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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Funan Story
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:12 PM --- Post#113326042932554869

Yesterday i did my blog the first thing i woke up, and now u can see some changes here and there. Nothing major lah, i will slowly change the layout bit by bit. I was so engross that i forgot about time. I promised Tomato to meet her at 13:33:33 that day....omg...it was 13:15:15 liao! I dint bother to shut my comp down as usual and quickly change to a more decent cloth and took my G3 box and....ran off...downstairs to have my lunch.

"Uncle! 白斩鸡一盘!"
"Auntie! Teh-O 冰!"

Then I went back to my seat and my mum took out $10 and said

“Na, 十块!”
“Har...耳机 neh...”
“Na Na Na... 不要超过 budget arh!" and she stuffed $50 to me....WTF...yeah! Mummy 万岁!

Tomato and CC came just as i was about to finish my lunch and we set off liao.

“有没有带雨伞?”My mum yelled as we walked off, ignoring her...oh did she gave me $50 just now? Forgot le...

Ya its a long long trip to Boon Building, the sole iAudio dealer in Singapore, and ya we are finally there....Ashame enough, this is the second time i came here for an exhange of my player. Despite the sound quality being good, there are bound to be faults like FM nor working. This time there was smthing wrong w my voice recorder, and i believe its some firmware bug....but who cares, it gave me a good reason to have it exchange.

In the Boon building, i briefly described the problems to Mr Peter (I even remembered his name sia...) and he dint even ask any question and set to transfer the files into my new player. WTF they using USB 0.1 Alpha isit....the transfer take fucking long lah....

While waiting, me intro all the COWON iAudio devices to Tomato. WoW! U3 is here in singapore and so is F1 and A2 sia! U3 cost $370 and i think i could get it some else cheaper. No im not buying....me evily awaiting my G4 or G5 for its juicy batteries! Hehehehe....I oso broke le lah...the $50 is borrow from my mum only...needa return one...

Left: iAudio F1
Right: iAudio U3

The A2 was astonishing! Its crystal clear and the colour is very vivid. Its hooked up to Creature II speakers and...the sub dun seem working....Perhaps they mixed up the connection le! The GUI was quite idiot proof lah....me spent 5 minutes on it and i noe how to use le! yeah! but is cost $900+....Bo Lui....I asked Tomato next yr BD give me!

Almighty iAudio A2! $900 sia...

We got sick of waiting and decided to leave it in the hands of our great Mr Peter and head off to Funan....its only about 1.5 km from the Boon Building lah...Then me fast walk chiong all the way there....I dint noe how long it will take and damn scared the Boon Building will be closed when we come back...

"Anyone behind me will drop 20!"Me rattled in my NPCC noise
"没有这种事 lah!"Tomato yelled...
She sped up and we fast walk all the way.....the freaking Traffic light like neva turn green liddat....wtf....faster faster.....

Things got more like a rescue mission once we are in Funan....we scanned through each shop for any signs of earphones....hahah imagine me dashing into the shop w a serious look and start looking around. Then two of my men rush in behind for backup. On scanning i found no sign of our target and i ordered:

"K guys, dun have, lets got"

And I took big steps and strided out the shop...not surprised that the shop sunties will kao bei kao bu behind...One thing i learnt in Funan is to be thick skinned. The shop keepers will never let you browse their products w ease and will keep questioning you. They get rather unhappy when you say "看看而已", and they will jeck the price up like siao if they think you are in great need of it.

Hahaha, 我们人多势众, not scared go in ask for Koss earphones, too exp we say dun want. give them the fucked up face they scared liao...muahahahahaha....

Ya, we rushed into a lot of shops and found NONE....no sign of KOSS anywhere....crap lah..and i found....maple story...wtf....maple stories giant figurines on the 5th floor of Funan....disgrace sia...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Tomato was suggesting Challenger, but i thought things would be exp there....but well, i decided to take a look. We marched in and started our search, first on her mouse.

"要买 mouse 去 Sim Lim mah, 这里这么贵!" I blurted out w/o knowing...oh shit...later Challenger ppl come out wack me how sia...better run....So came into this "mouse corner" and the few mice looks cool...$69...We scanned across...$59.....$40.....all the way inside was....$28.....$19....and $15! Yeah... She grab a blue one and i found some $14.90 ones....she say no need le...can liao....

Now down to my KOSS, and the earphones corner is just beside. I saw a whole row of Sennheisers MX's and below is....KOSS....the first KOSS i saw was already the KSC75! WTF! YEAH. I look at the price, ok its $48....I was thinking its near to the end range of $30...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I looked at the label: Memeber $44. Wah lao....my dad not here sia...he member leh...$44 woucld be a good buy liao, and i no need go to Sim Lim Square ot Tower to look for cheaper ones...

My deat Tomato looked into my eyes suddenly, filled with feelings...
"Oh! Zombie! 我有 member leh!"
"OHHHH....我好感动 wor! You sure 可以用的吗?"
"到 2006 年 leh!"
"我的 lah"

KK we browse around....OMG its 3.50pm liao....i wanna go back collect my player by 4pm! WTF....we faster go and pay and ya....her card really works like a charm..

We flew down to the 1st floor as Tomato wanna buy her SHE albums...The shop name damn lame...call Sembawang....the she rush in and settle w the Auntie w dunno what special edition crap lah...wah lao...Tomato and her bro CC separate sia...they bought two same albums! Cost them $39....a bit the $5 can buy my KOSS liao...

SHE's 不想长大

Out from the building me had a great fall....
ZOMBiE ZOMBiE sit on the wall,
ZOMBiE ZOMBiE had a great fall!

I neva sit wall oso fall...useless...it was raining liao as we dash past all those traffic lights and my Addias was sqeaking as i made acute cornering around the path way, racing back to Boon Building...

I chiong in and....was panting...lucky haven close sia...I grabbed my player, did a brief check, said TY and ran off....ahh.....i anxiously tested my new KOSS...wow....it goes: UM-chi UM-chi UM-chi CHING! Mad bass! But the treble was a bit harsh! Well i dint bother about the EQ and we dash BACK TO FUNAN...

Tomato's stupid idea....she wanna buy ink...we went in and rested Macdonals as i figure out the correct way to wear the KOSS...We went some shop and she bought her ink liao...Ok now how we go back....ya we any how any how go out any exit...then see the bus stop no 63! I was checking up my PDA for a map and we tyco tyco see one 63 bus zooming off across the street on the other lane...

Ya shr told me she thought that was the way home lah...ya...we took the next bus 63...and unfortunately landed outselves home....Me tired like siao...run here run there....haiz....

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