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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Fatal Four Days
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:41 AM --- Post#113086658001497067

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Four fucked up days.

I spent my time at home most of the time. I dint go out, obviously on Saturday the others are mugging for Chinese and my pathetically hardworking PW group gotta go back for OP preparation.

On Sunday Dad took me to Suntec to eat Prata and had Kway Zup for dinner. It had been such a long time since we had dinner out, miser Dad inisisted on eating his char tao gey plus steamed tao hu (fried beanprouts and steamed beancurd) to save course. Especially during 1st and 15th on the Chinese calendar he forced us to go vegetarian, which i hate. Hey they are buddishts but I dint say i wanna become one! Nevermind lah, I had been following them since young so might as well just go the 'Buddhist Way' and be a good innocent boy! I think i will become a free thinker in furure lah, or maybe start a new religion call Zombism! (Hahaha not funny....)

I got Jay's full new album with MVs: 十一月的萧邦 (November's Chopin)a few days before the official release date (i think it was Now 1). I was soooo proud of myself. Haha I was the 头号盗版专家 (#1 Pirate) in 2003, 2004, 2005 at Victoria School and Anderson JC leh! The album was ok lah, though i prefer 七里香, becos most songs in that album are fast.

I got Black and White 2 working also. The error message "CD/DVD emulation detected" when starting the game refers to Clone CD rather then Daemon tools. I uninstalled Cone CD and the game was going fine. I wun say much about the game except that i took one week to download and another two weeks to figure out how to make it work. I shall write a review when I complete the game. The game is basically about you being the God and you control your people. You also have this Pet which is a giant Cow, Monkey, Lion or Wolf which can help you build houses, entertain vilagers or wage war (they are damn cute lor!)

I was playing my heart out gluing my ass onto my seat all these days. Haiz...Imagine my poorly ventilated room glooming in darkness. The lack of fresh air and water caused heatiness upon me. Long sitting hours made my bad stiff like wall and painful like some old men. Poor lightning and glaring screen almost blinded me. All these of course in turn transformed into depression.

Ya, the stupid depression feeling came back to me... I was damn heated up...backache, sore eyes, sweaty palms, hot aftertoons... I was damn fustrated. Thinking back, suay and worrying things happened:

-PW group got into some small argument
-freak teachers all giving me extra holiday homework cos i failed
-my G3's voice/fm/line-in recording cannot write to file all of sudden with this new unofficial firmware despite relflashing it several times
-Internet Explorer lauched with a message saying it had encountered an error without much clue on what the error was and restarted infinitely with the same error (Cannot check test my blog with IE)
-Monitor's 'colour running' became more serious, at times the whole screen is damn freaking red
-HDD running seriously outta space and no money to get a new one
-4B gathering and im worrying if i should go
-Mr Ang's farewell party to worry about
-Dad's pressing me to repaired his spoilt Pentium3 comp
-Its already 1.30 am and i had yet to start my InR 2nd draft
-I scared someone till she cried and im so freaking guilty now

So much till now....im quite fucked up liao...cant wait to die soon...

On the last point, i was really guilty was only having some fun with her since she sounded quite sad. How it turned out that she was too scared that she cried. Why girls cry so easily one? Its only a joke, now she ignored me le...Haiz...I never do things right, right from the fact that i should not be bornt.

Thats why i dun like gals, Im no good at people and i mishandle them very frequently. I really feel that being a guy now is really under some kind of invisible remote controlling of the gals.

They cry, you die.
They complain, you die
They team against you, you die
They play with your feelings, you die
They bully you, you also die

You just die lah...

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