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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Who are the Guys?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:50 AM --- Post#113138582805942081

There are mainly five types of guys around:

1. Sports
This is the most common kind of guys around, they love sports, and they know soccer and basketball stuffs and updates around their finger tips. Trust me, they can talk forever about some EPL or World Cup. Sports include racing, shooting or maybe taekwando. In combination, they may like Need For Speed Underground 2 or some soccer manager kinda sports computer games. They love to sweat out and find tensing their muscles shiok, they go outdoors often and get moldy but staying at home. They love to show their body like folding up their sleeves or go topless around, flexing their solid chunks of flesh with steel bar hardness. PE must be their favorite lesson and get more excited when Alex Lee gives them circuits training. They see NS as fun and adventurous and aspire to be some commandos with their M16 plugging rounds into their enemies’ forehead. They may be barbaric at times, these guys are known to the gal’s favourite.

2. Techno
This is the second common kind of guys. Baffling you never-heard-of terms and forking out never-seen-before gadgets, these ppl fight their way to rule the IT reign of being the best programmer, the most pro gamer, the coolest graphics designer or the most amazing audiophile. They can feed you with a list of pirating tools and sites and name you application software that one would not normally use. Of course most of them know more than Windows and followed the path of Linux or Mac. They would get the latest games by means of Bit Torrent or queuing outside Challenger the day before its release. They will laugh at those people playing DOTA and criticize how bad the graphics look and how old the game engine is as a RTS compared to Black and White 2 and strive for CS: Source rather than the old skool CS. Not only that, they will mod their systems and pump their processors to their limits and feed them with gigs of RAM and terabytes of hard disks. Not enough? They will always argue that their hardware or software of their choice is the best and use their GP argumentative skills to engage in flame wars…Scary?

3. Mugger
Yes they do play a bit of game and watch a bit of sports, but mugging is their “rice bowl job”. For the EXTREME case here, look around you for ppl who isolate themselves and seldom speak unless told to. They have that nerdy look and does everything as their parents say. They are often called “no-lifer”. No doubt they mug like mad but does not guarantee their results… Remember those are the extreme cases. Of course most muggers do have some interest in other stuff…

4. Popular
These guys are just a mixture of the above three and they are quite popular among others. Ppl are aware of them and they can communicate well. They are either very harsh and sarcastic towards whoever they hate or being extremely nice to everyone, sometimes to the extent of being “fake”. There are quite a lot of such people around and they can be classified as “miscellaneous”  other then the above three

5. Gays & Sissies
The last is the most hated of all. Gays or sissies…I like particularly the term “vagina boy”. They inherit the behavior and properties of girls and like making up and wearing feminine accessories and making sure their skin stay white and their cloths dun get dirty. They speak softly and sweetly….in fact so sweet that I can put a magnum bullet into their breast…  

Ya that’s the five typical kinds of guys, these 5 properties are quite unique to guys, unlike characteristics like wealth or generosity which can be applied throughout by both guys and gals. Violence and perverseness are most of the time present in all guys except the difference in seriousness and levels.

Normally total sports people are quite IT illiterate, and Comp-pros are mostly unfit. Guys usually fall between the two and bias towards sports. Unfortunately, tech experts are often not recognized and noted only for being free technicians during times where something cock up in your computer. Worst still, they are expected to know every single thing to solve ALL kinds of problems. Sportsmen are usually idolized by gals for their “manliness” (or maybe “low-tech-ness” and “barbaric-ness”)… Sad hor? Ya you guessed…im a full time technician…

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