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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Whats So Guai Lan With Me?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:18 AM --- Post#113577600946947318

Why am I such a werid guy?

- While others mostly use Windows Mobile or PPC for thier PDA OS, i stick to Palm OS, cos i find it more customisable and fiexible than WM.

-While others go frantically for iPods or Creativity, I persue in the never heard of Korean brand call iAudio, and do u believe i got my 1GB mp3 player for $310? I wasnt cheated, in fact thats the lowest price i could find.

-I always choose the most werid subejct combination, like Computing or DnT, i never like to take Bio at all, even I can take.

-Taking Computing in JC is weird enuff.

-I actually prefer Chinese to English lessons

-I only listen to Chinese songs, my english songs are few far and between

-Unless there is a movie, i dun watch Channel 5

-I find shopping boring, I always end up pacing here and there doing nothing alone in a shopping center

-I hate going out with a large group of people nor alone, i only like going out with less than 4 ppl

-Even Im a right hander, i use my left hand to hold my spoon

-I only buy clothes once a year, thats during CNY

-My clothes are all grayscale colour base (black or grey).

-I inisit of wearing metallic digital watches (not leather or plastic strapes or analogue watches)

-The TV in my room is free, so is my office chair, my cabinate. My working table cost me only $10 and my bed was used for about 15+ years. All the furnitures in my room are either free, second hand DIY refurbished or damn cheapo

-When i sit in a room, i will always sit at the back, becos i can see clearly who is coming into the room so i can avoid them if i want to. I leant that from Jie Da Huan Xi's Sai Feng Huang, who was a female bandit.

-I always try to be neutral in stand, in the case where decision got to be made, i will still ever weigh the pros and cons, giving the other side a chance.

- Its usual for me to sleep at around 2 to 3am and wake up at 6 am everyday.

-The more you force me to do a certain thing, the more i will hate it and the mroe i will find excuses and purposely do badly.

-myStyle = reverse of the current trend

-I can be quite sure my voive is the loudest in AJC or VS....im sure my friends can vouch for that.

-I have a set of 8 fexible fingers(all fingers except the thumbs). My left little finger can bend backwards 180 degrees touching my palm back. the rest can be bent backwards at least 135 degrees.

-My eyeballs can vibrate

- I can crack a lot of my body parts, including more than 5 cracks per finger, my toes, ankle, neck, my spine

-I hang penknife on my handphone

-I pee less than 3 times a day and can dun shit for a week or bath for 2 days. Im a camel!

-a lot of ppl dun even know my real name, they just call me ZOMBiE or Ba Gua.

Guai lan enuff? I will add on.

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