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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Parent Disasters
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:49 PM --- Post#113394178118046574

Some parents in Singapore are really quite disastrous.

Take example, which parent dun want their children to go to JC? From there go to Uni and then graduate and be lawyer or doctor. I mean a lot of parents FORCE their kids to go JC. Just look at the example below:

“Mum I want to go Poly leh! I want to take Mass Com! Fun I like!”
“U stupid ah! Poly so many pai gia, all dye hair scold bad words one.”
“No lah where got, JC oso got pai gia one mah!”
“U see your cousin, L1R5 20 oso must squeeze into JC, I think he so stupid no hope liao lah. U smart go JC, next time be lawyer, tok a bit got money liao!”
“But mum I dun like!”
“You small kid dunno how to think!”
“What dunno how to think? Go poly not take drugs or robbery mah, what’s wrong? I dun like JC..”
“I dun care lah, u must go JC”

Im pretty sure this is quite common. You see in this case the parents had actually ruined the child! One can only do his best when he likes doing it! That’s the simple reason why people can play CS get all headshot but fail all their studies! Becos they like playing games! Same here, if the JC studies is not gonna interest her, she wun do her best. Ya she would prolly go to Uni….but is she happy? No…

In the case she goes to Poly, and give her best shot in all those she had great interest in, she might end up not going to Uni she got three fruitful years and nice memories and she had got all the skills to start work! She might not get good job but more likely a job she likes!

A lot of parents like to pump tuitions and extra lessons into their kids’ childhood. Its damn TOXIC….One or two tuitions is ok if they need help... My mum had a friend whom I shall just call Hao Jie. Hao Jie had two daughters, the eldest same age as me and the youngest a few years behind.

Their schedule was so full… tuitions and tuitions and tuitions…Ok so did she get good results in the end? No…

“If you dun tuition your score will be worse!” Bullshit…That’s what I head some parents say…

When Hao Jie’s daughters were young, Hao Jie did not allow toys. She said toys were distractions and forced her daughters to learn swimming and ballet. She really worst! Learn ballet almost complete liao she force her drop it and learn….violin. Reason? Because violin is higher class and her relative’s kids are learning it. In the end the two daughters became her slaves just for that moment of showing off in front of her friends.

I believe that if you wanna do something, do it with pride and interest and do it good! Of course u can learn to “love math”, but its ultimately fictitious, you are lying to yourself. Why must it always be piano, ballet, and swimming? Why can’t extra lessons be raising pets and taking good care of them or going to shop and be a part time salesman or learning to assemble a computer? All those are skills too! Seriously I noe no music instrument, and who taught me IT stuffs? No one…Even DnT was considered as a “Normal Tech” and lousy subject, I still took it on. How many parents would allow that? I loved design and I did my best. ITS TOUGHER THAN ANY SUBJECT! I had to stay up everyday till 6pm to complete my job! But I never regret and im proud if it! I would bang my head and jumped down if I had taken Bio!

Freak lah…Parents always think in only one perspective.

“If no good to you, dun friend him lor, without him you still got 35 other friends in your class”. That’s what my mum told me when she thinks that my best friend is a “bad” one. I When two kids quarrel in class, the parent often thinks that it’s the other party bullying his son, especially when the son complains to him. The son is actually not complaining, he is merely chatting about everyday stuffs to his dad and recalling certain events. Parents always tell his son to get away from any friend that quarrels with him. I mean they seldom teach their children to sort things out but rather avoid trouble. Sometimes I find that its alright to let their children go wild a bit with their friends, especially in primary schools. That’s childhood. I remembered a girl called Victoria once used a pencil to poke me out of fun and my parents pulled me to see the teacher can complain all about Victoria even I insist and cried in front of my mum not to make matters big.

My parents also do not like me to shout and cheer during sports day and insisted that I take cover once it rains. I argues with her saying cheering is school spirit and that its fun to cheer in rain! I mean its not that easy to fall sick in rain (I neva fell sick in rain). She chided at me for being stupid and I felt so depressed. I mean what parents left out is how their children would fell but rather they often do what they wanted and what they would do as a children in THEIR GENERATION. I heard that parents will often meet the teachers and complain in that generation. Or maybe their parents do the same to them and thus they are subconsciously continuing this vicious cycle.

I treat my sista more like an adult though she is only primary 4. I know that even we are only 7 years apart, her primary school life and culture will be different. I do not always related my past to her present cos they most prolly wun fit well!

Parents often set bad examples, thinking they are good. I see parents asking their 5 yr old kid to pee in a bag and throw in the corner of the lift. I had also see mothers asking their child to lie to steal from their father’s wallet for more money. WTF is this!

Its also common to see parents asking their child not to touch littering on the ground when they try to pick and dispose them properly as they are afraid the police may have mistaken them to be litter bugs. OMG….wah lao eh…

Ok let me give u anther example. We thought that “adults” should be more mature and treat friendship properly. Most of my mum’s friends are not really friends. Just within those Aunties’ social circle, they always throw sarcasm to each other and flame one another. They will always show off their kid’s achievement. One thing, they never say sorry.

My mum and Hao Jie are good friends at first. They quarrel in the end because she is actually jealous of my mum being richer and stuffs. Im sure my mum also said smthing bad about her or whatever. Then when they quarrel, no one bothered to say sorry or admit they are wrong. To me both are at wrong, and I think this kinda way to treat friendship is really not right. Friendship should be treated seriously and  I will always try my best to recover from any cold war.

Ya that’s about all. Of course there are a lot a lot of good things parents did for us…but those are just some buay song things I found….

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