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Sunday, November 06, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:20 PM --- Post#113127612780589741

That day Friday after OP, me and Tsun Lam and Gek Han went off to Hougang in search for....PIRATED SHOP! Our little pirate adventure begins on Bus 72, as told by Yi Yu, me and Gek Han were seriously clueless where to get off, all that i knew is that that shop i saw three days ago is near Heartland Mall. Ok we saw Hougang Mall and decided to alight and yeah....We are presented with the underpass....Going thru it is the MRT!!! One stop and we reached Kovan...

Coming to sight is the familiar Sake Sushi in Heartland! Woot....And we started to move in into our target....Unfortunately...The neighboring look so damn alike that we lost our ways....3 pathetic AJCians dying in the hot sunlight... Haze...

The shop is in front of the coffee shop and beside an aquarium and hardware shop...We took a turn and change our directions and reached our destination! YEAH...Gek Han was like a bit the breathless and Tsun Lam was sooo excited that he could but his...Game (i forgot...Only knew its a racing game)...

WTF....The store sign read "XXX凉茶店" ????????????? Herbal Tea???? Where is our shop??? OMG!!! Tsun Lam almost chocked me to death when our shop just vanished within 3 days...

"Ok Ok...We go Comics Connection and Popular ba...."

Ya....We crawled our way to the Bubble Tea store and had out stomach filled with some juices and continued to HEARTLAND MALL....As our fear began...

We went to the third level and was searching for our precious Comic Connection...And...Its gone...WTF??? Magic? Everything disappear??? NOOOOO.....

Gek Han later suggested KFC and we resigned to fate and ya....We EAT....Me no money...needa share a two piece chicken meal w Tsun Lam...Ya we gotta dissect the poor drumstick and BREAST into two (erotic?)for both of us...Ya we share the pathetic coke oso...Stupid Tsun Lam purposely blow bubbles into the coke!!! WTF!!!

"Hahaha...u dare not drink liao!"

I look at him and then stare at the coke....i suck in air like vacuum...WOOOOOOOOO!

"NOOOOOOO!" Tsun Lam yelled!

I opened my mouth and blow all that is in my lungs into the coke...It bubble like fart...Muahahha....He looked at me and Gek Han was luffing away feeling disgusted...Guess what....He was so disgusted that i finished the whole coke...

Well anyway...Gek Han left for Angeline after that and me and tsun lam went to eat Sushi (ya...i eat not enuff sia...... I keep asking him what i should eat until the auntie keep staring at us like we damn 婆婆妈妈 liddat...the auntie told us that Popular is just at the 4th level...We travel up again and..We dint see any Popular...Well we walk walk walk and WTF....the level had a sort of passage leading to another area...

COMICS CONNECTION!!! Woa! Nice... he bought some Sally model and he keep asking me to buy a...Harlo....Well i asked qy b4, she said its some kinda mechanical ball that keep rolling here and there...And i immediately though of Voltorb :) . Anyway that bugger keep asking me buy that Harlo figurine for $5...siao lah...i saving for my earphone sia...I also saw that light saber...Damn nice...And its not for sale...ya oso the M16 B/O gun...

So ya...That's Friday...I heeded Kuen Ho's advice...Keep myself out and kill boredom.. or else i will die...

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