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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
My CD is burning now, my CD's BURNING NOW!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:16 AM --- Post#113513919068247445

Ogg Vorbis
Mp3 sucks? Not really, though i had not do a test with mp3 yet. But between lossless PCM Wave and 192 CBR Ogg Vorbis, through my G3 and Koss KSC75, i really cannot tell the difference.

SO i wanna rerip all my music into ogg vorbis. But transcoding them from mp3 will cause quality loss. So the best way is to obtain the source audio CD. SO i went round looking for ppl with audio CD, whoever can lend me, and BINGO! I found December, who has ALL SHE and ALL JAY and ALL FIR albums. Nice hur!

Getting the CDs
I gave him a call and met him on Monday @ 11.30am Somerset MRT station before he goes for his tuition. He said he would give me all his collection but he only came with all JAY, forst half of the SHE and all FIR. Well....its simply quite impossible to bring all ba...Ok it weighs a few KG....a few KG od CDs....and i lugged them to Suntech. My mum's friend, Ah Moi and Da Mi wanted to do some shopping....

I dun really like SHE lah....but quite chio...

Stupid 三姑六婆

WTF...my bag was filled with CD and they walked so slow! It ended up me walking and pacing here and there and help my mum run errands....i hate zhar bo...they will go into all kinds of shop EXCEPT Harvey Norman or Courts or PK Computer or the Arcade...wah lao...dunno whats so nice about all those lame lame stuffs...

Jay Chou! Jay jay jay jay jay jay chou!

Called for Backup!
Ok i bought 100 blank CDs, Sony @ $38 and shared with Tomato. I cannot tahan my mum they all and decided to went home. When i was almost home, i called Tomato to come my house to help.

I have to give her some CDs cos she lent me SHE last 4 albums. Ok i fired up Clone CD and start BURNING and BURNING! Tomato helped me label all those CDs as i burn. Seems that her handwriting isnt really nicer than mine. Meanwhile we chateed and i showed her Robert's blog enty on ABC Junior College. SHe luffed like mad. Oso i showed her GunZ video and stuff.

Then while we are opening the new CD, some rings fell out. Those plastic rings are to keep the CDs tight.
Tomato: Eh, 有洞! 你要不要?
ZOMBiE: (taking the rings, looking her) 这这么小,我才不要!"

LOL dirty Tomato...keep 洞 here 洞 there...

LOL the stupid ring...no no the 洞

I took out the FIR 1st CD and saw a little crack there. Aiya small cack only and i went on to put it in and burn, hoping that my drive can read...

BLAK BLAK KE-CHA KE CHA....WTF....damn loud...smthing wrong with the CD! I was s damn terrified that i aborted the read and ejected the tray and SIAM AH. Damn scared it fly out or smthing. Wah lao! I took the CD. The small crack extented ALL THE WAY till the end of the CD! OMG OMG! My mum came it and asked what the commotion is about. I told her i needa pay December and she keep saying how bad December was cos he lent me a broken CD. I mean sometimes i really dunno how my mum thinks. Ppl nice nice lend me CD, me broke it, of coure my fault lah. What she meant was December purposely lent me a broken CD and want me to pay a new one. Crap lah. Heck my mum., tok cock! Whole day think ppl trying to harm me....I say ah...her 三古六婆 friend of hers then teach her bad stuff sia!

Ok another SHE CD oso same crack. Those crack looks like he plucked out from the discman too roughly or smthing. So i skipped that album.

Tomato went home le, then i continue to burn that nite.

Left: Small crack

Hi Fi dun sound nice
Oso i tested some of the CDs on my dad's Hi Fi. Seriosuly it sounds quite dead on the Hi Fi, despite my dad investing so much in it. It sounds ok on DVD movies leh...siao siao...Esp enable all 5 huge speakers, like Jay's voice floating all around me sia...damn guai...Some VCD faulty, i will look into that later.

Next day Tuesday. went with my dad to Sim Lim Tower buy some connectors and reapir his speaker. Fuck lah...speaker reapir shop never open. Then went to Marine Parade to buy Decemer's CD.

Newly bought FIR CD to pay December, original sia!
This one summore is 1st album plus 我要飞

Discman sucks more!
While then i continue to test and test with my sucky dsicman. Wearness brand, only $49, u touch a bit it skips liao. Wah lao....some left side louder than right side, the sound unclear lah, my mp3 player sounds a lot more clear lor....No Bass oso....haiz....


While then i will keep burning and burning.....stay tuned!

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