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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
What's Wrong with AJC?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:09 AM --- Post#113267937407943902

Note that the following are purely opinions and may not be true at all. There should be no harsh feelings. If you feel uneasy, please do not read. Whatever that is written do not represent the author or related people, places and events in any way.


Whenever I return to AJC during holidays, I would have this strange feeling, where the best way to describe is what you feel during Day 1 in JC. It’s more than unfamiliar, but rather cold and unfriendly because the people do not know you. More importantly, its because you do not UNDERSTAND anything from that place.

A lot of people questioned why dint I chose VJC? Not to say that im a sour grape, the first reason is of course I did not satisfy the L1R5 requirement. Secondly is that I find VJC people hypocrites. This is further confirmed as my friends from AJC now told me how… “fake”, as my amkss will describe, the people are. Of course VJC are strong both academically and in terms of CCA, and perhaps “fake” is just my worthless opinion.

Back to AJC, to me, AJCians are of cos not that fake, in fact people there are soooo nice hor… Anyway, they will at least they dun meant “me going home mug and get better score than you!” when they say “I go play LAN lah, no need mug de!”.

AJCians are cold? I think so. People seldom stop and say “you look sad….what happen sia?” even you explicitly tell them “Im fucking sad…” they most probably say “oh…”. They seldom bother to ask why, even if so, they will never bother to sit and listen to you.
When is the last time you had a heart to heart talk with a friend in AJC?

My friend told me how fake people in her class are, how they broke the promise they made to her and how their hypocrisy disgusted her. Note that "ZOMBiE Desti" is my trancated screen name, and "遗失" is mock up name to protect her privacy.

[05:27:18 PM] ZOMBiE Desti: so how was AMKSS then?
[05:27:22 PM] ZOMBiE Desti: isit better than AJ?
[05:27:43 PM] 遗失: nod
[05:27:54 PM] 遗失: much better...........
[05:27:59 PM] 遗失: yucks
[05:28:06 PM] 遗失: here da pple so fake
[05:28:14 PM] 遗失: see them i jiu wanna puke

[05:38:35 PM] 遗失: but some around me really very fake...
[05:38:40 PM] 遗失: say like wat..
[05:38:44 PM] 遗失: friends for how mnay yrs..
[05:38:48 PM] 遗失: wont ignore me...
[05:38:53 PM] 遗失: but in the end..
[05:38:57 PM] 遗失: none of this come true,,,
[05:39:11 PM] 遗失: yucks... /yucks
[05:39:11 PM] 遗失: so disgusted by them..

Feeling is the key, people in AJC just do not really felt for each other. Some birthday presents are just purely to put up a front simply for courtesy sake. Sincerity is really lacking among people. Mr Tan was formerly a principle of RI and VS, he told us about the blazing school spirit down there, how they sang their school songs with so much pride.

I am from VS and I can verify that. One step into VS canteen and you can feel how warm it is even on a rainy day. It’s bursting with LIFE! I remembered how I and my friends really talked our hearts out beside the eco pond, accompanied with the cooling sea breeze and eye relaxing view of the flora and fauna around. My juniors never fail to look for me when I return, Bryan Nuyuan still called me when he saw me even I quarreled with him so much during NPCC last time. Darren woo consoled me when he saw my MSN nick mentioning about me lousy results. I can even feel the sense of bonding through Messenger.

When I return to VS, not only juniors, teachers and canteen vendors will come up to me and ask about me. The canteen vendors came up to me and chit chatted to me like he had known me for long, where im just one of the regular customers. My teachers are like my brothers (notice I dint use “friends” as I think “brothers” have closer relationship), especially my DnT teachers, I never had problem communicating with them, and generation gap is also kept to the minimum.

AJC… You see teachers chatting to students? Teachers treating their students like brothers patting their back and giving a big warming smile when they see their students back in school after secondary life? I dun see so…Yes I do see teachers having fun with the whole class, but not close down to the individuals…It shows that teachers are also responsible for the school spirit.

VS was a guy school, AJC is not. Maybe the presences of girls affect school bonding? Activities like stripping in the field for PE, pulling down others’ pants for fun, jumping on top of each other, talk about sex whole day long, wack anyone you like….are of course…barred. Bad isn’t it?

“There is no need for girls…” Someone in RI once told me.
“What about sex?”
“Oh yell there is always a computer…” (dun look at me lah….)

Some fervently girlish girls, who whines, act high class and snobby, act cute and innocent, expect to enjoy extra privilege just because they are girls are unforgivable to me no matter how chio the look. Bitches and bimbos turn me off as well. They refuse to even talk louder than the night wind, what more on shouting school cheers? Some girls says that the brotherhood stuffs (ya, fighting, laming around, look stupid) are childish. Childish? You mean holding hands, giggling away aimlessly, playing lesbians isn’t childish?

Of course with the rotten girls come the shitty guys. Im referring to those who show their muscle around and act gentleman to attract girls, I think they are call “posers”, you may say Im a weakling and therefore im jealous. Ok my good friend Terrence is a body builder, im pretty sure his muscles are the largest among the AJC guys, he goes round showing them off to zhar bo? No…He acts cute? No…that which made him the real cute guy! You may rebuke say he is unpopular that’s why. Shuan is popular, but he is sincere and direct and concerned. He is one of the really friendly guys around. He was overly friendly that someone actually complains that he is being too close to his girlfriend! See?

So what am I driving at? Turn AJC into a single sex school? Nope! Fervently girlish girls normally spoil the school spirit and posers are often hypocrites…I hope you do get my point, for sure that’s only my opinion.

Of course there are things that both guys and girls do, that’s it…mugging. Let me define mugging. Mugging is excessive memorizing of content and spending too much time on school work that result to neglect personal interest and add on to stress level. Studying is not everything. Now look at what my Chinese High friend says:

"You want to do well? So wat? You think you can be lawyer? Doctor? Just because you take bio? Are you really motivated enough to make that field your purpose in life?"

Most likely, they will be stumped for words. Seldom do we come across people who really know what they are after…

There's a reason i heck about my studies… I do not want to live my life by doing what others want of me. Other people should spend time managing their own life, and should not care about mine. Its my right to live my life my own way. Life is priceless. Do not allow others to steal it from you…I see the drive in myself, as well as them. The drive to make it the purpose of their life, and the motivation to carry it through their lives. How many of the muggers are able to do just that?”

AJCians spent too much time studying. We all know that TJC people are a lot more hip, a Swiss Cottage girl and Chueng Cheng girl portrayed to me how sucky our Orientation 2 was. That I agree but I have to say that Orientation 1 was a lot better. I made very good friends like Joel, Jonathan Lim, Angeline, Angela and Kwan Cuan.

Benedict had a nice chat with me just now. He quitted school. Reason simply being AJC’s culture was bad. Is it so bad that it drives people away? Maybe, there are a lot of people who wished to leave, but turned away by the fact that a school transfer is too troublesome or that “puking to death by the sight of rotten people” is not a valid reason to their parents. He told me that it would be good to leave if it benefits both parties (he and his class). Robert argued that it’s an “escapist” act but I would definitely not say so. Why? Just think, how much courage do you need to have for a school transfer after one year? Imagine you need to readapt, re-buy materials, change your lifestyle, and the worst is that you need to pass through most parents’ view on such “nonsensical” idea? Those are also reasons why people do not want to switch college even they wish to plant C4 in the principle’s office. It’s more than what you think…I find him doing the right thing…

He mentioned something which may sound insulting, but I must say it out. The AJC population is made mostly people from schools that do not do as well academically. You may say “WTF! AJC top JC sia!” Yes, and we got a collection of muggers from all those schools? No one is at the fault of course, being hardworking and going to a top AJ is a good thing. But this phenomenon adds on to the mugger culture. And it seems that even AJ muggers are not hypocrites, they had lost their emotions…

Why neh? My Chinese teacher told me in secondary four that the aim in life is to be happy. What for live for your parents or others? Slacking around and expecting money to flow in is of course, morally wrong. But what if someone without much education driving taxi enjoys his simple life? Is he useless? No! If you want something, you work for it. The reverse is also true! There is no point in working for something that you do not need! You sure you will need that certificate? Or rather do you need a certificate that suits you better?

What AJ need is more feelings flowing through it. It’s a very good reflection of the society? 17 years old prepared for that? Some may say yes, 17 is a young adult, no more childhood. But is there childhood in the first place? Wouldn’t it be reasonable if that you wanted last 16 years was havoc that the coming years would be less harsh? I do not have answers seriously…think ba…

Another thing I found out. AJC seldom recognize talents. To AJCians, the word “talent” often meant “track”, “sports”, “Chinese Orchestra”, “Band” or “Choir”. That’s all? You mean the rest not in those CCAs are not? Tsun Lam, best digital artist and designer in AJC; Wei Kiat, one the most reliable programmer; Terrence, PC hardware modder. There are a lot to mention: audiophiles, animators, artists, cooks, PDA fanatics, craft masters, blog skinners, net-workers, pet consultants, pen tricksters….You see that those mentioned are normally do not fall within “sports” or “cultural”. Talent are wasted down here. Other JCs provide Strategic Gaming Clubs while members on cXtreme in AJC begged till their knee cap burst to hold a cyber game competition. The World Cyber Games proves that computer games are not just mere senseless addictives. Even a secondary school next to AJC train sound engineers and master pool players, while AJC do not have much (other than AJ Idol) to provide their students room to develop.

I am not really an IT savvy guy, but the class thinks that im some free technician. Being kind I will always try to do to some technical problems but most are not I my field of expertise. All they know is to complain how lousy I am and give me that freakish look. On the other side, someone who can run just a bit faster (as to me know just a bit more in IT stuffs) receives compliments without fail. See the biasness? This will eventually wipe out those talents that we never notice….

I heard a lot of people not recommending AJC to their juniors. This is bad. I just hope that the situation can be improved. Well if you disagree totally with whatever I had said…congrats, you are a 100% AJCian and ought to be proud of yourself!

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