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Sunday, November 13, 2005
What will you do if u can reverse time?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:14 PM --- Post#113188405361763492

I was lying on the floor, listening to The 12 Girl's Band latest album, with all the lights switch off except for my monitor that night. What a pleasant moment...But this did not stop me from wandering through my vast imagination and thought.

So i was thinking, had the holiday started? To me it’s a definite 'No'. There will be CDP and Math makeup on Monday. So what’s the big deal? Well, i heard they would make you do damn stupid things during the CDP, and you know i had all these. In fact i hate all orientations or class outing and these sort of social activities. Yes I am anti social, I hate being with a big group of people doing stupid stuff. Yup and the math shit, im gonna get trapped with people whom I hate down there for an unknown period of time. CDP starts in the morning like usual school and the math thingy stretches throughout the WHOLE week. Crappy isn’t it? PW had already molten a lot of my hols and how is all these shit. What more? I dunno.

When I came back for PW OP, I realized something…Every time I come back to AJC during the hols, I would have this creepy feeling. The moment I step into the gate I can feel it. It’s that sort of feeling whenu are in P6 or Sec4, going into a totally new school which you are so unfamiliar with. Sort of that you do not belong there… Furthermore AJC feels so ‘cold’. Its not  冷笑话 that kinda cold, but rather I feel that the people in AJC are sort of emotionless. Its like no one actually cares about you, they will neva take the initiative to ask “how are you?” or “are you feeling ok?” or at least give you that look that they are happy to see you. Ok maybe they neva wished to see me in the first place or they too shy, but the fact is that in VS, people actually felt for one another. They will sit and listen to you, have a heart to heart talk, motivate one another and such stuff. Its very heart warming in VS, even now im so proud to go out and say “Fuck off, Im from VS u asshole!” Unlike AJC, where whining zhar bo and act cute hypocrites roam the place. Tear off their masks to see their mugger face. AJ Spirit is as good those bundled iPod earphones – Mite as well dun have! That’s another reason why I hate to return to sch during the hols.

You may say im dwelling on the past. Ok I admit so I am to a certain extent? Which Victorian do not cherish and think about the fun they ever had? At first I thought the VS spirit was dumb, but that was due to the influence by my parents. Every time is liddat, you only cherish something after it is gone. That’s why no matter how much I do not like my life in AJC, I will try to make it a good one. I just hope that I do not find myself deceiving my soul after those two years.

So I was thinking, what will happen if I do not exist at all?
-Tsun Lam will be the only one dictator in the Digital Art reign
-Wei Kiat will be the only audiophile
-Wei Kiat will also have no one to backstab
-Sher hern will have say upon all martial arts stuff in 08
-Sher Hern will also be the IT headmaster in 08
-Lily will never ever get pissed off (ya im sorry…)
-Whole class will love soccer
-My PW group would have done the job a lot better without me idling and talking cock
-The ‘first three months’ incident would never happen
-AJC will be 100% mugger
-No porn surfer in AJC
-The rest of the guys are all帅哥
-QY will have no one to bully
-Tomato will remain as the INNOCENT gal gal…
-My sista will sponge everything off my parents and be the world most spoilt kid
-The ever hated “Glass Core” theme will never exist
-Music, Movie, Game and Porn industry will survive longer cos one less pirate
-All CS players are pro by then w/o me
-I will not be unhappy becos I neva existed
-Ppl will be happier due to my non-existence

If someone ask me the question “What will you do if u can reverse time?”

My answer will definitely be “I would make sure my parents dun fuck that time…”

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