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Sunday, December 11, 2005
No future
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:00 PM --- Post#113430026595899026

Andrew told me that he is taking nite classes and taking A level as an private candidate. Haiz, i really admire him lah, who says Poly ppl all no future, total bullshit, they are a lot better than JC boys and girls.

Suddenly i realised something. My life will end very soon. For this kinda grade i will be stuck in JC, neither kicked out nor going Uni. So where will i be going? Dunno. Meaning i will waste two years of my life in JC and achieve....nothing....

1st i chose the wrong school. Muggers. I hate being a mugger and i found myself being infected with the mugging virus. Im a strange person, i will definitely not do well if im being forced, thus the virus is not only taking away my true self but also runining my life.

2nd, wrong subject combination. I mean am i really meant for Science? I had never tried Arts and dare to. I use to hate chinese and now im missing it...suddenly Chinese meant so much to me. I mean i feel proud to be a Singaporean Chinese and I really admire the way the China and Taiwan ppl do pirating works. The quality of the pirated video from them are so much better than the Westerners. Not say chinese, im proud to be an Asian. See how well Thailand is doing for sex, no scarasm but i find it quite an achievement, serious. Korean is where nice free online games like GunZ and good audio players like my iAudio are produced. The Japanese company Sony produce nice cans and MD too! Hey the cutest porn star comes from Japan! Westerners? Only iPods...yucks...the only nice thing about the Ang Mohs is McDonald lah...

Aish off topic liao...ya I should not had taken what physics lah, maths lah...Give me a chance i will take chinese. Fuck math...I HATE MATH. But the society cannot accept the fact that to go Uni w failed math...too bad...

Physics? WTF must they press for time? Scientist take their whole life to develop smthing great...No rush...why must complete the paper within so short time? Fuck it...

And ya 3rd, my attitude. Its hatred and the agony in me that surpress me from realy studying. I mean why must force me study when im like so tired liao...doing things that i dun like everyday...its just like workers going on strike! Only that if i dun get rid of my hatred and agony, i would be fucking my own backside...I cant stand the fact im living in such situations.

And do not ever compare me to those what Africa pathetic ppl w/o food. Hey the more clear the truth is, the more pain you will get. Thats why innocent kids are the happiest...they noe nothing about the cruelity. I seriously think im suffering more than African kids. At least they got some freedom, or at least they die faster and end their pain faster...Its even a crime to commit suicide in Singapore...crap lah...

So after J2 i cant get into Uni, i go army and being so physically unfit i will be tortured to death. Im both mentally and physically unfit...What am i? A scarecrow standing there scaring birds away and being ignored. I will be left weathering and no one cares even when i rot.

Im a doomed man. No hope No help. Stuck somewhere in life...Even those who flunk everything are happier than me...at least they got friends and familes to support them....i have none...im all alone. I have got no future.

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