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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
My Dream
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:34 AM --- Post#113453479600823709

I always have a dream. I mean everyone has a dream, why cant I?

I want this little shop. I want this shop to be a one stop station for IT stuffs.

At two sides of the shop, there will be long benches with monitors, they will be used for PC assembly and hardware modification. On the tables are cupboards of mini drawers, opening up to reveal the screws and jumpers that will be needed. There will be a drawer containing screwdrivers of all sizes. And another drawer nicely kept with RAMs and HDDs in static proof bags for testing use.

I will be there, challenging myself the minium time to build up a computer (be it laptop or desktop) of dual boot Linux and Windows. When a customer request, I will be able to assemble a PC for him and send to his house just the next day. I will help him install freewares like AVG antivirus, Search and Destory, Opera and Firefox browsers. Also I will do system updating and install the ret of the mostly needed freewares before i send to his home. When replacing a hardware part, I will let my customer choose what he wants, and patiently and honestly tell him the difference between the models.

At the edge of the shop is two large cupboards, one contains all the various handphone parts and the other contains all the PDA parts. I will have one of my classmate that is very particualr about handphones to help here. He will do handphone servicing, changing of LCD, making the speaker louder or perhaps reflashing the handphone OS. The rest of the hardware will then be stored in large drawers and cupbaords behing the two long benches for easy accessing.

I might help to repair and sell PDAs and give them a nice comaprison between the models. We will then make custom built PDA and phones. I want it multibootable with a three mega pixel camera and maybe 4gig of flash storage. I want WiFi and video out. I want to put a good audio chip in to make it even more perfect! I can also make one that is very simple and sell it for $50, for those who do not need all those features.

Not only that, we will also recommend and sell portable audio equipments like earphones and mp3 players. We can also mix and match features from other models and create custom made players. I want to make a player that has the world largest flash drive of 32GB and has a PDA size screen to play back videos of all MPEG, SWF, RMVB, XVID and alot alot more formats. It can also view .doc document files! It has a large 60mW output and its using AA batteries.

Facing the enttance at the other end is the staff room. It isnt big, it has two long tables like in the computer lab for staff to use. Programmers, graphics designers, web builders and accountant can work here. There will be a sofa, TV and a little pantry.

In the staff room, we do custom prgramming and make freewares regularly. We will do web building at a low rate too! We design posters for companies or make blogs for students for low cost.

Next to the staff room is the photoshoot room. We can do budget but good quality studio photoshooting. There will be a cupboard to store all the camera equipments. There will also be a large printer for poster printing. After the photos are taken, they will be taken to the staff room and edited.

At nite, chairs will be taken out and place at the benches to make it a classroom. Then we will conduct lessons on application software, audio enginnering, photoshooting and hardware assembly. We will conduct lessons in both mandrin and english and perhaps dialects too!

Finally we will do charity. We do free computer repair for those poor families and also collect unwanted PCs and send them to African countries. We go Vietnam and help villages set up computers with internet access. All these for free.

This is my dream. And i hope i can have all my good friends be in my shop. Be it a programmer or promoter or accountant.

But i noe it will never be realised. Because
#1 I will not survive A Level
#2 I will not survive NS
#3 My parents wun allow
#4 No one will be willing to help me
#5 Lack skills and money

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