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Friday, November 11, 2005
FREE $25 Voucher!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:53 PM --- Post#113169967531423370

Hahaha me and my mum's 三姑六婆 went to Popular today! Yes the new Bras Basha Popular outlet....Summore...1st 250 customers gets a $25 Popular Voucher! We arrived at 9am and not long after we joined the long queue(as expected in Singapore...)some Popular peepz came out and tell us that...

"对不起,到那个弯一经250个人了,我们的 management 算过了,我现在跟你讲,等一下那不到 voucher 不要怪我们!”

He pointed at the turn in front of us and told us that that is the point up till 250 people. We became quite disappointed and one of my mum friend's kid ran all the way to the starting of the queue and started counting. After 5 minutes, he came back and told us till our point, there were only 190 ppl! I was quite bo liao and decided to do a count myself, using my Raven Vision, I detected only 198 ppl infront of me...WTF...that Popular stuff is lying...Soon after...a lot of ppl behind us started to do a count. This time the Fatso manager came out and told the same story as the other staff.

One ah pek right behind us was damn pissed off as he counted the number of people himself too. He brought Fatso along with him and did the counting again in front of his lard face. He was quite shocked and angry at the ah pek and his face turn black like burnt lard.

He said "KK...i inform the mangement..." and rolled off...

He came back at around 9.50am and gave out numbered cards to confirm your vouchers. He face was as blaack as just now and keep yelling like a hog..."Later must give the cards in order! Or else wun give vouchers!" Behind me an Auntie was walking past the bouncy lady giving out cards and being bouncy, she did not know that Auntie was just a passerby...(Bouncy=blur? No link...) And gladly gave her a card...Auntie grabbed the card and wanted to join the queue. Of course she was cutting queue and stirred some commotions at the back. Well she went off upon all those embarassement. If im Auntie i would flee for good, who noes we saw her later as she followed our queue, but standing my the side.

Being 三姑六婆,my mum and co started gossiping at her...Her card numer was after that ah pek and he was staring her her too. When it reached 10.30am, we followed to collect our vouchers and she was begging ah pek to let her join. He gave that fucked up face to her and told her to join behind and then.....I did not know what happen...

Hehehe, i collected my vouchers and went sprinting into Popular and looking for Guo Mei Mei's new album: 不怕不怕...nope i dint find it...perhaps it is yet to be released. Who cares about Auntie now...

I bought a new file, those kind that allows me to chuck paper inside instead of filing it nicely, and a 96 nice nice CD-album (my collection is getting bigger...) also a sillicone earphone cushions.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Yup thats the nice Cd album!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And this is my file!

What is this??? Hehe thats the earphone cushions...I will give a review later! Stay Tuned!

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