cannot check test my blog with IE)
-Monitor's 'colour running' became more serious, at times the whole screen is damn freaking red
-HDD running seriously outta space and no money to get a new one
-4B gathering and im worrying if i should go
-Mr Ang's farewell party to worry about
-Dad's pressing me to repaired his spoilt Pentium3 comp
-Its already 1.30 am and i had yet to start my InR 2nd draft
-I scared someone till she cried and im so freaking guilty now

So much till now....im quite fucked up liao...cant wait to die soon...

On the last point, i was really guilty was only having some fun with her since she sounded quite sad. How it turned out that she was too scared that she cried. Why girls cry so easily one? Its only a joke, now she ignored me le...Haiz...I never do things right, right from the fact that i should not be bornt.

Thats why i dun like gals, Im no good at people and i mishandle them very frequently. I really feel that being a guy now is really under some kind of invisible remote controlling of the gals.

They cry, you die.
They complain, you die
They team against you, you die
They play with your feelings, you die
They bully you, you also die

You just die lah...

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