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Friday, December 16, 2005
SHE manic
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:16 PM --- Post#113474151400906754

Today was....wow...tired...


Woke up AT 6am wanted to mug...cos i have not been mugging AT ALL and the hols are over so so soon....Well i ended up playing GunZ online...

I logged in and...It tells me i have NO character and ask me to create a new one...WTF...I wasnt freaked out...cos my sixth sense told me that my main is going to be deleted. It must be one of those hackers yesterday that i played with.

I logged in and wanted to have a showdown of some lvl 1 character with a lvl29 skills! Suddenly everyone was killing me....I struggled hard to get a kill, strange...it resembles those expert room i played with previously with my lvl29 CyGiG. In fact i could kill then than now!

OMG...Im must have deproved so much after playing Gun The Game...i was like getting only middle rank in a BEGINNER ROOM! WTF...I told the ppl there that my main was deleted and the other guy told me his also. Woa! coincidence! Dun tell me Maiet is resetting everyone for the full version? But there is no updates for quest!

I later found out in the game lobby that ppl are rioting and flaming the admin. WTF...seems that a lot of ppl had their mains deleted. But a look and there are over 100 ppl playing in the Experts Channel...so whats wrong?

I went to the GunZ forum and there was a long thread for deletion of mains...A hacker call HolyForce had released a hack that will allow user to delete the first six person on the server name list (ie. everyone....that was playing) And a couple of ppl tired and poof...most ppl who played GunZ yesterday got their mains hacked off like me. HolyForce call it the Locust Plague, it was forewarned that he is using 4 lines of miscoding in the game to create this hacks. Yet the game team did not listen to the community and ignored it. Thus he wanted to catch the team's attention and ya...improve on the game.

Im starting to miss my Breaker and revolvers. Both dealing very heavy damage but little clips and slow reloads. Im not quite sad cos i wanna start a new, i find myself deproving. This time i wanna learn Slashshot and Butterfly. Its like after i fine tune my aim w revolver, i seem to do damn poorly with rilfes and SMGs, the Maxwell LX30 and Walcom S5s are my glory days, topping most of the games i went into.

Now that i had learnt Revolvers and Shotguns, im no longer good in dealing with large amt of enemies, in fact better in 1V1, defeating even level 30+ slashshooters or dual rocketters

One nice aim in the head on my Zarus is better than 3shots on the head using a rifle.

Late Morning:
My mom woke up and off we go in my Aunt's car to Parkway's UOB to transfer some money...Dunno what they transfering but well i dun care but shop a bit. Hmm all shops not open yet...haiz...Anyway my mum treat me to KFC...yeah...i no $$ liao...dint even think if fast food.

I saw Old chunky! I want sotong heads! But too early then haven fry yet...haiz...

I ate my fav: The $5.95 two piece meal. Mucks! I saw a sec 2 friend in KFc and pretended not to know him. He wun recognise me ba....I mean the Parkway is infested w VJCians, have to play some hide and seek...

I return home 1st and I knew my mom would like to shop and shop and shop...

Ya i slack around abit while waiting for my mum to come home to watch Shen Hua. WTF, the movie which i luckily checked was outta sync. The audio came earlier than the video, so of course im not watching. I switched plan to watch tom Yam Goong. I told Tomato to come over oso, cos im just too lonely....LOL i oso ask her to bring all her SHE CDs over.

Later aftertoon:
My mum fianlly came back and i got all the cables setted up. And ya she arrived and i saw my 20m long AV cable pulled from second to first level, Comp to TV.

Ya and we watched the show....nice show lah. got Thai, Ang Moh, Chinese and Korean...some rojak....

Lol tomato wanna me to show her how to record her own songs. I dint really show her but told her to DL jetAudio and try it out herself. I once followed qiao yun and recorded my own singing...that was when when i noe how horrible i sound...and i took the idea from kuen ho to send horrifying songs via some other filename saying its some pop song...LOL and Tomato is on her plan to scare the hell out of her friends lie me....LOL

Later my comp really go a bit haywire cos my HDD is low in mem, aish too much video lah....Ya cleared some out and closed some mem leaking apps and get it on the move again. I was duplicating Tomato's CD (eh dun do that sia...bad bad) when QY come bugging me as usual about how to put muliple songs on her blog. She said she did it by some pHp. Seriously i haf NO knowledge on pHp and how can she do it? I told her to get back to her later on cos im buzy expalaining some stuff to Tomato.

Ya I also showed and teached Tomato how to play CS. Though gals rarely play FPS, but i tot she could be trained to play well. Base on a mere beginner match w her in Halo, i can tell she was actually playing BETTER than me. She is damn patient in camping to get one nice shot.

Ya she rushed home to watch some SHE show later on....

Nutting much, i saw this on Robert's blog:

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