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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Boring Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:45 AM --- Post#113426646860882983

Friday went out with Teo....to watch some crappy show : Pride and Prejudice, keep telling me the female mian character chio, i go there...watch halfway fell asleep liao....the show is SIAN...the female character wrap herslf until like ba zhang...even chio oso see nothing...i dun like ang moh zhar bo lah....

Even more stupid, he ask me out at TEN AM...10am....when im normally still snoring away in my bed...wah kao...i needa wake up at 9, eat breakfast and stuff by 8.30 and rush off to Plaza Singapura. I tell u i damn hate the Dolby Gaut MRT station....damn big so luan....but i found Teo very fast lah...and we rush off to GV.

The Auntie looked at us...

"This show not much ppl watch...a lot of good seats"

WTF....really no one watch...we went in and anyhow sit...cos a lot of spaces. Oh ya Teo also brought along his another friend (sorry lah, forget his name).

Of course i wun be wrting a review on that movie...it sucks and it sucks...some half romance half comedy...I cant understand those ang moh jokes lah, they luff i oso dunno what they luffing at...in the end fell asleep...wasted $8...I wanted to watch Narnia or Saw II noe.....

YA then went to the Mac and....wah lao! No Double Mc Spicy? Only got normal Mc Spicy, they say what they thicken the meat liao...really meh...its still seemed quite small piece eh...We are gossiping about Joel Chan all the way, one of these days i must write a biography on him...as usual we went into the boring shopping center. Shopping centers are so ever boring, everyone is the same, boring....

U see ah, all shopping center got one or two fast food chain (Mc, KFC, LJS, Moss...), then got Giodarno, Hang Ten or some fashion shops. Royal Sports or Nike sports shop. Sake Sushi or EDO sushi shop. Comics Connection or Action City comisc shop...standard sia....BORING...

Ya after that boring walk around PS, Teo say he wanna go Yong Sheng's house take Football Manager 2005, then we anyhow board some bus and arrived at Bugis Junction....

"He say his house at Bras Brasha"

"Wah lao that one pass liao lah"

End up we wlaking all the way back...and up 20 storeys and found his friend, whom is looking for his key and brought us 3 storeys up to his cousin's house and bingo...the stupid game...

Then went Orchard some HMV where everything is so exp! Look at all the hits and albums but no money buy....and kena pestered by some chio bu to donate money for some shit....dunno cheating us a not...

Then...after a boring day we....went home...so tired...yawn!

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