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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
[Review] Gun The Game
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:08 PM --- Post#113447384953359354

Gun The Game is a free roaming Third/First Person shooting game from Activision, Released on Novmember 2005 in PC, XBOX and PS2.

Official Website: http://www.gunthegame.com/

My Ratings (out of 10)
GamePlay: 8.5
Graphics: 7.0
Sound: 7.5
Longevity: 8.0
Overall: 8.0

Experience cowboy now. Anyone who likes Grand Theft Auto will love this game. Set in the West filled with Outlaws, Ranchers, Cowboys, Renegades, Chio Bu and of course the violence and gore that i enjoyed most. Seriously this game is more violent than The Punisher and you will see blood almost everywhere you go.

You play as Colton White, where it started as your father, Ned was teaching you hunting. Not long after, your board a steamboat which sunk from the surrounded attacks from nearing boats. Ned pushes you down to the river and told you that he is not your father and you managed to escape before the steamboat blew up. You then set off to look for answers.

The game is primary set in Third Person View, but changes to First Person as you use the zoom function of your rifle, sharpshooter or bow and also during quickdrawing of your revolver. There is a main story to follow with side missions to keep you busy. You will get weapon upgrades as you proceed through checkpoints of the main mission. Side missions will increase your stats, like your speed of reloading, speed of horse riding or length or revolver quick draw. Side missions include bounty hunting, ranching or even helping to deliver goods. Look for the “WANTED” posters around and hunt down the villain hidden at various parts of the world to earn cash.

Left: Ranching Side Mission
Middle: Shop selling upgrades
Right: Hostage rescue side mission

No tanks, no planes, no war car, all you have for transport is a horse. Like you can hijack car in Grand Theft Auto, you can kope horses anywhere in the world, if some one is riding on it . . . kill him then. . . Well you can make your horse splint and jump but overdoing it will kill your horse. You will be throw off saddle as your overly tired horse collapse immediately on the ground if you try to “over-sprint” it. Shooting on horse back is HARD. Trying to aim rapid moving riders are not easy and further more you need to move your horse around to avoid being hit. Your little hoof can also trample anything blocking its hoofs.

Various actions horses can do

There are a wide variety of weapon to choose from, mainly rifles, shotguns, sharpshooters, revolvers, melee (axe, knife or sword), bow and explosives. Remember those heroes in movies setting fire on a wine bottle and using it as a bomb? Whiskey Bombs and dynamites are two explosives used that incur fatal damages.

The rifles used are OLD! Meaning there will be no automatic shooting or grenade launcher! Dun be sad, shooting is Fun in GUN. Shooting further than anything a few meters from you in the Third Person view will rarely be accurate, thus I often go into the First Person zoomed view on my guns. The damage often depend on the body factor and the power of your weapon, it normally takes a few body shot or one headshot to own that renegade on the other rooftop. Weapons held by the enemies can also be shot down. Also, one feature I like is that even when your enemy is down, he will still be crawling on the ground, dragging himself in his pool of blood and slowly dying off. Of course you can now take your time to blast off his head.

The .69 Ferguson Rifle, one fast reload per shot, most powerful rifle

Shooting down an outlaw

Shot guns are SLOW! The first one that you get can only load one bullet at a time, meaning you need to reload after every shot! The second one is dual barreled, meaning two shots before reload. Shooting at a group of Red Indians coming at you will send them flying backwards as their blood ooze out on the ground. I find that they are best used on horse backs to shoot off riders.

Using shotgun on horseback to shoot down riders' horses

Bows will eliminate your foes silently, and it can also be used to hunt the Grey Wolf in game. Upgrades of the Bow includes the one with explosive arrows that will poke right into your foes’ arm and see them bursting into flames!

My grey wolf

Boom! Explosive arrows!

The Sharpshooters, instead of being called the snipers, reminds me of the magnum sniper in CS, meaning one shot one kill. They are the slowest gun in the game, one reload per shot, and reloading takes about 3-4 seconds.

Sniping down kidnappers

The revolvers in the game has unlimited ammo, but they are very useless in mid to long range. The Dual PeaceMakers are my favorites, as double the revolver means double the damage! Quick drawing will set Colton’s reflexes and aim to the maximum, providing a matrix style slow time of time as you can auto aim at targets and put a few bullets in them. There is a time limit of how long you can quick draw though.

Using the Dual PeaceMakers to empty the area

Headshots are well honored in the game, refilling your quick draw time. If you are lucky enough, your opponent’s head will blow up in a headshot, one of the best parts that I like! Cool!

All Headshot screenshots!

Cannons and Gattling guns add spicing to the game. You will get to ride on a cannon cart near the end of the game into a mine and blast your way through any blockage! Gattling guns are used to wipe out large number of armies

Left: Gattling gun
Right: Cannon in mine

Cannoning a house full of bandits

Melee weapons include a knife, an axe and a sword. They are very good to turn enemies surrounding you into meat slices in seconds. Blood could be seen splashing out, but it seems kinda of fake on my PC.

Using sword to slash

Basically, the game play starts very easily and it gets really difficult towards to end…you will need to take cover a lot of times and take down your enemies one by one or else you will be dead before you can even aim. It took me about one and a half day to complete the main story of the game but you could take more than that if you play all the side missions.

The graphics is nice even on my FX5200. The sceneries are wonderful and the animals look quite real. But the movement of the animal looks weird at times. Also it lags my P4 with 768mb RAM when there is a royal rumble of 15-20 people in game with all the bullet shots well defined that you can actually see the bullet flying instead of just yellow flashes in some games. The blur effect when zooming is also appreciated. The sound, subtitles and radar (radar in the olden West?) works together to give the gamer clear instructions.

Bluring effect when zooming

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