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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Scratched Creativity
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:44 PM --- Post#113587336030684428

cXtreme leader's ass, Robert called me that day...say what need help...I tot he dying or what, need me do mouth-to-mouth. The later he told me need to make a poster for cXtreme for the J1 CCA next year...Its...10pm liao and Im prepared to finish my hols homework through. I tot i could make the pster tml but he said its needed by the next day! OMG!

Fine...cXtreme poster...Why must the GFX dept head be away now and me got to do his work. And who the hell must make me do this last minute? Fine, no more mugging, off to work.

First I need a concept, a theme, those glass core theme i make my blog with wun work here....And my mind is in a mess....ahhhMESS...and then i suddenly thought of one of my T shirt i bought from China with is someone skating and a lot of messy lines at the back. I could use that idea for my bg! But wait...that does not fit "cxtreme". Then i tot of gadgets that got scratched easily, CDs, my phone screen, my Zire's screen, flim movies with those dirty scratchy lines...

So i decided to use "Scratched Creativity" as the theme. Messy background and all. How how am i going to do all these effects? I always used lassos and distorted shape in Photoshop. Suddenly i tot of Chikage's blog having some similar pattern and she is using brush. OMG...i never use brushing to make abstract before!

Its 10.20pm liao and i gave her a call. She gave me some quick guide and websites to download some brushes. I downloaded them and hey....how to use...I hold on to it and it keep drawing repeated patterns...Called her again.

"Aiya, anyhow draw lah, as long as they matches each other"

How to anyhow draw...i anyhow draw come out like eeeeee....So i decided to apply each brush sparingly and using the patter offset to create random shapes and positions. And i mix with a lot of brushes and decided to use dark Red, Green, Blue against Black bg.

I always see compter posters having some "1001010101" design on it....i dun want...i decided to use Hex ram address to decorate....but it dint turn out well...so instead i change to have a line of words telling the department and roughly what we do. I want it blurry but not using Gaussian blur. instead I duplicated the layer a few times and off set the sides to make the blurry effect...

I called or message Chikage again (i think its about 12am by then) and ask for some placement guides and colour combi. And i went on to venture on my own.

I went on to make the Title "cXtreme" and subtitle "Take the future now". I went pixel2life for some inspiration and text effect but all are too loud in design. I want it cool. So I choose a colour that is normally bright but darken - darkred, against metallic border.

1am now....

For the subtitle, I took a funky text and apply Stroke and Colour Overlay. Then i use those brushes just now but now in Eraser, removing off parts of the text to make it look scratched.

I spent another 30minute on the subs....

Later i went on look for pics on the web to supplement it. I found a CD image and a speaker imagine. Again i apply some brushing over them and blend them into the bg. It was easy, i have to shift stuffs here and there to make it look less "extra".... I oso created a rubber stamp with the title on it.

Alomst done, but Chikage says the green blue subtitle is taking all the attention away, so i spend a lot of time recolouring the image to make i nicer.

It was about 3.30am by then....Damn tired....and then the last time is to water mark with my name (cygig aka zombie) and i think some credit goes to Chikage too as my co designer for the only one providing me with ideas then.... i hid my name there...look for it :)

Ok next day i sent it to more ppl and get more amendings....ya...so i need your help in giving me a score for this...

This is a 1024x768 version, the orginal is 2800x2100. Click to enlarge.

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