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Friday, December 30, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:17 AM --- Post#113591506798824202

Yes i am sad. Very sad. My life had been screwed off balance, now i sleep at 4am everyday. No matter what....something would always crop up b4 i sleep and i could not sleep early. I have no appitite recently, I know im hungry but i dun feel hungry, liddat how to join Shuan & Yi Long in our Prenium TAF club to slack off out NS like PE sia....

I can like drink only two glasses of water a day and dun go toilet at all....I shit like once every 4 days and bath alternate days. Im fucked up....Im doomed....

I met Robber online yesterday, and i told him im not going Uni and might be escaping A levels. Then he paused...and ask me isit social problems...can i say no? Even i got social problems all the while last time, at the end of the day 4B is still a nice class, they least at the end they care bit for me, no matter how attitude and fucked up i was that time.....not like cold blooded AJCians...

I did not show Robber my blog becos i dint wnat him to know, be he was constantly mentioning to me ppl in AJC not being good and a lot of politics and stuff, and i guess he knew some sort about my background...and now i gave him my blog and ask him read all the way from now till the 1st entry, which records my miserable life all the way from 1st three months. I know he is really concerned, as a techno lover and a emotional guy, i had grew to even sense feelings through MSN messenger.

Too much happened this year, I shall now list them now:

- YQ's incident
She complained me to principle cos i touch her hair, created a woo-haa saying im a sex predator...wtf...

-RH's incident
I put her imagine on my blog and got her complain, being a friend of YQ, she hate me as well, but thank god she revealed Robert's betrayal by sending over our dirty chat log to YQ and that RGS gal tot i really had dirty intention over her....dint she noe its normal for guys to tok dirty? And bloody Robert betrayed me. Fine i forgave him even he was quite sincere since he might have some unknow reason to do that. So YQ complain me cos of the chat log and less of her hair

-JJ's incident
I seriosuly dunno where i had offended him, this nonsense suddenly keep pin pointing at me and make lead the class to make fun of me suddenly. This non-arrogant, non-self deciving and sweet guy really adds on to my trouble.

-Lily's incident
Again she avoided me cos of rumours i like her just cos me no other friends. One of my blog entry was scolding all those whom i was jealous with and when i came to her....i good heartedly say "I shall not call her bitch", cos i call the rest Fuckers and chee byes....I gave her respect and she tot i deliberately wrote that to meant she is a bitch....What crap. And due to some other factors which i oso dunno, friends again became enemies.

After O levels, i realised that my life will be repeating the same way in JC and Uni. Sadder to know, C math is a continuation of A math which sticks spears in my ass. And this is definitely not the life i want...Summore AJC took away all my motivation and now im feeling hopeless, i dun want to mug anymore, i no want uni, i no want cert, i no want a lot of $$$, I want a peaceful and quiet life...thats all. And my results keep dropping and dropping...no one can help me. My parents insist on the regualr JC then uni path, no i no want....i toked to them and they totally reject my ideas. They either let me go, or they most prolly let me die...

Thats about all those events that spreaded through this year....too much liao...all those on top are just summaries...I began to start colsing down my relationsip with some friends, I dun tok to them anymore, and they oso dun tok to me, gradually, once very good friendships are disbanded. Im doing this cos i dun want them to hate me, i realised the more they know me the more I will trst them and the more they will hate me and the more painful i will be. Friendship wun last long. I had tried to stopped making new friends, all i want is loneliness.

I am indeed sad....

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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Scratched Creativity
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:44 PM --- Post#113587336030684428

cXtreme leader's ass, Robert called me that day...say what need help...I tot he dying or what, need me do mouth-to-mouth. The later he told me need to make a poster for cXtreme for the J1 CCA next year...Its...10pm liao and Im prepared to finish my hols homework through. I tot i could make the pster tml but he said its needed by the next day! OMG!

Fine...cXtreme poster...Why must the GFX dept head be away now and me got to do his work. And who the hell must make me do this last minute? Fine, no more mugging, off to work.

First I need a concept, a theme, those glass core theme i make my blog with wun work here....And my mind is in a mess....ahhhMESS...and then i suddenly thought of one of my T shirt i bought from China with is someone skating and a lot of messy lines at the back. I could use that idea for my bg! But wait...that does not fit "cxtreme". Then i tot of gadgets that got scratched easily, CDs, my phone screen, my Zire's screen, flim movies with those dirty scratchy lines...

So i decided to use "Scratched Creativity" as the theme. Messy background and all. How how am i going to do all these effects? I always used lassos and distorted shape in Photoshop. Suddenly i tot of Chikage's blog having some similar pattern and she is using brush. OMG...i never use brushing to make abstract before!

Its 10.20pm liao and i gave her a call. She gave me some quick guide and websites to download some brushes. I downloaded them and hey....how to use...I hold on to it and it keep drawing repeated patterns...Called her again.

"Aiya, anyhow draw lah, as long as they matches each other"

How to anyhow draw...i anyhow draw come out like eeeeee....So i decided to apply each brush sparingly and using the patter offset to create random shapes and positions. And i mix with a lot of brushes and decided to use dark Red, Green, Blue against Black bg.

I always see compter posters having some "1001010101" design on it....i dun want...i decided to use Hex ram address to decorate....but it dint turn out well...so instead i change to have a line of words telling the department and roughly what we do. I want it blurry but not using Gaussian blur. instead I duplicated the layer a few times and off set the sides to make the blurry effect...

I called or message Chikage again (i think its about 12am by then) and ask for some placement guides and colour combi. And i went on to venture on my own.

I went on to make the Title "cXtreme" and subtitle "Take the future now". I went pixel2life for some inspiration and text effect but all are too loud in design. I want it cool. So I choose a colour that is normally bright but darken - darkred, against metallic border.

1am now....

For the subtitle, I took a funky text and apply Stroke and Colour Overlay. Then i use those brushes just now but now in Eraser, removing off parts of the text to make it look scratched.

I spent another 30minute on the subs....

Later i went on look for pics on the web to supplement it. I found a CD image and a speaker imagine. Again i apply some brushing over them and blend them into the bg. It was easy, i have to shift stuffs here and there to make it look less "extra".... I oso created a rubber stamp with the title on it.

Alomst done, but Chikage says the green blue subtitle is taking all the attention away, so i spend a lot of time recolouring the image to make i nicer.

It was about 3.30am by then....Damn tired....and then the last time is to water mark with my name (cygig aka zombie) and i think some credit goes to Chikage too as my co designer for the only one providing me with ideas then.... i hid my name there...look for it :)

Ok next day i sent it to more ppl and get more amendings....ya...so i need your help in giving me a score for this...

This is a 1024x768 version, the orginal is 2800x2100. Click to enlarge.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Whats My Name?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:20 PM --- Post#113577731081925066

A lot of people have been mixing up my names...i shall explain now.

CyGiG / CyGiG Storm Raven / CyGiG St0rm R@v3n / CyGiG Raven
My screen name, often simply "cygig" or "CyGiG". CyGiG stands for CYber Gadgets InfoCommunication Games & entertainment. Its my screen name, meaning i use it for online accounts and identify myself as CyGiG. Cos till now, this name "CyGiG" was never taken up before whenever i sign up for smthing.

Storm simply means i like grey and blue and i prefer cold to hot weather. I love stormy days oso!

Raven cos i love my pet chicken Pok Pok and i like crows! So Black CoOl!

Raven Storm is sometimes use as my organisation/company name.

It starts off by Terrence calling me that becos of one of my very first photoshop artwork that i turn my sister's portrait into an ulitmate gross zombified picture. That artwork of mine is named Kiss Me (yucks....) and had received a lot of complains of being too gross and too cruel to do that to my sista and i had not release it then after. I used that artwork to help me transfer over from micromouse to the hardware dept and then to the Photoshop dept in cXtreme.

Kiss Me became famous in cxtreme and since they dunno my name, they simply start calling me ZOMBiE. I find it quite a nice name becos:
#1 I love dark arts
#2 ZOMBiE was once alive, thats why i said i was dead 200 years ago. What i wanna say is that iam not myself now. I was once an innocent and cheerful boy, but my oldself was dead when i saw this world clearer....dun the whole thing suit the name ZOMBiE?

And now everyone know me as zombie....hehehehe....

MC Ba Gua
All started from Chikage calling me Ba Zhang(dumblings) cos i Ba Ba (meaty) in the 1st three months JC. The she start calling me different names every day...what monday ba zhang, ba hu, ba gua, ba gu teh, ba chor mee...till she got messed up herself and just call me Ba Gua.

Later on, i added "MC" in front cos i learn from MC hotdog, the #1 Taiwan undergrd singer de. So whenever i write poems or rewrite song lyrics, i will use the name MC Ba Gua.

My 4B friends call me cos i have got 8 flexible fingers (read previous post).

Xiao Pang
Called by my NPCC friends

My Real Name
I hate my real name cos it resembles some media corp actress....She summore old and wrinkled....not chio....eeee....

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Whats So Guai Lan With Me?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:18 AM --- Post#113577600946947318

Why am I such a werid guy?

- While others mostly use Windows Mobile or PPC for thier PDA OS, i stick to Palm OS, cos i find it more customisable and fiexible than WM.

-While others go frantically for iPods or Creativity, I persue in the never heard of Korean brand call iAudio, and do u believe i got my 1GB mp3 player for $310? I wasnt cheated, in fact thats the lowest price i could find.

-I always choose the most werid subejct combination, like Computing or DnT, i never like to take Bio at all, even I can take.

-Taking Computing in JC is weird enuff.

-I actually prefer Chinese to English lessons

-I only listen to Chinese songs, my english songs are few far and between

-Unless there is a movie, i dun watch Channel 5

-I find shopping boring, I always end up pacing here and there doing nothing alone in a shopping center

-I hate going out with a large group of people nor alone, i only like going out with less than 4 ppl

-Even Im a right hander, i use my left hand to hold my spoon

-I only buy clothes once a year, thats during CNY

-My clothes are all grayscale colour base (black or grey).

-I inisit of wearing metallic digital watches (not leather or plastic strapes or analogue watches)

-The TV in my room is free, so is my office chair, my cabinate. My working table cost me only $10 and my bed was used for about 15+ years. All the furnitures in my room are either free, second hand DIY refurbished or damn cheapo

-When i sit in a room, i will always sit at the back, becos i can see clearly who is coming into the room so i can avoid them if i want to. I leant that from Jie Da Huan Xi's Sai Feng Huang, who was a female bandit.

-I always try to be neutral in stand, in the case where decision got to be made, i will still ever weigh the pros and cons, giving the other side a chance.

- Its usual for me to sleep at around 2 to 3am and wake up at 6 am everyday.

-The more you force me to do a certain thing, the more i will hate it and the mroe i will find excuses and purposely do badly.

-myStyle = reverse of the current trend

-I can be quite sure my voive is the loudest in AJC or VS....im sure my friends can vouch for that.

-I have a set of 8 fexible fingers(all fingers except the thumbs). My left little finger can bend backwards 180 degrees touching my palm back. the rest can be bent backwards at least 135 degrees.

-My eyeballs can vibrate

- I can crack a lot of my body parts, including more than 5 cracks per finger, my toes, ankle, neck, my spine

-I hang penknife on my handphone

-I pee less than 3 times a day and can dun shit for a week or bath for 2 days. Im a camel!

-a lot of ppl dun even know my real name, they just call me ZOMBiE or Ba Gua.

Guai lan enuff? I will add on.

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Monday, December 26, 2005
Adolescent Prison Theory
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:32 PM --- Post#113557516293189231

While Robert is yanking away on muggers, i shall spend a bit more time talking about the life of the so call "young adults", there might not be a specific age specification, but im referring "young adults" to teenagers, from age 13 to 19 from Dictionary.com. But i would wish to extend this age, instead of 19, I shall make it 21, as that’s the official "Full Adult" age in Singapore. Kids refer to those below 13 and full adults, as mentioned earlier, those above 21.

In Singapore, we go in a (vicious) cycle, you start off as a sperm, arrive in KK Hospital (or any other hospital), you get some jabs on your butt to vaccinate against some diseases. Later on, your parents will send you to Kindergarten, and then they will try to squeeze you into a famous primary school. After that, they will demand for a good T-score and send you to a good secondary school. After that, they push your for O levels and they want their teens to go into a JC and then a Uni.

Behind your back, your parents will more or less start to brag around and looking down on their relatives or friends whose children could not do as well in studies. They will also take into account skills like Piano, Swimming, Ballet, and Violin. And when they encounter someone with a better result than you, they will tell you with that stupid look,
“see lah, see lah., people result so good”

In schools, you must learn certain subjects. In fact, most of those “good” subjects (as considered by many principles and parents) are rather dull. Like math and physics. They are dead. The formulae are there, you memorize and you apply. I do not have reliable source but I was once told by a secondary teacher that we use no more than 5% of what we learn in school.

Even subjects like English and GP have a very strict structure and certain facts to memorize. Yes our GP teachers say, “We do need to know about what’s happening around us”. Knowing and memorizing are different. I can know through relaxing half hour Channel 8 news or read the newspaper at our leisure, but forcing us to do that will create pressure. Of course this will in the end drill some facts into our mind, but will also be forgotten as long as the syllabus is over. Useless right? No really, at least we get to know about the world during that period of time lah….only that some will get newspaper phobia and use cockroach to wack newspaper.

Of course if you want recognition and a certificate leading to wealth, all those above are necessary. But what if you want to seek an alternative approach? A subject with more creativity space? Like Arts Elective or Design and Tech and perhaps computing? My principle once said, “…your L1R5 might be the same as the other guy, but your 8 points contains DnT or AEP or Home Econs, while his 8 points contains Bio…..” Creativity is treated like shit. Even those taking Arts in JC are SOMETIMES considered less useful. To a lot of them “Creativity” is just a noun with two quotes and a capital “C”.

That’s so much for school, now the next closest people to those young adults are their parents. There are some parents who are very stubborn, including mine, they insist on what they want for their children, they can go to the extent of making them lose whatever they love as deterrence. My mum kicked me out of my house when I was only a kid and when I want to starve myself to death she instead forced me to eat angrily. They get very upset when I say I do not want to go to University. So whatever you tell them is of no use.
So as you can see, there is a limited boundary of being a young adult. Be it in school or at home, you will face a strict pattern. A lot of people do not mind as they think this is part of growing up, young adults should listen to full adults and follow around the trend in society. But some people are not that lucky, their parents are much stricter, and their schools do not appeal to them.

“I tot schools with a good result means good?” No. Some schools not only offer good results, they offer good “life” too, they are more enriching and has good school bonds and the students feel that they belong there and are willing to work for the school. Motivation ba….While other schools offer none of these, si bei no motivation, and yet have an equally good result. Why neh? Because they hard train their students like animals in the zoo. Yes they get good results too but are the students happy? No lah….happy my ass…

That’s when the point comes in. When you know that you are unhappy bounded in those restrictions by the society (listening to your parents and get controlled by them, mugging for subjects you feel you needless in school, feeling sian in you school, thinking that your talent is wasted there, rejected by everyone cos you are the odd one out…), you may react the follow ways:

If you are those more subjective kinds, “Perhaps those adults are right, perhaps im too childish to think this way, perhaps mugging is good, perhaps my parents are always right, perhaps im too lazy that’s all, perhaps im lousy not the school’s fault. But im unhappy, I do not what this kind of life….but am I making excuses for myself?”

If you are more objective you will think that “Fuck lah, everyone fuck off, I want the way I want, why the world liddat one….mugging is 100% wrong, my school is a chee bye…teacher all lan cheow…”

If you are more self-confident, “I know myself best, even I know I cant do a shit for my life, no one is changing my views.”

But whatever you feel, you have got very limited power, you know you will get heavy punishments for defining the nature of the current society and you are not that brave. You had seen those brave souls thrashing their way out and some are successful while the rest lying in blood…You feel a bit sad and disappointed and a bit hopeless also. You know this kind of life is not for you but you cant control. This is call the Adolescent Prison Syndrome (APS). And this whole thing is the Adolescent Prison Theory.

In short, APS is a condition faced by teenagers or young adults where they are strictly bounded by the typical society cycle while they are not meant for living in the cycle but rather more useful if they can venture out. But the restriction is too strong for them to break loose but to suffer in the vicious cycle like a prisoner. Not all teenagers will face APS as most could be easily suited to the current trend and flow with it.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Why I hate Christmas
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:52 PM --- Post#113544295819685355

I hate Chirstmas, I never like Chirstmas at all. Why?

When everyone is happily eating their Thanksgiving, im idling all alone at home. When they are all aborbed in the joyous atmosphere, im being nagged by my mum, on how lazy i am, how useless i am. Since young a lot of children knew about Santa and hope for their wishes to come through. Since young im told there is no Santa, and my parents will never spend money making me happy. They will say Christmas are only for Chirstians, since my parents are Buddist, they wun bother, no matter how much i argue that its simply an occasion to celebrate, they never knew I just wanted to be happy for that day...

Im so lonely, my best friend is my comp, my mp3 player, my PDA, my phone, my watch, Pok Pok. Yes i noe this is stupid but please just let me bluff myself for the moment to ease my pain. Chirstmas for me is lonely, one of the most dull days I ever had. The only happy thing is that i get to send some mindless SMS so that my mum wun complain that I had so many free SMS left and im wasting money. Dint she know I have no one to SMS to?

I will be in my room. Dark and cold. And my mum constantly nagging outside if I had done my homework.Dint she know Im not doing? What for? Im not intending to pass A level, neither I want to survive NS. Life had been grateful to me, I seriously dunno how had i survived until now. I want some majour failure, some setback so huge that it will make me go down, and I can hide in my own world forever. But no. I wanted to fail promo so I can drop school, but did i so zoon just merely past?

Christmas reminds me that one year is almost over. I will start to think of my past. My glory days, I was once really an innocent boy, until I got so clear of this world I just got more and more painful. I was the top in class in Sec 1 and 2, and my life begin to shift in sec 4, and im totally not myself now. Thats why I always say Im dead once. Because the old xiang yun or xiao pang or CyGiG or Sotong no longer exist. Whats left is an asshole call ZOMBiE.

Thinking what I had achieve in 2005. A mere ZERO. I had achieved nothing.I have no talents nor skills, im just a loser. A guy so ugly that crys everytime in his own room, not wanting anyone to see or know. Yes im overly emotion. But being "emotional" to girls simply means getting scared or touched easily. "emotional" to me means anger, sadness, hatred, violence and psychopathic.

Why am i so pathetic? Becos I hate my life. Yes i know i can pass my A level if i try my best, but i dun want. What for? This is not the life i want. Yes life is never smooth sailing, but i see all other's life being so much better. Fine, i had tried to keep up but failed. Not what i can do it to give up life. But yet those who wish to live find death so easy and those who wish to die find death so difficult.

I might be suffering from Depression or some mental illness. I need some shrink or couscelling. I need some love. Not as in BGR. BGR is impossible to me. Yes i admit i had like someone before, but i know its no use. No one likes me. All of them wish I die faster. I cant feel love anymore now....love in terms of friendship or family love.

I oso wanna take this opportunity to thank some people. Some kind soul that let me feel less hopless. I wanna thank kuen ho, reyneth, bryan, samuel, teo hong, my NP juniors, my teachers and those in VS. I oso wanna thank robert, sher hern, su yee, qiao yun, selina, gerry, shuan, tusn lam, terrence, darren, akshay, december, kian tiong and all others in AJC.

In case u wondering why i never turn up for any class outing. Not becos i dao or becos i hate u guys. I dun want to spoil the fun by having me there. I hate being around w large grp of ppl. Call me anti-social.

Oso this christmas i oso wanna thank my parents. Though they dun really understand me but they provided me w a nice family. Perhaps my dad can be less objective and bad tempered, perhaps my mum can be less stubborn. They are wonderful, my dad taught me wonderful photographic, audio and DnT skills. My mum taught me great life eperience.

Wanna thank my cousin Tomato for scoring the top for my quiz. Second by Robert. She had been a great friend of mine since very young. We played power rangers and pokemon together since young and tok crap all the while. I get to understand gals thru her as i pass on some of my IT skills to her. She never complain me to be irritating or pervertic (cos she is oso dirty minded!). She is oso non-mugger w damn nice personal attitude.

Ya oso wanna thank my comp for being my slave for 4 years and Pok Pok for being my longest pet. Though she is only a chicken, i still love her as much as any human being. My gadget for this year is my iAudio G3, I like it as much as my Zire and Tungsten, fufiling all that i could had. My softwarre of the year is Adobe Photoshop, for converting my ideas and attitude into graphical form. My music for this year is Jay, Crazy Frog, Yuan Wei Jue Xing, Six Plus and MC hotdog. My game for this year is GunZ Online, followed by Half Life 2. Movie for this year is Wet Dreams II.

Thats all. Im feeling better now. Merry Christmas!

and i still hate christmas....

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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Copied Disc Pirated Music
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:46 PM --- Post#113523420134730292

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hmmm the above logo is often seen on audio CDs....Ok let me mod a bit...hehehe let me turn it into something on the dark side....


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

MSN Friendly display pic!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:34 PM --- Post#113518006643928297

To all 4Bians,

I still gotta write this even if no one reads. Only after i enter AJC i truly know what brotherhood meant. Seriously thank you u all for all these fun that I had, be it teasing me or insulting my father's name. I never hate anyone, not now, not in future.

But i know im not welcomed, it would be better without me, thats why i always did not turn up for class outings. Perhaps im anti social thats why. So why should i spoil the fun? Sorry but im most probably not turning up for the meeting tomorrow.

I was then the happy go lucky Sotong then, but now a mean ZOMBiE in AJC. Dun aks me why, because I dunno. Im no longer the hardworking boy who heck care and enjoy life. Im doomed. Maybe its that im rebellious, maybe its that I cant fit in or maybe too much had been going on. And i do not wish to dwell on the past, all i know about the past are happy days. Thats all. dun make me cry. Im prone to crying.

Hate me if you want. Flame me if you care. I really wish to come tml but i just cant pull myself to do it.

A Victorian,

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:05 PM --- Post#113517751211380626



我老爸叽里咕噜地和老伯商量这么修他的低音喇叭,我也没注意他们在谈些什么,只是坐在其中一个破旧的凳子上,欣赏音乐。他所播放的是70 年代的老调,所以对歌调感到陌生。但我还是细心地洗耳公听, 听出了耳油。声质真的是与众不同,高音不会太高而刺耳,清脆明亮,低音不会太浓厚,非常入耳。我很用心的聆听,但始终听不出任何杂音或错音。歌手的声音以及音乐融合为一,但仔细一听便能分辩所有的乐器,每一个音符和分音都在深深地打在耳膜上。

听着听着,突然一名老先生在我身边出现。“灯泡好,声音很柔,入耳舒服。。。” 灯泡?哈哈,他指的是真空管吧!





“也得给一点吧!” 说着我爸塞了十元给他。

“你知道我做事不是这样的。。。” 老伯把十元钞放回我爸的口袋,焦急地把我们推走了。


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My CD is burning now, my CD's BURNING NOW!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:16 AM --- Post#113513919068247445

Ogg Vorbis
Mp3 sucks? Not really, though i had not do a test with mp3 yet. But between lossless PCM Wave and 192 CBR Ogg Vorbis, through my G3 and Koss KSC75, i really cannot tell the difference.

SO i wanna rerip all my music into ogg vorbis. But transcoding them from mp3 will cause quality loss. So the best way is to obtain the source audio CD. SO i went round looking for ppl with audio CD, whoever can lend me, and BINGO! I found December, who has ALL SHE and ALL JAY and ALL FIR albums. Nice hur!

Getting the CDs
I gave him a call and met him on Monday @ 11.30am Somerset MRT station before he goes for his tuition. He said he would give me all his collection but he only came with all JAY, forst half of the SHE and all FIR. Well....its simply quite impossible to bring all ba...Ok it weighs a few KG....a few KG od CDs....and i lugged them to Suntech. My mum's friend, Ah Moi and Da Mi wanted to do some shopping....

I dun really like SHE lah....but quite chio...

Stupid 三姑六婆

WTF...my bag was filled with CD and they walked so slow! It ended up me walking and pacing here and there and help my mum run errands....i hate zhar bo...they will go into all kinds of shop EXCEPT Harvey Norman or Courts or PK Computer or the Arcade...wah lao...dunno whats so nice about all those lame lame stuffs...

Jay Chou! Jay jay jay jay jay jay chou!

Called for Backup!
Ok i bought 100 blank CDs, Sony @ $38 and shared with Tomato. I cannot tahan my mum they all and decided to went home. When i was almost home, i called Tomato to come my house to help.

I have to give her some CDs cos she lent me SHE last 4 albums. Ok i fired up Clone CD and start BURNING and BURNING! Tomato helped me label all those CDs as i burn. Seems that her handwriting isnt really nicer than mine. Meanwhile we chateed and i showed her Robert's blog enty on ABC Junior College. SHe luffed like mad. Oso i showed her GunZ video and stuff.

Then while we are opening the new CD, some rings fell out. Those plastic rings are to keep the CDs tight.
Tomato: Eh, 有洞! 你要不要?
ZOMBiE: (taking the rings, looking her) 这这么小,我才不要!"

LOL dirty Tomato...keep 洞 here 洞 there...

LOL the stupid ring...no no the 洞

I took out the FIR 1st CD and saw a little crack there. Aiya small cack only and i went on to put it in and burn, hoping that my drive can read...

BLAK BLAK KE-CHA KE CHA....WTF....damn loud...smthing wrong with the CD! I was s damn terrified that i aborted the read and ejected the tray and SIAM AH. Damn scared it fly out or smthing. Wah lao! I took the CD. The small crack extented ALL THE WAY till the end of the CD! OMG OMG! My mum came it and asked what the commotion is about. I told her i needa pay December and she keep saying how bad December was cos he lent me a broken CD. I mean sometimes i really dunno how my mum thinks. Ppl nice nice lend me CD, me broke it, of coure my fault lah. What she meant was December purposely lent me a broken CD and want me to pay a new one. Crap lah. Heck my mum., tok cock! Whole day think ppl trying to harm me....I say ah...her 三古六婆 friend of hers then teach her bad stuff sia!

Ok another SHE CD oso same crack. Those crack looks like he plucked out from the discman too roughly or smthing. So i skipped that album.

Tomato went home le, then i continue to burn that nite.

Left: Small crack

Hi Fi dun sound nice
Oso i tested some of the CDs on my dad's Hi Fi. Seriosuly it sounds quite dead on the Hi Fi, despite my dad investing so much in it. It sounds ok on DVD movies leh...siao siao...Esp enable all 5 huge speakers, like Jay's voice floating all around me sia...damn guai...Some VCD faulty, i will look into that later.

Next day Tuesday. went with my dad to Sim Lim Tower buy some connectors and reapir his speaker. Fuck lah...speaker reapir shop never open. Then went to Marine Parade to buy Decemer's CD.

Newly bought FIR CD to pay December, original sia!
This one summore is 1st album plus 我要飞

Discman sucks more!
While then i continue to test and test with my sucky dsicman. Wearness brand, only $49, u touch a bit it skips liao. Wah lao....some left side louder than right side, the sound unclear lah, my mp3 player sounds a lot more clear lor....No Bass oso....haiz....


While then i will keep burning and burning.....stay tuned!

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Friday, December 16, 2005
Office Chair
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:12 PM --- Post#113474647092984502

I was suffering from backache lah...stupid plastic chair...ah...my dad koped an office chair for me Last nite! Hehehehehe......

I was damn excited....DnT! time to get my hands dirty down to those bolting stuff....

1st look: Self assembling is needed using knock down fittings. Knock down fittings are joints in premade jobs that can be assembled easily. examples are stuts or screwing into a premade hinge.
Its wrapped in polythene wraps to protect from scratches during delivery.

Next: I took out my knif on my phone and swiftly remove the wraps and found a bad of bolts and nuts and ah ha! Alan key!

Then: I took the handles and assemble, two washers are there, to provide support on the the arch where the bolts will not secure properly.

Second look: Dusty on the wheels and bottom part...obviously koped...seems to be quite adbandoned....hot to fuck to collect so much dust if u sit on it everyday....heck care....better than plastic char lah!

4th: Tried to bolt the top to bottom....bolted wrong direction, redo in the correct direction

5th: almost done, vacumm it clean

Yaya....nice comforty office chair...koped summore...i like it! Pirated chair! Muahahaha...

Then my dad showed me some watches...my first import...some quite nice but doubtful on quality...heheh i not revealing the cost price, but i think we got quite conned...the cost price was higher than i expected....how to sell? dunno...keep 1st lah...

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SHE manic
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:16 PM --- Post#113474151400906754

Today was....wow...tired...


Woke up AT 6am wanted to mug...cos i have not been mugging AT ALL and the hols are over so so soon....Well i ended up playing GunZ online...

I logged in and...It tells me i have NO character and ask me to create a new one...WTF...I wasnt freaked out...cos my sixth sense told me that my main is going to be deleted. It must be one of those hackers yesterday that i played with.

I logged in and wanted to have a showdown of some lvl 1 character with a lvl29 skills! Suddenly everyone was killing me....I struggled hard to get a kill, strange...it resembles those expert room i played with previously with my lvl29 CyGiG. In fact i could kill then than now!

OMG...Im must have deproved so much after playing Gun The Game...i was like getting only middle rank in a BEGINNER ROOM! WTF...I told the ppl there that my main was deleted and the other guy told me his also. Woa! coincidence! Dun tell me Maiet is resetting everyone for the full version? But there is no updates for quest!

I later found out in the game lobby that ppl are rioting and flaming the admin. WTF...seems that a lot of ppl had their mains deleted. But a look and there are over 100 ppl playing in the Experts Channel...so whats wrong?

I went to the GunZ forum and there was a long thread for deletion of mains...A hacker call HolyForce had released a hack that will allow user to delete the first six person on the server name list (ie. everyone....that was playing) And a couple of ppl tired and poof...most ppl who played GunZ yesterday got their mains hacked off like me. HolyForce call it the Locust Plague, it was forewarned that he is using 4 lines of miscoding in the game to create this hacks. Yet the game team did not listen to the community and ignored it. Thus he wanted to catch the team's attention and ya...improve on the game.

Im starting to miss my Breaker and revolvers. Both dealing very heavy damage but little clips and slow reloads. Im not quite sad cos i wanna start a new, i find myself deproving. This time i wanna learn Slashshot and Butterfly. Its like after i fine tune my aim w revolver, i seem to do damn poorly with rilfes and SMGs, the Maxwell LX30 and Walcom S5s are my glory days, topping most of the games i went into.

Now that i had learnt Revolvers and Shotguns, im no longer good in dealing with large amt of enemies, in fact better in 1V1, defeating even level 30+ slashshooters or dual rocketters

One nice aim in the head on my Zarus is better than 3shots on the head using a rifle.

Late Morning:
My mom woke up and off we go in my Aunt's car to Parkway's UOB to transfer some money...Dunno what they transfering but well i dun care but shop a bit. Hmm all shops not open yet...haiz...Anyway my mum treat me to KFC...yeah...i no $$ liao...dint even think if fast food.

I saw Old chunky! I want sotong heads! But too early then haven fry yet...haiz...

I ate my fav: The $5.95 two piece meal. Mucks! I saw a sec 2 friend in KFc and pretended not to know him. He wun recognise me ba....I mean the Parkway is infested w VJCians, have to play some hide and seek...

I return home 1st and I knew my mom would like to shop and shop and shop...

Ya i slack around abit while waiting for my mum to come home to watch Shen Hua. WTF, the movie which i luckily checked was outta sync. The audio came earlier than the video, so of course im not watching. I switched plan to watch tom Yam Goong. I told Tomato to come over oso, cos im just too lonely....LOL i oso ask her to bring all her SHE CDs over.

Later aftertoon:
My mum fianlly came back and i got all the cables setted up. And ya she arrived and i saw my 20m long AV cable pulled from second to first level, Comp to TV.

Ya and we watched the show....nice show lah. got Thai, Ang Moh, Chinese and Korean...some rojak....

Lol tomato wanna me to show her how to record her own songs. I dint really show her but told her to DL jetAudio and try it out herself. I once followed qiao yun and recorded my own singing...that was when when i noe how horrible i sound...and i took the idea from kuen ho to send horrifying songs via some other filename saying its some pop song...LOL and Tomato is on her plan to scare the hell out of her friends lie me....LOL

Later my comp really go a bit haywire cos my HDD is low in mem, aish too much video lah....Ya cleared some out and closed some mem leaking apps and get it on the move again. I was duplicating Tomato's CD (eh dun do that sia...bad bad) when QY come bugging me as usual about how to put muliple songs on her blog. She said she did it by some pHp. Seriously i haf NO knowledge on pHp and how can she do it? I told her to get back to her later on cos im buzy expalaining some stuff to Tomato.

Ya I also showed and teached Tomato how to play CS. Though gals rarely play FPS, but i tot she could be trained to play well. Base on a mere beginner match w her in Halo, i can tell she was actually playing BETTER than me. She is damn patient in camping to get one nice shot.

Ya she rushed home to watch some SHE show later on....

Nutting much, i saw this on Robert's blog:

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
My Dream
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:34 AM --- Post#113453479600823709

I always have a dream. I mean everyone has a dream, why cant I?

I want this little shop. I want this shop to be a one stop station for IT stuffs.

At two sides of the shop, there will be long benches with monitors, they will be used for PC assembly and hardware modification. On the tables are cupboards of mini drawers, opening up to reveal the screws and jumpers that will be needed. There will be a drawer containing screwdrivers of all sizes. And another drawer nicely kept with RAMs and HDDs in static proof bags for testing use.

I will be there, challenging myself the minium time to build up a computer (be it laptop or desktop) of dual boot Linux and Windows. When a customer request, I will be able to assemble a PC for him and send to his house just the next day. I will help him install freewares like AVG antivirus, Search and Destory, Opera and Firefox browsers. Also I will do system updating and install the ret of the mostly needed freewares before i send to his home. When replacing a hardware part, I will let my customer choose what he wants, and patiently and honestly tell him the difference between the models.

At the edge of the shop is two large cupboards, one contains all the various handphone parts and the other contains all the PDA parts. I will have one of my classmate that is very particualr about handphones to help here. He will do handphone servicing, changing of LCD, making the speaker louder or perhaps reflashing the handphone OS. The rest of the hardware will then be stored in large drawers and cupbaords behing the two long benches for easy accessing.

I might help to repair and sell PDAs and give them a nice comaprison between the models. We will then make custom built PDA and phones. I want it multibootable with a three mega pixel camera and maybe 4gig of flash storage. I want WiFi and video out. I want to put a good audio chip in to make it even more perfect! I can also make one that is very simple and sell it for $50, for those who do not need all those features.

Not only that, we will also recommend and sell portable audio equipments like earphones and mp3 players. We can also mix and match features from other models and create custom made players. I want to make a player that has the world largest flash drive of 32GB and has a PDA size screen to play back videos of all MPEG, SWF, RMVB, XVID and alot alot more formats. It can also view .doc document files! It has a large 60mW output and its using AA batteries.

Facing the enttance at the other end is the staff room. It isnt big, it has two long tables like in the computer lab for staff to use. Programmers, graphics designers, web builders and accountant can work here. There will be a sofa, TV and a little pantry.

In the staff room, we do custom prgramming and make freewares regularly. We will do web building at a low rate too! We design posters for companies or make blogs for students for low cost.

Next to the staff room is the photoshoot room. We can do budget but good quality studio photoshooting. There will be a cupboard to store all the camera equipments. There will also be a large printer for poster printing. After the photos are taken, they will be taken to the staff room and edited.

At nite, chairs will be taken out and place at the benches to make it a classroom. Then we will conduct lessons on application software, audio enginnering, photoshooting and hardware assembly. We will conduct lessons in both mandrin and english and perhaps dialects too!

Finally we will do charity. We do free computer repair for those poor families and also collect unwanted PCs and send them to African countries. We go Vietnam and help villages set up computers with internet access. All these for free.

This is my dream. And i hope i can have all my good friends be in my shop. Be it a programmer or promoter or accountant.

But i noe it will never be realised. Because
#1 I will not survive A Level
#2 I will not survive NS
#3 My parents wun allow
#4 No one will be willing to help me
#5 Lack skills and money

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
[Review] Gun The Game
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:08 PM --- Post#113447384953359354

Gun The Game is a free roaming Third/First Person shooting game from Activision, Released on Novmember 2005 in PC, XBOX and PS2.

Official Website: http://www.gunthegame.com/

My Ratings (out of 10)
GamePlay: 8.5
Graphics: 7.0
Sound: 7.5
Longevity: 8.0
Overall: 8.0

Experience cowboy now. Anyone who likes Grand Theft Auto will love this game. Set in the West filled with Outlaws, Ranchers, Cowboys, Renegades, Chio Bu and of course the violence and gore that i enjoyed most. Seriously this game is more violent than The Punisher and you will see blood almost everywhere you go.

You play as Colton White, where it started as your father, Ned was teaching you hunting. Not long after, your board a steamboat which sunk from the surrounded attacks from nearing boats. Ned pushes you down to the river and told you that he is not your father and you managed to escape before the steamboat blew up. You then set off to look for answers.

The game is primary set in Third Person View, but changes to First Person as you use the zoom function of your rifle, sharpshooter or bow and also during quickdrawing of your revolver. There is a main story to follow with side missions to keep you busy. You will get weapon upgrades as you proceed through checkpoints of the main mission. Side missions will increase your stats, like your speed of reloading, speed of horse riding or length or revolver quick draw. Side missions include bounty hunting, ranching or even helping to deliver goods. Look for the “WANTED” posters around and hunt down the villain hidden at various parts of the world to earn cash.

Left: Ranching Side Mission
Middle: Shop selling upgrades
Right: Hostage rescue side mission

No tanks, no planes, no war car, all you have for transport is a horse. Like you can hijack car in Grand Theft Auto, you can kope horses anywhere in the world, if some one is riding on it . . . kill him then. . . Well you can make your horse splint and jump but overdoing it will kill your horse. You will be throw off saddle as your overly tired horse collapse immediately on the ground if you try to “over-sprint” it. Shooting on horse back is HARD. Trying to aim rapid moving riders are not easy and further more you need to move your horse around to avoid being hit. Your little hoof can also trample anything blocking its hoofs.

Various actions horses can do

There are a wide variety of weapon to choose from, mainly rifles, shotguns, sharpshooters, revolvers, melee (axe, knife or sword), bow and explosives. Remember those heroes in movies setting fire on a wine bottle and using it as a bomb? Whiskey Bombs and dynamites are two explosives used that incur fatal damages.

The rifles used are OLD! Meaning there will be no automatic shooting or grenade launcher! Dun be sad, shooting is Fun in GUN. Shooting further than anything a few meters from you in the Third Person view will rarely be accurate, thus I often go into the First Person zoomed view on my guns. The damage often depend on the body factor and the power of your weapon, it normally takes a few body shot or one headshot to own that renegade on the other rooftop. Weapons held by the enemies can also be shot down. Also, one feature I like is that even when your enemy is down, he will still be crawling on the ground, dragging himself in his pool of blood and slowly dying off. Of course you can now take your time to blast off his head.

The .69 Ferguson Rifle, one fast reload per shot, most powerful rifle

Shooting down an outlaw

Shot guns are SLOW! The first one that you get can only load one bullet at a time, meaning you need to reload after every shot! The second one is dual barreled, meaning two shots before reload. Shooting at a group of Red Indians coming at you will send them flying backwards as their blood ooze out on the ground. I find that they are best used on horse backs to shoot off riders.

Using shotgun on horseback to shoot down riders' horses

Bows will eliminate your foes silently, and it can also be used to hunt the Grey Wolf in game. Upgrades of the Bow includes the one with explosive arrows that will poke right into your foes’ arm and see them bursting into flames!

My grey wolf

Boom! Explosive arrows!

The Sharpshooters, instead of being called the snipers, reminds me of the magnum sniper in CS, meaning one shot one kill. They are the slowest gun in the game, one reload per shot, and reloading takes about 3-4 seconds.

Sniping down kidnappers

The revolvers in the game has unlimited ammo, but they are very useless in mid to long range. The Dual PeaceMakers are my favorites, as double the revolver means double the damage! Quick drawing will set Colton’s reflexes and aim to the maximum, providing a matrix style slow time of time as you can auto aim at targets and put a few bullets in them. There is a time limit of how long you can quick draw though.

Using the Dual PeaceMakers to empty the area

Headshots are well honored in the game, refilling your quick draw time. If you are lucky enough, your opponent’s head will blow up in a headshot, one of the best parts that I like! Cool!

All Headshot screenshots!

Cannons and Gattling guns add spicing to the game. You will get to ride on a cannon cart near the end of the game into a mine and blast your way through any blockage! Gattling guns are used to wipe out large number of armies

Left: Gattling gun
Right: Cannon in mine

Cannoning a house full of bandits

Melee weapons include a knife, an axe and a sword. They are very good to turn enemies surrounding you into meat slices in seconds. Blood could be seen splashing out, but it seems kinda of fake on my PC.

Using sword to slash

Basically, the game play starts very easily and it gets really difficult towards to end…you will need to take cover a lot of times and take down your enemies one by one or else you will be dead before you can even aim. It took me about one and a half day to complete the main story of the game but you could take more than that if you play all the side missions.

The graphics is nice even on my FX5200. The sceneries are wonderful and the animals look quite real. But the movement of the animal looks weird at times. Also it lags my P4 with 768mb RAM when there is a royal rumble of 15-20 people in game with all the bullet shots well defined that you can actually see the bullet flying instead of just yellow flashes in some games. The blur effect when zooming is also appreciated. The sound, subtitles and radar (radar in the olden West?) works together to give the gamer clear instructions.

Bluring effect when zooming

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