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Monday, January 30, 2006
Sentosa Flowers 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:00 PM --- Post#113863870423105903

Went to Sentosa Flowers 2006 today!!! Hahah since i beri fair liao, after so much sunning, i turn damn red....and the red will fade and i will become fairer....dunno why....my skin UV proof...a bit the disgusting for guys.... Well anyway... im not here to tell u how happening the event is.. or how my sis look like a block of wood when i shoot her or how i dirty my combat pants ust trying to take a macro of a dragonfly.

Anyway, i need compliment my Crocs sandals. Yup its the colourful colour rubber shoes u see in Royal Sports. When trying s shoe, grip is the first thing i look for. I dun look for lightness or air cushion cos im no runner. A shoe with good grip makes me feel secure. Well my Cros really got a good grip (as good as my Addidas) for a sandals and its really comfortable like sports shoes unlike those $5 sandals u buy downstairs what provides no support at all! And since its made of some kinda rubber or maybe sillicone, its damn easy to wash and clean so i no need worry i dirty my shoe when i step on the mud on the fertile ground for the flowers. And there is no need for socks are i NEVER had abrasion on Crocs since day 1....its soooo gentle on skin. No socks means more ventilation lor.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Mine is a black Crocs... a bit exp for sandals....$50...my new yr shoes...

And yup i entered the photo compy...but of course i din win lah. I see others SLR dua dua kee...i scared liao...whats my 3 megapixel Olympus C-730 UZ compared to those Nikon D200?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My Olympus on the left and D200 on the right. The Nikon D series is always my favourite. The D200 is the latest edition. Me no $$$ buy....

I wish i could spend the next paragragh toking about photogrphy but im having a headache now deciding who to go out w movies tml.....2 ppl ask me same date same movie...

I sumitted two dragon flys and the one on the forth row, third column. The dunn what big big grass....

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Im on newspaper!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:11 AM --- Post#113858919401047071

Windows 2000 still down!
Ya even after the repair reinstall, the system is still fragile. Once one application hangs, explorer will hang and when i re run explorer.exe, the desktop will not be shown and Windows cannot detect any folders on my HDD and YET can still run all the programs frm my srta menu!!! I dun think its a hardware prob lah, since the prgrams can still run and its only when windows crash...

But after the repair reinstalll...things went much smoother...faster....but the boot time is still the norm 15 minutes...haiz...

Im on newspaper!

Yes im CyGiG in that article,isnt it obvious? Thats my blog's name! And yes im the one who started the thread on SPUG and yes my blog is the one kena bulletined on tomorrow.sg, and yes my blog is the one which receive 700 views....

Its like so damn lot of ppl noe lor....i was quite surprised at the number of ppl who actually read newspaper....cos i really hate to read newspaper....and further more the number of ppl who knows who "CyGiG" is....

Ya lah, all those who noe my blog or server sure noe de....haiz.... I not worse liao....Wei Kiat even worse... Name so big big there.

Imagine Wednesay back to school, The principle stand in front and say
"Tay Wei Kiat, please come to the conference room"
"And who ever psy-jig or psy-geek is plase identify yourself."

Wah kao then liddat win liao lor....I will be more hated by AJCians....ppl will hate me more and more...Victorians, still remeber Lim Zui Ho? The mad mad chem teacher? I wrote a petition against that teacher and ya...seems that it isnt quite a pleasant experience lor...ppl back stab and revolt and tear up the petitions and all that...and i DO NOT WANT MY FUCKING HISTORY TO REPEAT...im starting to hate myself deeper...

BTW, CyGiG stands for Cyber Gadgets InfoComm Games&entertainment. Its a name chosen for myself with Ashwin when im sec 3. Ever since i had been using this screen name for all sorts of online user id, becos "CyGiG" is really an unique name and always available. Its pronounce as sine - gik and its "gik" (short) and not "geek"(emphaisis on the two 'e' and 'k').

See how i die....

Just found out "machi" means brothers or buddies in taiwan.
Hahaha, but to me, "brothers" dun really mean must be guys, "brothers" can be use to describe a good relationship between a guy and a gal (not necessary BGR, in fact goy-gal friend are too romantic to be call machi). I dun think gal and gal can be call machi lah...more of sisters ba...死党 is another chinese word for Machi.

I think it came from the Mua Chee, the soft soft 汤圆 like food dipped in peanut powder. I think the taiwan mua chee taste diff frm Singapore mua chee lah. But cos mua chee beri sticky one, so means like brothers stick together liddat lor...shld be lah...

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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Family Politics
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:42 AM --- Post#113846882589323125

Windows 2000 Down!
This 4 years of glory with my windows 2000 was indeed rewarding, but every about one years, some of the system files will cock up and windows will malfunction. I never reformat, cos it would be really too troublesome. Instead Repair Reinstall always work. Seems that Win2K is dying on me this CNY.

When i boot, occasionally i would get stuck at "Apply Security Setting". Meaning it will not boot further. Now more serious, when i get into Windows, the system hangs very easily. And once a window freeze, thats it, i tried end task explorer and run explorer again. The programs will be working, but my desktop will be a blank and display windows will not be able to detect any folder on my HDD...I tried to restart and it willl hang at when it restart. No choice but to press the restart button on my casing.

Im wanna repair reinstall but it says im running on SP4 and the CD is SP4 and cant repair reinstall. I remember i could delete and revert to SP3 but 4got how...no choice but to get a freindly version of Win2K SP4 and see if it works. Haiz.... nice CNY present hor...

ZOMBiE Player up again!
Letmehoist is back again! ZOMBiE Player upppp!!!

Family Politics
Well now lets get into the main issue of this posting. Im sick of family politics and i wanna reveal it right here right now.

Basically my family politics goes about my family and my uncle (mum's bro; tomato's family lah) family. On the surface we look so calm and cosy...but little did the "kids" know whats going on.

Firstly is my grandma, she is quite sickening from what all the other relatives, my uncle and my mum told me. I dun see a reason why they would lie to me and i myself dun really like grandma's attitude. Ok here is a list of info i got for my grandma:
- super money minded. She sponged all my grandad's money and left nothing much for himself when he was alive. To her money matter more than anything else, even kinship.

- even if she is rich, she expect her kids (only 2 children, my mum and my uncle) to support her, like sponging on them and demanding a room with her personalised lock in our own house.

- she insist my my mum to bear a gal and expect my uncle's wife to bear a boy. It turned out opposite, im a 100% guy here and i have my 100% gal tomato cousin. I heard that she bought a skirt for me when im young and hope my dick will vansih into thin air...

- She hate to control her diet even she got diabetes and she expect me and tomato's parent to take full care of her and her medic fees when she is ill. She oso expect them to be her maid and servant to attened to her when she is sick.

- I heard she was a terrible baby sitter, thats why my uncle decide to hire a professional one for my younger cousin(CC) after mistreating Tomato when she was young

- she use to look down on my dad and mistreat my parents, like engaging in verbal war with my dad's parent and charging an extra high rate when my parents want to rent her OWN HOUSE.

There are a lot of to tell. Im sure there are more stories on how bad she is on tomato's side, but anyway thats not all of the family politics. Due to my grandma's fucked up attitude, i never enjoyed love from grandma and a lot of argument between relatives on her.

She is not the only one. My mum and uncle are also the trouble makers. My mum claim my uncle had got motive on grandma's wealth and my dad insit that my mum is not taking enoguh care of my grandma since she is only a house maker. They kept checking each other's account book which contains grandm's name to check that no one kope any money.

They guai lan each other and purposely make trouble for each otherm like asking my mum to look after grandma when she is suppose to fetch my sis or my mum ignoring my uncle even when he has got an urgent appoitment. Of course my mum will always speak for herself. But i see no real proof and i do see some flaws in her attitude and my mum making a lot of sweeping statements. On the other some of her sayings do make some sense from my own observation.

So in the end i decided not to take anyside. Even my emotions tell me that i wun feel happy if i side my mum just cos she is my mum. Logically again i wanna be a neutral party. I dun wish to see them fight, and i can predict war if anything happens to my gandma who is now in the hosp. Money, status and repsonsibility. When grandma die all these problems will surface and war is quite unavoidable. I noe my mum's bull like stubborness...no way she is gonna take a step back or say sorry. I dunno about my uncle, but he seems to be able to plan stuff well.

So what will happen when they declar war? No peace lor! And I dun give a hoot for the war between them, cos no responsibility, money or status will fall on me. What im afriad most is that my relationship with Tomato will be affected. Being 17 years of good friends and cousin, i really dun wish our friendship to be affected just cos those so call fucking "adults" are playing they game of war, where i find it childish. Even me and robert argue and guai lan each other at times and i do noe how to take care of things. Why cant they? money? status? Thats oso why i dun really fancy being a millionair.

Anyway, i shall see to things, since i dun have much say in the family...i think i can only watch as things go on...haiz....

Anyway...happy CNY!

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Friday, January 27, 2006
Martial Art VS audio
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:30 PM --- Post#113842503863294179

CNY Celebration so damn lame
Well as usual there is CNY celebration....i wanna pon but cannot lah....got phy make up prac after that....ITs lame....i can assure its damn lame...especially the dancers, wah kao, make up until like doll liddat. Face red like monkey's ass and eye shadow purple like orchid. Maybe cos i sitting RIGHT in front thats why i can seee soooooo clearly lah....

Ya lah and the MC's skirt soooo short wor....and im sitting right in front of the stage wor...muahahhaha! I cant see a thing.... eh....but sher hern was sitting in front of her...even NEARER to the stage...im sure if he ever got the interest to take a peep up....hmmmm. Hiya....inside sure got safety pants de lah...

Then cos the gals went for the Harmoc performance, so me and sher hern sitting right in front...and normally the gals are in front in the queue de mah, and the hall SOOOO squeesy...in the end sandwiched Sher Hern in the middle of two chio bu from 09 and 07...

Then the teachers walked past sher hern, why was trying his best not to have any contact with the gals beside.

“eh 可是她们可以摸你喔。。。”
“(对女生说)他碰你可以喊 ‘非礼’ 喔!”

I was luffing like mad at the back....muahahhahahaa

Someone badmouthed me!
89757 badmouthed me during cxtreme EXCO meeting...say i surf porn, dunno what scare the J1s wor...hahahhaa....dint he take a look @ who is in the EXCO?

I went to watch 霍元甲 with Ah Em (Gek Han). Actually wanted to watch I Not Stupid Too de, but the timing no good lah...too late le, and since sher hern says HYJ nice so we watch lor.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nothing much to review about, a good movie for
#1 - Jay Chou's fans
After watching the movie, i get the meaning of the song and MV, indeed very Jay-Style and now i love that song even more. The MV is shown before the show and im quite impressed by the Kung Fu like dance by Jaychou

#2 Action lovers
3/4 of the movie is on fighiting, my fav was the part where he killed the birthday guy in the teahouse.

Yup i found some 道理 in the movie also, esp the part when the jap guy was drinking tea with Huo. Huo told Jap that he did not know how to appreaciate tea. Jap questioned him why, and he gladly replied that he did not wish to, because the taste of the tea is base on the tea drinker's preference and not on the tea itelf. And he did not want that to affect his mood when he found that the tea he was drinking was no good. And that he related that to martial arts, there are competitions not to kill someone or just to win for the sake of it. Competitions are to make someone know themself better. There are no good or bad martial arts, it all depends on the practiser.

Martial Art VS audio (continued from 霍元甲 movie)
Well this in fact applies to audios too. I did not wish to compare becos i know someone will go home feeling his system is no good enuff. Even if theorically the systems are as good, there is this "grass is always greener on the other side" attitude that may make someone feel lousy. Wheather music sounds nice anot really depends on the preferences of the user, some are fine with 64kbps wma and so be it. Some likes iPod and so bi it. Others are willing to pay for the iRiver and so be it. U pay money to enjoy, not to find out who is better at the end of the day and go cry at home. Or a feeling of revenge u want to beat the other party.

I learnt to be happy with all my gadgets. Of course i do buy new ones if i can afford. Becos all my gadgets serves my purpose, i dun fine with them as long as they dun give me a lot of trouble. Of course there are a lot of those much better products, but do i relly need them? Do i really want lossless music in my player? Lossless is nice to have but i noe i wun be able to diff between 192 ogg and lossless, so whats the point? Colour screen on my DAP is wonderful....but isit really necessay?

Well, thats pretty much why i dun wanna compare. Even if some ppl come tell me my Zire and Palm is old skool stuff and that Windows 2000 is outdated and the $310 Audio G3 dun worth its price, i do take that in mind and see if its logical. Since i had them, its impossible for me to have another replacement due to financial difficulties, might as well be happy and make full use f it, and when i have the money, i will try to get a more perfect choice next time.

So if under a situation when someone wants to compare with me....i will always let him win. Becos if he wants to comapre, he shld be certain that his system is better than mind, if so he already won cos remmeber: having confidence and being happy with what u have now is the greatest enjoyment.

MC Hotdog is BACK!
MC hotdog is an underground Taiwan rapper, who gave his distinct views of the society(mostly related to taiwan) thru his raps filled with vulguarities and sexual contents. Well i like his attitude and raps of course and the last album was like 2 years ago. I tot he was dead but apparently he is not...now he came back with this new album: Wake Up!

Yup, and i wanna buy....

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Windows cocking up
Yup, more signs of some system corruptions....and getting mroe unstable....but i will try to prolong my comp's life as usual!

CNY...nice meh?
CNY...haiz...this is the time where my parents will do some spring cleaning which i find unecessary...hourse already so dirty liao...well both parents same, when they get induldge in those cleaning and house chore, they wil get bad tempered, and i will get fucked by my mum's louder-than-hifi sound....So damn irritating....

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Muahahhaha....dun cry....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:26 PM --- Post#113811770342604893

There has to be a reason why i dun wanna make Robert cry...he and his stubborn instinct simply cause him to waste money. He seldom look at things throughly on all sides. I told him the Koss KSC 75 and Porta Pro are using the same driver and he refuse to believe. He use to say cans by some audio pro company are too accurate thus can hear a lot of artifects and must use at least 256kbps music or else 192 too low...nonsense. He even told me to buy those $30, $40 Sony earbuds... When i have a money saving ksc75 waiting for me.

I did a test and was unable to find any artifects. Except the warmness and dept and dynamics of the sound produce from various formats @ 160kbps, the accuracy was definitely not detectable between a sample wave lossless file i use for reference. There were indeed some noise and slight short distortion , perhaps due to the nature of the instruments or slight error in ripping the cd or maybe it just sound liddat, those unwanted sound were present in both the compress and lossless music.

Then he said KOSS made tons if useless and lousy cans and my cans are simply not good enuff for an audio test...How many cans Koss made for street style? Ignoring the amn old model (what k7 or ksc 7 i dunno...so old liao), the later ones are the Ksc35, 55, 75, portapro, sparkplug...and the clip on are of the SAME drivers....SAME!

"I heard KSC 75, 55, Porta Pro are using a similar 60ohm driver"

They aren't similar, they're all using the SAME drivers.

"So what makes the different between KSC75 and PortaPro"
Portapro is a full open headphone, it clamps tight onto your ear, and hence more bass, although you are basically paying for the headband.

"Is the PortaPro worth twice the price of the 75?"
in my opinion, no.

porta is a headphone, i think sporta goes around your neck or something like that. You've got the 75's already, don't bother with headphones equipped with the same drivers.

If you need another upgrade, get something more expensive.

The Koss headphones/earclips with their 60ohm drivers - the KSC35, '50, '55, and '75*, PortaPro, SportaPro, and one other Koss headphone use the same basic drivers, and all sound pretty much the same with the expected bass extension variance due entirely to differences in clamping force of the different headband/earclip geometries - are probably the single best deal going today in terms of sound for the dollar in any field in audio.

Isit really worth than TWICE the price to buy that headband set for how much more bass can get? Thats why i dun wanna compare...later he will cry...He still say Benedict never read review anyhow buy...he himself same kind lah...He came buzzing me the headphone.com webby... Does he know that i sent him the link before?!? I told him to look and obviously he dint....now he came to me like newton found out gravity liddat....

Ok lets see how long can his earphone last under his TLC....and lets see how long it takes him to realise the truth that the 35, 75 and portapro using the same driver...and when he found out the truth lets see what excuses he made. Meanwhile i shall shut my ears to all his Sony crap....

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Monday, January 23, 2006
Teammate down!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:29 PM --- Post#113802877377787607

Ah Lam's ad gone busted
Ah Lam told me today in school that his google AdSense money was forefited liao....hahaha i knew it would happen de...u lah....click on the ads himself on the blog, of course Google will know de lor....u think so easy my ur $100 meh? Now im waiting for Robert's to get busted....hahaha.

I told myself i will only put ads on my blog if i personally see their $100 check lor...else, i rather my blog to be ad free.

Teammate down!
My friends all down with illness liao....including me...all flu, sore throat, fever, aids, HIV, breast cancer blah blah blah...

Tomato's nose ran off 1.5 weeks ago. Chikage was feverish and no voice last week, and today Selina on MC cos her throat infected and she told me her NECK WAS SWOLLEN! Wah kao, neck swollen, pity her lor. That strange gal, she can get outta AJC she dunno...I wanna be 当掉 oso cannot....

Me today blur blur de....my sore throat just hao liao, now today got flu like symtoms, running nose, and HEADACHE WHOLE day....fuck lah....non stop hits headache sia....plus last nite i slept late....total system down....

I was like sitting in the center of the room during math, heck care what teacher say and the usual discriminating comments by those usual bastards....Ya i think im made Elvin for my class....or perhas worse than Elvin...Being the "all-evil", i sat alone as usual.

Then my math teacher was toking about 2 ppl failing the Power Series test...and my headache grew worse instantly....to hell man....no need say the 2 ppl surely include me de....the gonner of the gonner...worst of the worst....ARHHHHH head PaIn!!!!!

As usual im in the "zombie" state...body without mind....My emotions aint reliable at all that time, totally confused, over flowed and mixed up, causing severe depression. Logic isnt much left oso..... Usual when im in a state like this, my actions, decisions, recognition power, phy strength all will drop below 15% (critical level).

I keep bumping into ppl in canteen, call the wrong person, and constantly finding myself pacing up and down for nothing as my body waits for a command from my brain/processor. Raven Vision of course dun work anymore, i cant scan for ppl, thus not able to aovid ppl i dun wanna meet and take a long time to locate my class...crap lah....system down...

No more earphones
Robert showed me his Koss Porta Pro. Im not quite into earphones now....after i listen to the hi fi in my room, i found even the best earphone not as good...The sound from the speakers thru the amp was soooo warm and crystal clear. In fact i prefer to play mp3s frm my G3 than my CD player cos i get to tune my music frm my G3 (EQ, BBE, 3D surround, MP Enhance and MACH3BASS!!!!), but i dun have any tuning equip for my CD player.

I use to chiong bass a lot, i put 20/25 for the 16hz and 7/10 for M3b....Yes the bass is good and it covers up the vocal...making the music very "deep". Some audiophiles like dept in music, but i personally like the vocal to be a bit more overly emphasis and hollow. Personal prefs lah.

I rather have good mids and hi's with no bass than only good low tones lor. Thats y i dun really mind iPod, but it tot having something good in everything is better!

Well i lowered my 16hz and maintained my M3B. Yes now the music is much gentle and ear soothing. I still want M3B cos it does not thicken the vocal much but create mroe of a sub woofer like bass where u can feel it but not really hear it.

Where is my ZOMBie Player???
Where is it? Now u see a white white rectangle on the top right....so wtf my player flew to? Scared off my all the ppl frm Tomorrow? No lah i did and check and the ENTIRE HOST is gone! I hosted that flash in
and now u go and see the whole host is GONE!

Nope i wun be fixing it, cos no one really listen to music frm there and it might even speed up the loading speed of the blog...

Web Base Task
I got
for my webase task lor...wah lao....but anyway i wanna thank Chikage lah....hahaha everytime i co design w her surely smthing nice come out de...see my cooperate design system works! No one man designer, designer becoming a group work lead by the main designer where the rest boldly give comments and try to make it suit himself from the inital state by the main designer.

I promise to treat her (with robert 头)...hahhaa she say "我杀了你!" Hahahhaha....then robert poke me...Chikage fat fat de still want me treat. hahah most prolly she will give up cos she dun wanna be an orange (read frm her nick...oso dunno why must orange).

Robert lose to Elvin....earth shaking news sia...earth shake until worse than tsunami wor....

My new Blog!
Yup im changing the blog skin again. No sure when. Again it will be graphics oreintated. Here will be the features:

New Features:
-Spilt up the main blog html and host the link list, zombie's theorm, terms and conditions, profile, style sheet and other pages somewhere else on separate files to ease updating.
-It will be of a continuous long page of adjusting length rather than a fixed scrolling layer holding the contents
-I will use Glass Core Metal 1.0 blog theme, featuring another more metallic form of Glass Core layouts
-Zombie player will be re skinned to fit in
-Flash clock and some other small flash apps
-Remove the some site feeds to make blog faster

What i wun do:
-I wun make the layout fit full page nicely on any resolution. I would make the entire layout align left or center with a suitable bg colour on larger res, meaning user will see blanks on the sides with then layout being smaller on higher res.
-Other fanciful java scripts like fading layers or explicit animations. There might be some slight animations.
-put my photo there. The reason is obvious.
-put a link to my server. I dun want any ah gao ah mao come my server.

What i might do:
-Try my best to make this blog faster. (use of repetaing bg, spread files to other hosts...)
-debug or continue coding Zombie Player
-I was thinking of a flash app for more advance picture viewer, very vague.
-i might try to make it ugly...though quite impossible...

-ZOMBiE (main designer)
-Chikage (co designer, i decided to adopt her blog's layout with permisson liao)
-Tomato (co designer, nothing but guai lan ideas....i love it..)
-VS AEP (to evaluate, let the art pro see ba)
-Other AJ ppl (muggers?)

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OMG, This is not what i want!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:05 AM --- Post#113794684078702417

My vistior countor shot up THREE HUNDRED just in a day due to some DK guy in Spug who summitted my blog to Tomorrow! Here is the link:

My blog is suppose to be keep low profile, not more than 10 of my classmate even noe my blog....and now its exposed until liddat. Wah lao....im not protesting against the sex tok or smthing lor.... just felt a bit the uncomforty thats all.....

And some guia guai ppl come my blog tag....go away! Go
remeber click on the ads to help them earn money wor! They oso got some articles there!

To see full discussion.

Where ever ur go, just dun come here...i wish to see my average 8 views of my blog a day and not 300!

Later my blog close down due to some dunno what reason, i shall come back as ghost and kill everyone! GHOST! Muahahahhaa....

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Saturday, January 21, 2006
Brainwashing Sexuality Talk: Celebrate Life!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:31 PM --- Post#113784886798994785

I attented Celebrate Life!, a sexuality workshop today right in AJC....and i find quite a lot of things amiss in the workshop.

Lecturer's Attitude
There is this Mr Thomas (i hope i got his name right) and another lady lecturer. The lady was fine, i had no comments about her. While i find something wrong with the guy and his speech. The way he talked, he sounded like some religious leader. "Deep down in our hearts, we know that...", "We are all humans, we must....", "We must be ProLove, we must condem....". I might be over sensative, but he certainly sound like he is spreading some kinda "thinking", which contrasted with the lady who was more like a fun loving lecturer giving us info and facts.

Tone of the workbook
A workbook was given to use. Its like a referece to the workshop. In the workbook, its more on believes and thinkings than facts. It looks more like a bible or sutra rather than something that something that would be found in a Civics and Moral Ed book or Science textbook. In the book it often express thinkings as "we must" or "this is" in an affirmative tone, rather than "it is known to be a fact that" or "we should always".

Some examples:
"In my infancy, I was once naked without shame because of my innocence"
Hey, I was never naked except in front of my parents (they gotta bath me mah!) even when young. Being naked during infancy oso cos of convinence like toilet training and chaning of diapers. Not necessary innocence mah.

"Any sex outside of marriage demeans the true value of love & sexuality"
There are a lot of happy couples whom the female got pregnant before marriage. Again this is a sweeping statement mah. Sex outside marriage dun necessary not mean true love mah. Should say pre martial sex is not encourage as it oftens do not symbolise true love and sexuality.

"Lust is the counterfeit of love and it destorys true love, It is a desire to use the other person (his or her sexual body) to achieve sexual gradifiction, thus violating his/her human dignity. Lust demeans the lustful person. Destorys character and self integrity and dehumanize human relationship"
Unless u are a monk or priest, most man are more or less lustful mah. Does it mean most man dun present true love? The lecturer oso meantion smthing about advertisment using lust. Meaning its lustful to look at sexy gals promoting beer. But in normal case u see and not touch and the gals are willing to shoot those advertisment for money. Does it really violate dignity? Yes it does when u toking about forces prositutes and rape. Again this statement is quite subjective...

BTW, im not saying all the info on the book is wrong or what. Rather its the phrasing that seems to force a believe into u, together with the lecturer's religious like speech, it sounded like im being brain wash!

Im not totally against it but just saying im feeling a bit uncomfortable lah...

Wrong ideas?
#Masturbation Wrong?
I had read up so many places that masturbation is good and completely safe as long as u dun become addicted to it. I even read one article is Spug that it reduc risk or prospate cancer. Its the good way to release excessive hormones that keeping it and let it evolve ito crimes like molest or rape.

But the workshop states that masturbation is degrading. Becos is often uses other ppl as a sex object while u are fantasing and therfore violates the other party's dignity. Oso during mastrubation, u think of a certain person that will give u the most pleasurable feel, thus if done too much, next time when u have sex with your wife, u will think of that particular fantasy u always have and not yourwife. Thus is morally degrading. We should control masturbation.

I mean its natural for guys esp before marriage to feel heated up at times, and masturbate to relieve it. Fantasy is a type of imagination and it entirely yours and personal. As long as u dun act out ur fanstay (how many ppl that masturbates actually act out ur fantasy?) it dun think its violation of dignity lor. And do we always visualise the most pleasurable secen during masturbation? U not sian meh? I dun think u will visualise some other stuff when u are having sex w ur wife rite?

And in the workbook there is a column where he ask us to fill up that we will condemn mastubation...a bit the....

#Using contraceptive and homosexual = mastubation?!
According to the lecturer, since using contraceptive and homosexual sex are not real sex as there is no fertilisation, its merely a simluation and considered masturabtion. And masturbation is degrading.

Hey...this just dun make sense! Ppl use contrceptives to reduce the chances of getting pregnant, and since homosexuals can have sex, that is they only way to show love, even its inappropiate ,the idea is totally different from masturbation!

#Cloning and IVF is totally bad!
Yup he told us to write down that cloning and IVF must be condemned. These issues had been still arguing mah, its tacty cos there are equally good and bad points on both side. Cannot liddat just call us condemn clining and IVF mah! Even science textbook dun tell us that!

Hmm this sexuality talk is really different from others i had sttend in school. I did felt that im being brainwashed through all those kind of "forcing". It might purely be my own opinion, but i do feel discomfortable. Anyway the rest of the contents are perfectly perfect.


My vistior countor shot up THREE HUNDRED just in a day due to some DK guy in Spug who summitted my blog to Tomorrow! Here is the link:

My blog is suppose to be keep low profile, not more than 10 of my classmate even noe my blog....and now its exposed until liddat. Wah lao....im not protesting against the sex tok or smthing lor.... just felt a bit the uncomforty thats all.....

And some guia guai ppl come my blog tag....go away! Go
remeber click on the ads to help them earn money wor! They oso got some articles there!

To see full discussion.

Where ever ur go, just dun come here...i wish to see my average 8 views of my blog a day and not 300!

Later my blog close down due to some dunno what reason, i shall come back as ghost and kill everyone! GHOST! Muahahahhaa....

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Friday, January 20, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:29 PM --- Post#113777314164049809

Everytime u go to AJC's comp lab, u wanna install software, kena block by admin. U can install firefox on the comp u using now, but in free access room, u never know which comp u will be using next time...every time wanna install damn ma fan...then i say tons of case of ppl forgetting to sign out from messenger or dunno how to remove their account from the system if they accidentally press the "remember me" check box. They end up using the suck web messenger.

So i remebered some programs work fine by simply copying and pasting the whole installed directory on some place else. So i decided to try out which can and which cannot and burn them into CDs and run them directly frm CD in sch's comp. Probably these programs dun leave info anywhere and its small and good enuff to run on sch's comp. Me call this collection WinPorta!

Ya i got my 1st colection liao:
Portable firefox (which dun wrk on CD but only my thumb drive)
Portable Gaim (keep disconnecting, no leave personal info)
Portable AbiWord (perfect and fast)
SerV-U (always wrked!)
NVM (html editor....wun launch!)
Kawak (Tsun Lam's fav! Haha always wrked! Arcade emualtor!)
IRfan view (image viewer, no prob @ all)
VLC player (a bit slow on start up but still fine)

Ya all these are damn useful to me in sch....no need install, just pop in CD and run! Yay! No need worry my anything left on the comp...muahaha...

To make things more better, i decide to put it with the bootable SLAX CD! Meaning with that CD u can either boot SLAX and enjoy a lot more useful prgs on sch's comp. Else if not (some sch comp cant support SLAX), i can always use WinPorta! from the CD lor!

I call this whole collection Z-Porta! Getting my usual ppl to test it out lor!

Infection Resumes!
Did i mention about arcade emuator that Tsun Lam loves like shit? Yeeepppp Im infecting it again in AJC's comp in the Free Access Room. I succed in infecting the comps with Liero Extreme, the worm-like game that supports LAN muliplayer! Me installed in about 7 comps and later on i saw ppl playing them and taking them over to some other comps!

I installed Kawak with some ROMS in one of the comps today....the next period i come back i saw ppl crowding around and playing liao wor! Muahahaha....my infection always works...

Ya my sore throat getting worse....i bought a freaking $5 Antelope Horn Water (羚羊水) for myself...haiz....

I realised I want myself back, the carefree, mean, scarstic CyGiG in sec 3 and 4...I want myself back! I had became too soft...hoping that i can make ppl hate me less by compromising whatever they want....Ok no more....

Chikage and Tomato both told me im too soft liao...What happened to me? The once leader in Anti-NPCC party? I remeber how i attitude and diao those NCOs...what had happen to me? I dunno....i want myself back....

-I learnt to heck care, Alpha List? Come on man...im fucking it...

-I learnt to be more vulgar. FUCK means FUCK, yes my middle finger is long for me to point.

-I learnt to be more mean. Yes u will see more names on my blog being mentioned for "good"

-I leant to say "no". Want me to be class leader of Alpha List? NO! Want me burn free music and software? NO! Unless i think u are absolutely sincere and worth me burning...provide ur own CD b4 i burn.

-I leant attitude. I dun like unreasonable ppl and fakers. Yes i not happy with Robert. He IS toking senselessly ever since day 1. After betraying me im kind enuff to forgive him. Well till now i haven get my deserved SINCERE sorry. Sorry but im a directX guy. Robert please....NOT everyone is YOU! What u like dun mean what others like! Stop being so objective, feelings and opinions are subjected to different ppl. U cant assume ur opinions are correct! Dun be like an Elvin, copy and paste and then boot lick. At 1st u keep assuming Koss no good, Sony best. Critise my cans no good enuff for audio test. I never say a shit. Now u go test urself found out it suits u, change ur stand and say "oh u smart to discover KSC75" to please me...it sucks..

Cant u be a more da fang and say "ya hor Koss is better leh". I dun want u think i pro promoting and take chance to hao lian my Koss or what, so i told u Koss sucks, go look for other better models ba, to save future arguments.

Then u said "oh cos the rest of the products no good", come on, how many street style Koss models are there? Cant u say like "Ya i will consider?" U are trying to win every shit thing on Earth lor...

And Robert please dun everything oso compare...dun be lame...blog compare, player compare, worse is u always inisit u win, urs is best...i cannot tahan noe, whatever cock oso compare...u win forever ok?

I noe even i said all these, u will go on doing it just to please me or what...not sincere de i never want....

I will still be me. Unless u got targetted at me (E**in, oh too bad!), i will still try to be as reasonable as i can. Again i hate getting into arguments, tok to me nicely and nothing happens...

I dun care anymore, since everyone hates me i will do no harm to protect myself more...too bad ur all drive me to such a state....

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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Cuteness Redefine!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:06 PM --- Post#113776711263115812

ZOMBiE 割 lan cheow
Damn lame! I took a packet of mixed nuts into Math lecture, thinking that i can stay awake eating during lecture. I was sitting with sher hern as usual and as the lecture starts i decided to open it up to eat. But it was difficult to tear it open sideways so I groped for my pen knife on my hp.

Hehehe my nicey knife...i pulled the blade and Braddy was watching behind me...

"Zombie 那刀出来杀人了!"

I was controlling my laughter cos im in the LT....then i out my nuts under the table near my thigh to keep away from attention and brought my knife close to it...Again Braddy was watching...

"WTF, ZOMBiE 在 割 lan cheow!"

By then i cant control myself and my laughter bursted out not-so-loud....WTF....Braddy is totally lame lah...Ok i noe it dun sound funny by the way i write it here....but believe its hilarious...

And yup i managed to stay awake for the whole lecture wor! Muahahaha....mixed nuts rules!

PE fun?!?
Later on was PE...fucking tough...cos raining hor, then we do PE in MPH. I did push up and sit up then sweat until the whole floor soaked with sweat! Wah kao....now i noe what the big mop in the MPH is for liao...Then later did some Dragon Fist....yes the one stretch out hand grab neh neh one (grab neh neh not i say de wor...is Elvin say de!) Then do for 50 SLOOOOW counts....summore need to sing CNY songs while doing....then the J1s all look down frm on top kena shock sia! hahaha! WTF my arms till now still like dropping out liddat, comfirm worse than Chikage's sprained ankle...

If you got watch 龙猫, inside got one side character 炭灰小鬼. The smal small black black thing that only good children can see. According to Chikage, it appeared again in Spirited Away (same director as 龙猫). Ya i bought a key chain today wor! Damn Cute!!!!! I hanged it on my hp next to my pen kife and laser.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Cuteness redefine
Continuing from just now, who say guys dunno what "cuteness" is neh? I noe wor....and im 100% not gay ok?

Tomato says that "cute is when u noe the person well", "chio is base on outlook".
Yes cute != chio!

Well but i dun think cute is ONLY when u noe someone well, when i first see a zhar bo, the 1st thing that captures my attention is if she is cute anot, not if she is chio. I someone/something cute as when u see it/him/her, u feel like playing with it/him/her with ease feeling comfortable. A simple meaning would be being adorable.

Case 1: A zhar bi may be very chio, some high class girl, but when u see her u definitely wun feel like playing with her (excluding secual desire), and its denfinitely no easy and comfortable with the formalities with her. Thus that chio bu != cute.

Case 2: iPod Nano may be cool, but u needa take extra effort to maintain it(not entrirely comfotable with it huh?) And u respect it as a symbol of style, which is far from being adorable.

Also, cuteness includes character oso, and its not really when u noe someone well then u find him/her cute, it can be on that instance of sight when u first met him/her oso wor.

And what i hate is ACT CUTE. Tomato likes to use ACBC (Act Cute Buay Cute). I really buay tahan those guys(posers) and girls(bimbos) who act cute. I can give u one whole list in AJC not not going into that. U need not act if u are really cute....cute is natural! I never fancy those artificial cuteness...yucks....fake hypocrites....

Sore Throat
Ya i got serious sore throat....ever since the J1 CCA carnival...ok i weak ok? Cough Cough....

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Monday, January 16, 2006
Mode: Solumn Depression: 45% Energy: 30% Physical Dmg: 25%
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:51 PM --- Post#113741439005581461

Block 4?
Some J1 asked me this question, "Where is block 4?"....seriously...i think damn hard for like a minute then look @ them say "I seriosuly dunno..."

LOL....its quite expected of me isnt it? Haha...when referring to the different blocks, i always like "the block w the photocopy center", " the Elementz lab block", "The MPH block"....I dunno the block number de....hahahha!

Someone made me angry
Ya...i called out that person 3 times, trying to tell ther person sometime, until i grew sooo fustrated and i yelled "WEI!"......he/she still dun answer me.....he/she hates ppl who dao him/her, yet he/she dao me until liddat.....i hate it lor....you shld noe who u are....

Is that Angie?
Me and Robert saw Angie in the canteen today, finally got a good look. LOL....no lah...dunno why she keep wating me to reveal myself....told her me no good to see, later she puke i needa be responsible lor...Hahha. Let her try to find me ba....hahha...if she ever can...

Comp Dying
My 4 yr old rusty comp is dying liao.....can u imagine me surviving on a 40gb HDD? Haha, when i boot its keeps saying "applying Security Setting" but it just got stuck there...i ran Win2k CD's system reapir and take a bath....everything was surprising fine and running.....well...who noes if i cant boot again next time...haiz....im prepared for a reformat....take note i never reformatted my comp since day 1 four years ago!

Pilot Dr Grip
Bought my dream pen, the Pilot Dr Grip shaker....review coming later!

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:49 AM --- Post#113734861070292914

I found a better way to blog mulitple small events in one entry...like this one...There will be no title.

Heck Care Alpha
Im suppose to go for alpha meeting on Friday and of course i dint go...i heard im made some alpha rep in my class, unreliable sourcem dunno real anot...and i learnt smthing: Heck Care. Serious, ignorance is bless. Ask me go alpha? Wait LONG LONG, i heard frm a lot of ppl go liao no turning back, i just hope i dun go then they see me as some fuck brat and kick me out due to black name...fun hor!

Chikage is right, she got BBCC and i got FOCA. SHe got kicked i got in...AJC is really nuts...Never see me that 'A' is fake one meh? Most ppl get A for computing mah...stupid lah....

"I dunno what..." can really solve a lot of probs and save me troubles. As Chikage and Tomato both told me im too softhearted, time for me to learnt to be more attitude. I gonna say 'NO' more and heck care those that i can....Who cares? I dunno.....

Web Based Task
Stupid computing WBT, needa make one webby. Then no marks given for nice design or technology used...ppl like Elvin and Robert go kope template....but i insist making my own....ok it looks 100% fucked up. Honestly I suck @ web design, u ask me make those guai lan looking blog (like this one) still can...Professional lookine ones CMI liao....make a historical site make until so modern...haiz....DUNNO lah...

Since no marks given for nice nice design or hardcore contents, i oso dun care le...But i still needa get it running mah....i spent like the whole of today and yesterday trying to get it wrking...i usually damn enthu when come to make webby de...but this one...haiz...sian lah...what About and Around singapore...Singapore so small....

Anyway me oso wanna thank Chikage who last minute helped me out....Thanks!

Co-Designer System
I had decided to change my design system abit. I believe that since me not a pro designer, my artwork sure sucks like cock. And everytime I will ask ppl evaluate my artwork and then i make changes. So thats how the Co-Designer System works:

-The main designer will think of his own artwork and ideas
-He will brain storm and he make his artowrk as usual
-After that he will pass his artwork to his co-designers
-Co-desingers will tell the main designer how he will change the artwork to the way he likes, not that the co-designer should not work on the artwork but rather only give tons of comments
-The main designer will then think about it and try to strike a balance between himself and his co-designer
-Of course the main designer will have the final say, its his idea and artwork, the codesigner is merely GREATLY enhacing it
-This way the style of the artwork will contain elements of both designer, therefore more likely to get accepted by the others
-Both designers get to know more styles
-The artowork will bear the designer's name and co-designer's name

I think this way is a lot better than me designer alone. Further more the co-designer need not know Photoshop, all he/she needs is to tell me how he/she would personally what it to be. So me need a damn creative co-designer capable of giving damn critical comments.

And i have got two of them on my official list:

Queen of iFrames and brushes....Unique anime designer...

My cousin lor..can be fucking funcky....hmmm very useful person...

Dance Nites!
Recently after i got my Hi Fi, i find myself turning my room into my dance floor in the nite....wooo cool rite! Me will on the aircon and close the door, blast the music and off the light....Hehe then i will shake and dance anyhow on my floor in my private room to my joy! I get total control of the kind of sound i want and the songs i wish to listen....

It seems to be a very good way to relieve stress and kill bordem...of course i thin my neighbours gonna complain liao!

My Hi Fi rocks man!

APE is up next!
Monkey's Audio is getting more popular in those fourms now....i suspect they will be the next popular music format in piracy. APE is lossless music (ie exact same as CD) and one album is only 250mb compare to the almost twice the size PCM wave. I think its even more effiecient than FLAC ba....

Music piracy started off with wma and 96kbps mp3s....later one they wanted 128 kbps mp3....Not long after...192kbps mp3 was termed as the univeral transparent point....Now with more space...ppl going lossless...and the trditional PCM wave is...hopessless....so big how to download sia?

Apple lossless or WMA pro? Come one....how much ppl are using them. My next iAudio device shld support FLAC, even with APE, converting from APE to FLAC is again...a lossless process. Mp3 wun disappear, but exist together with APE. But do they know that u can convert APE to ogg/mp3 just lik u ripping frm a audio CD?

hahaha...go ba...bloody monkey!

Ya i gotta have a nice nice sleep le! Now can sleep after i tell all that i wanna say! Bye!

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:13 AM --- Post#113734170602054213

I got this from a link from Benedict. Enjoy ba!


According to a post on Roberst Scoble (employee of Microsoft) his wife her blog and other related articles I made a list of Ten Reasons Why Girls Should Date a Geek.

  1. Geeks are useful, they can fix your desktop, laptop, … Those skills are very useful and can make your life run smooth.
  2. They are romantic than they’re given credit for. Their idea of romance might be making up a web-page abut about you. But hey it lasts longer than flowers and you can show your friends.
  3. They’ve got brains and they’re usually very well educated.
  4. They’re relatively low-maintenance. So there will be no complicated dinners needed. And if you’re not the best cook, you can order a pizza.
  5. You won’t have to worry about what he’s doing. You’ll probably find him at his computer.
  6. They trust you, so you can be yourself around them. You like to walk around the house in a ratty t-shirt for comfort? He won’t care. They won’t get pissy if you don’t wear make-up or don’t want to bother primping your hair.
  7. He will make you shine everywhere you go. No matter how clumsy you sense of style, no matter how awkward your social skills, you’ll be a fashion star and a classy diplomat next to your geek. He’ll make you look so good; you’ll fall in love with yourself.
  8. If you are not into computers, TVs and DVD and you don’t care about being popular and fashionable. What about the newest techie gadgets? You are going to be a proud owner of the latest gadgets if you ever decide to date a geek.
  9. He won’t cheat on you either. Place the sexiest woman on earth in a room with a geek, say Angelina Jolie. At the other corner of the room, place the latest model of some computer or other. I am willing to bet that your geek would want to play with that computer much more than getting to know Angelina Jolie. In fact, he might not even see her if the computer is on and connected to the Internet. C’mmon he has to check his email, surf the web and blog about the fact that he is in a room with Angelina Jolie.
  10. The final reason is: They actually give a damn about you. Not how you look (though that’s a plus), not how skinny you are, not how much make-up you primp yourself up with, but they like you for you.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:02 PM --- Post#113731062050764994

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I am dead,
Six feet under.
He was late,
I waited forever.

The cold wind blew,
As the winter crept.
The time fast flew,
The promise never kept.

Broken heart and swelling wound,
Standing hopless with fainting spell.
I collapsed under the moon,
Fell by the empty well.

Skins rot with the paling face,
Bruises seeped through the once glamoured.
Disappointment accompanied by furious hatred surfaced,
Shook my limbs and eyes opened.

Nothing but a piece of stale meat,
Once again stood up like a hero.
Brave spirit rules but no heart beat,
I want him to know my despo.

He shall WAIT....for I_AM_DEAD!

Poem and artwork
by MC Ba Gua (aka ZOMBiE)
inspired by Time Burton's Corpse Bride

Ok this I-AM-DEAD was done of course by me in preparation for cXtreme's CCA day. Ya of course it earned a lot of disgusted ERRRRR by some of the gals and i demo how to zombify ppl's face.

I can zombify ANYONE's face, but the initial photo is very impt....Just like some other photo i tried with, the effect was no good @ all. I particularly like this gal. Her face is stern and serious, given ppl a "dunno what she thinking" look. Like can any time pound on u liddat. Thats why the turn out effect is sooo much better than my other zombies.

Too bad the resolution was low...if not i could make a nice poster out of it...Anyway enjoy...

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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Sex is GOOD!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:30 PM --- Post#113724570977802425

Hmmm, ya some of your may know me as a pervert, cos of that stupid 1st three months stuff. Im not really perverse, except for frequent mental fantasies (verbally or in MSN), the worst physical act i did was to....touch a girl's hair (not pull not grab). Thats all. I had an this email in my mail box, explaining why sex is good!

1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth.

2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes.. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow.
3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner.
4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers!
5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being.
6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy!
7. Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. IT IS 10 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE THAN VALIUM.
8. Kissing each day will keep the dentist away. Kissing encourages saliva to wash food from the teeth and lowers the level of the acid that causes decay, preventing plaque build-up.
9. Sex actually relieves headaches. A lovemaking session can release the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain.
10. A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and ha y fever.

Not bad right? Sex rocks man! Of course me toking about sex of willing party here, not rape or what....

Next up lets talk about pornography. Why should pornography be legalised in Singapore neh? THis time is my opinion liao

Advantages of pornography
-Its is definitely cheaper than going Geylang, pornography can induce fantasy and aids in masturbation, releasing excess sexual desire and lower rape cases. (eg the recent molest cases in Orchard)

-From the above point, masturbation can reduce prostate cancer!

-The porn industry drives the economy, just like the casino in singapore. It is one of the biggest entertainment industry together with music and gaming.

-Its safe, u will never kena any illness from videos and pics....

-Porn is an art, from the different positions to various sex toys, pornography is a digital record of an art,just like a singer recording his singing on an audio CD.

Disadvatages (u sure its true?)
Alot of ppl say seeing sex is bad for mental health, it makes ppl thinking gets corrupted and lower moral and stuff....Hey i agree that anyhow having sex with some 100001 zhar bo is uhealthy and not moral. But we toking about porn now, not sex itself. Just like legalised brothel in Geylang, the sex artistes are selling their body willingly for money. Whats wrong with providing services and get paid? I do agree a lot of prositutes are sold illegally and in an inhumane method in other countries. But i can say most porn stars are doing it as a job and getting well paid. If u wanna legalise porn, we can do it like the legaised brothels in Geylang, like making them take STD tests and make sure there is no blackmailing. In a porn company, they get to control the type of porn stars they get, unlike brothels where its impossible to check all their customer's health stats.

Back to the moral stuff, moral is a set of "correct" thinking that we HUMAN set. Its like some kinda law of being a good person. Law can change with time, and so can moral. It was once believe that it is a sin for girls to study and get knowledge, but not that "moral" had changed liao. same thing with porn. We are starting to accept gays, why cant we accept porn?

Gals at a disadvantage? I dun think so. Those females always wanted sexual equality. Since there is sexual equality, there should not be such a thing as anyone having an advantage over another in a WILLING (not rape) sexual intercourse. Further more, gals can have mulitple orgasm while guys have a refactory period, see who enjoy more during sex lah....so much for equality hor....

Porn can be addictive? Everything can be addictive! its up to ur own control! My mum can get addictive over coffee which affects her health. If u are addictied to porn, the most is u spend whole day in front of ur comp. U might spend all ur money on porn but the effect is less than gambling right? According to
tons of teenagers view porn, i dare to say more than half of the guys watch porn, and i might be the first to admit i do so, and that dun mean the other guys (gals oso....) dun watch porn! I can tell u...after so much porn i get SIAN, not ADDICTED....

Girls not comfortable to porn? Come on, i saying we should leagalise porn, not asking gals to watch. Settiung up a casino dun mean u must go right...Guys can statisfy more of their curiosity thur porn than raping or molesting gals lor...oso might give some sexual knowlege so they will not be sex noobs after their marriage.

Enuff? Hahaha there fore...PORNOGRAPHY ROCKS!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Freaking Tired Day.....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:05 PM --- Post#113707697720277517

I was sitting right beside this new girl in my math class, i dint bother about her but was rather rampaging through my old plastic file for my Power Series tutorial...Let me guess....i left it at home while revising yesterday...again i went through my file anf fuck lah...yes i dint bring it...fine...how am i going to mug for my test? I was grumpling and the quiet gal beside me lent me her tutorial. According to my Raven Vision, i guess she is some smart kid frm RGS ba...she got that smart look. But ya...needa mug during math lesson....shhh dun let teacher noe...


Later one i went to photocopy that tutorial, not from her but from Lily. She surprisingly lent me and i rushed off to the photocopy shop....Damn it...it wasnt open...i rush all the way back to the book shop and ya...those black face uncle and auntie again...wtf...waited for damn long...i only got 30minutes break to study lor...after i queue and waited....only like 10minutes left...might as well dun photocopy. Lily was waiting impatiently outside as i squeese my way out


Math test? Forget about it man....I did the first three and i fucked up the last question which carries half of the total marks...I stole a glace @ Braddy and saw him copying Yi Long's answer...LOL...i dint even bother to copy...no point sia...forget about it....i never pass my test anyway...im a foca....(F-Math O-Phy C-GP A-Comp Sc).


The three housr break i had next was...boring...i spend my time in the comp lab looking for some software and stuff....wtf...and i spend the rest of the time in my cosy hotspot (the area outside library near Elementz Lab)


I hopped a bit as i looked up. Ready...... I made my jump up! My fingers touched the cold metal bar stained with smelly sweat and they curled just enough to hold myself up....but just for that few seconds. I never managed to pull myself up but i can hold for at least half a minute normally. A strong force was felt along my weak arm muscles and all of a sudden, my system froze! Must be the lack of sleep causing a power failure causing my processor and mechanics to freeze up together. The tension was gone and my fingers let go of their curl. Still staring at the roof, i was unaware i was falling. BAAAMMMM, my body went smashing into the floor. My process thread went back to life as I immediately sprang up to avoid embarrasment. Imagine a 70kg ogre acelerating towards the ground. Just imagine the earth shaking force....The ground can break know...

Ya i was sooo happy that i got into TAF....SHUANG DAOOOO......and it was some other malay teacher taking us...not Mrs Teo.... I WANT MRS TO. MRS TO! She is the BEST PE teacher ever lor...so sad she not taking us lor....wtf...


I went back to my cosy hotspot after PE and met up with Jun Zhe and one of Sher Hern's WuShu friend and tok cock about some Linux and how Jun Zhe gotta skip his dinner with 3 chio bu to do his GP....


GP? Crap lah....no feel like doing at all...I did the question on environment problem isit responsible by lich country...I tok cock about China and Singapore lah...no examples no logic...i wanna go home...yawn....

Woooo finally finsihed lor...me met up with Robber and later Gek Han and tok cock on the train...soooo tired le.....it was like 8.30 when i reach home...i went to rest immediately...no care about homewrk le...

Fucking tired day sia....

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
The Word is Getting Mad.....
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Ok, i got some...surpirse this morning during GP lessons....this is what i got:

Ok read properly, ya i can imagine the kind of shock that appear on Sher Hern's, Su Yee's, Frank's Ah Lam's and Robber's face....like what the fuck.....

Last time i always told myself even they offer me alpha i oso wun go...all the smart kids there....me so stupid....I dare not say out cos i scared ppl say me sour grapes mah....now the nightmare came alive, now i dare to say... I FUCK NO WANT ALPHA! WTF....alpha....

Ok take a step back....look @ my O level's L1R5, its a fuck 11 ok? My promos i got F O C6 A. Compare this to chikage's BBCC and she got KICKED OUT! Mad rite? Fuck mad lah....Whats AJC doing? Admin screwed up isit? MAD!

Ok now my time table...look that my Math can CS CLASH? Two lessons going on at one time...how can that be? It ended up shifting all the CS lessons out and put on mondays...now the earliest time i can go home is like....4pm+??? SIAO SIAO...and i can have up to 40% free periods in one day? Just look @ thursday? MAD MAD!

Not mad enuff? Tml i got some GP diagostic test...which last from like 5 smthing to 7pm....SEVEN PM? This sucks man....SEVEN PM! And i got a morning math test....gee siao...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Today is CCA day....ya so busy until my jaws are disallocated, @ first ppl keep coming in and no one dares to tok to them...end up leting them leaving the room. Ya later i decide to take them small grps by grps...easier....i keep repeating myself and those fuckers only care about DOTA and how to hack DOTA...fuck DOTA lah....some are nice ppl lah. Then i put my zombie pic on the projector, some girls came in and "euuuuu, look @ what they did to the face!" Muahahaha....told u is zombification mah......

We got like 32 members and about 10 of them are girls...hmm got some improvement this time liao...well i guess my plan on demostration is really a flop lah...haiz....

When things are getting more and more mad, suddenly Angie sms me and say sorry. I dint even see her or what? I ask why she wun say....haiz...strange...i tried asking Chikage why she cant oso gimme a pausible answer leh...

Ok...ENUFF...needa do physics and MUG for tml's tesT! Fuck it...DAMN MAD!

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Friday, January 06, 2006
Dun Argue le....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:33 PM --- Post#113654612457065307

Ok i will not use formal tone. I hate formal tone.

Ya so yesterday Vinoth told me that we had succesfully gotten our 1321 room and asked me if we can install stuffs on Monday. I told him monday is a bad idea cos me ending late and we wun want some last minute cock up lah. So i told him that i will call the Special Task Force ppl to help out today.

Then i oso got tell robert one lor, then everyone oso going. Robert even told me he ending on 12 smthing then tell me what he can sleep in the room or what, Vinoth oso mention something about arranging to open the room earlier or what.

Then today he siao siao told me he not comming liao. I ask him to come then he went home just liddat. Wah lao eh....Then Tsun lam end earlier oso purposely call his mum to delay their dinner oso got come lor.

In the afternoon after my Physics lab i went over lor, then the room still not open, so i called up vinoth and he told me go office take the keys. I met Mr Hong halfway and ya he got us the key and password to the computers in 1321 lah.

Ah lam, darren, CK and Shanka was there and Vinoth went to collect our nice nice poster lor. Then the rest start asking where robert is, then i tell them he went home liao. Then they a bit the buay song lah, but then we continue install out stuff and then me booted up SLAX. Then the Ah Lam went out cos Vinoth came back liao to tie up the banner.

Then me taught Darren how to use Kopete and told him that maybe he can ask robert online why he never come since he buay song. Then i oso went online on web messenger and ask robert at the same time why he liddat jiu go home liao. He kao bei kao bu then i oso dun really care lah, cannot ask him come back rite? Then he start to mention something about Darren absent so many times he only this time never go. Cos darren sititng beside me only then he saw. He see liao then argue with Robert and CK oso look over see what happen.

He mention something about robert's leadership. Then robert buay song rebutt lor. Then it grew into some argument with Tsun Lam comming in and keep spamming the IM.

From a small thing then become that big lor. And then after installing the rest went off 1st with me packing up, then robert say i make them guai lan him....blah blah blah and why he should come and stuff.

Ok lah, let me make this clear lor

-I admit i buay song with robert cos he at 1st say coming de, then he went home becos his lesson ended early

-I was only angry with him for not coming, I mean he is the VP, further more the rest of the ppl here liao, and today friday tml no sch and her gf oso still in school, it wun hurt him much to come down to help mah.

-He said he only in charge of MD but come help will die meh, since he is in the STF means the grp will be together make the carnival a good one

-From past experience, he really seldom say "sorry" one lor, he betrayed me and i had to ask him to say sorry to me before he did. I never ji jiao forgave him, then form the way he tok, he sound like "aiya, relac lah". Ppl get into trouble he relac, then his own problem come kao pei to ppl liao. I will not say he is WRONG in coming, he SHOULD come. None will happen if he had express his apologies earlier in a serious sincere tone lor.

-And for the argument between him and darren and CK, its really beyond my control, he said smthing about darren 1st. Ya he was only "stating a point", but cant he make it more tactical? Chee Kong might be in the wrong to be rude 1st. But according to them, they did not come for a few times due to valid reasons like competition or stuff, yet robert went home is solely for his convinence lor. He still ask me how i determine if its "valid" or "invalid"..isnt it obvious?

-From here i could see the other parties remaining more calm than robert, depsite robert saying it was unfair to him. But isit fair thay he stayed at home and we do all the stuffs?

-The rest decided to put down the argument and yet robert still tries to argue his way....seriously he shld tone down a bit and look at things from all sides and be less objective. Nothing is definite and everyone has their own opinion and preference.

-Im NOT trying to scold robert or what lor, i just wanna make things known lor. You cant be right all the time de lor... sometimes he is quite unreasonable. I just wanna make things known ok, i hate to go into arguments ur all noe de, please dun come up with tons of argument just for the sake of rebutting.

-I oso admit im wrong at some points, i just hope for your forgiveness, but please think about this lah....i dun wanna lose a friend just cos of this event ok....take your time, take a step back and think, not for yourself, but at the whole situation.

-Like CK and darren last minute know they cant come, they sent me an sms:
ZOM! I forgot, me and darren wont be able to come on wed! Cos we have a science workshop.. reassign someone with skype, As for FTP demo, lam can le Sorry!

See? Its nice to be friendly and nice to tok!

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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Top Chatters
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I just went through my chat logs to find out who I talked with most on my MSN contact list. There will be no ranking, becos some ppl (like robert) likes to throw in tons of crap into my chat window or copy and paste a lot of outside content, thus booming the chat log. Also I base this on the file size of my chat log, which can be use as a good guage but poor accuracy. Also some of the chat logs are large cos of project discussion. I base this from June till now. The list of names are those who regualy tok with me, those who used to tok a lot to me but not now are excluded.

Top Chatters(no ranked):
-Kuen Ho
-Sher Hern


Today was no better than yesterday, start off with CS again and then physics and maths was fine enuff. Same kinda agony and depression everyday.

I have a freaking 3 hours break today sitting at my usual isolated spot outside the library. And all the clashed CS classes had shifted to Monday, meaning my lesson extend from 1.30 to 4pm! WTF...

During PE, WTF i shruk from 166cm(hospital measured) to 163cm! WTF....I wanna go TAF....HUH ME ONLY 65.8KG? So WRONG! Im SOOO FATT.... After the hols at least should go to 70kg! WTF....no more prenium membership for me....wtf....wtf...wtf...wtf....

WAH LAO.....me shrunk+cant get into TAF....sad

Im doomed....Wah lao just start sch so unlucky liao....no hope no hope...

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Another Day?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:44 PM --- Post#113638618467782530

Morning I woke up, asking myself WTF....i tot i just fell asleep? I look at my clock....kao...6.15am liao...needa wake up le. The last thing i remb was the lyrics i was thinking about given the situation of being in rain with your girlfriend and making it sounds happy.

Oh ya....i did news paper article till 2am last nite...WTF...wah lao...siao siao...

Same thing me got geared up with my walllet, phone, PDA, music player, earphones....

Arrived at school and saw those innocent J1 streaming into the hall, and i caught a few glances of some Victorians who seemed to be my juniors. They look so innocent and enthuistic to start off the new day, ya i really envy them, just like how i started out fresh last year. Among all, some will stay and some will decide to leave. As i told Angie, its not really a hard coded fact that "AJ sucks", its more of your own decision and your feel. But i did warn her than the 1st three months is really only very very nice show put up to see. I just simply give them my blessing.

1st lessons was CS. And he told us to take out our december hols hw. HUH? COMPUTING GOT HW? WTF? My teacher says its the one on web-based task. HUH??? I tot thats only a sample question given my Mr Khor? And Sher Hern promply took out a file with all his analysis, brief and all the shit there. OMG! Ya and i honestly told him that i did not do and said sorry. Then he says the 02 class at least did a bit (a bit? most of them didnt do a shit!) and scolded me. He never had a good impression of me. But he is a good teacher nevertheless, but still i really prefer the old 3 teacher system. But i will still work hard, im sure its just some minor misunderstanding.

GP was quite disasterous, i manage to surver her discussion with my mind map undone. She half way got some last minute lecture...LOL....how they plan time table de?

YAH...how they plan time table???? COMP SC CLASH WITH MATH? Whenever we have comp science, they will have math. Then me no need take math ah? Im actually quite happy cos now we can have math either one on one by our teacher or at least no need take math with our class. Save me my agony.

Then I had a 2 hours break while I go to comp's lab and tried out my server and try to rip chikage's cd. Then i sit alnone outside library and start sketching smthing on my new sketch i bought for the year. Suddenly i remembered the gift from Ah Lam from Hong Kong, its just a $1 The Nightmare Before Chirstmas keychain. Ohhh its some sort of ghost dog! (i neva watch the show or comic even i find the figurines quite zombie). I dint know where to attatch to since my HP is already tied up with a torch light and pen knife. Hehehehhe I noe le! I shall put it on my G3! Hey the colour matched! hahaha!

Last lesson is CS again, then we go comp lab do out practical.

During lunch me met up with Ah Lam and the cXtremists and shocked Ah Lam with my usual "Auntie Beef Steak Medium Rare!" LOL....and me call the vendor Xiao Jie! then gimme damn lot spagetti. I seriosuly think eating Medium Rare beef is one of the most warm thing to warm my heart...

In Cxtreme me spend time toking to everyone about the CCA carnival plan....haiz...so tired and me met up w Robber and went home as usual. Then me so tired, on my way home me walk to the usual tau huay zui stall.

"wah u so long never come lah!"

LOL they still remb me! Someone actually remb me. I gave them the warmest smile ever and cont my 20min walk home.

BAck me me bath and it was like 6.30pm and i decided to take a nap. And when i woke up, its 8om liao! WTF....omg....faster run down see my mum's black face cos she say i repond when she called for me (im sleeping)

Me ach all over body, blur blur, symptoms of flu and stuff....me very weak....haiz..


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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
回忆 (Flash Back)
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:08 AM --- Post#113621861262221467

I have nothing for this new sucky school term, all i have is my lyrics base on Tong Hua that i wrote as the new day is approaching. I used the remaining time not to do hw, but to write my song. Not final yet. Enjoy.....


词: MC Ba Gua

我开始爱你 都过了多旧
就是不敢 不敢向你说
惟一所拥有 回忆变黄了

我的眼泪 已经苦干了

望着星空 回忆里

我的眼泪 已经苦干了

望着星空 回忆里

望着星空 回忆里

回到了 回忆的 梦境


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Sunday, January 01, 2006
New Year My Ass
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:37 AM --- Post#113607707375121798

I woke up this morning and feel sick, i still got bloody math tuition later where my tuition teach is gonna help me do some of my math hols hw.... Hols hw? WTF I had done SHIT! ZERO PERCENT. And im 10001% reluctant to do all those shit... Im feeling damn sick, i dun think thy going thru Math or Physic but i think the newscutting gotta do, the rest can copy.Just like the way i do in VS....hehehhe...AND i doubt i will finish a shit...

New year morning only my mum and my uncle had arguments....wtf...all about Virus again, haiz....cant be bothered about them...What Virus fell down the all the crap...

Ok ya....recenlty a lot of 4Bians dunno why suddenly come my blog and read and ask if im alright. The answer i will give is "Im still abit ok". a bit only....but still ok for the moment. I will inform ur for my funeral (ok thats really jking lah..) I noe ur are concern and im pretty touched, thanks.

I tried out 2 new stuff recently, namely the FTP server and Skype. IT took me some half a day to configure my router to route here fuck there to get the public to view my FTP server. Overal response i good and im writing a tutorial on how to make one, i wannan form a large network of tons of server altogether. 1st time ever successfully sent Chikage tons of music w/o her getting disconnected. Same thing with Tomato.

I tried Skype with Chikage and later Kuen Ho, and eager to try out the conferencing function to call mroe than 2 ppl. Its far better than MSN's audio converse lor....lesser lag and easier to setup....summmore i output to my hifi and i can hear Kuen Ho's voice all over the place....damn funny.....

The cXtreme poster....they actually used the old version w the large text and they invert the colour and it looks like shit. They added some nonsense text. At 1st im quite proud that the poster was done by me and my Commentors and Co-designer, but now seeing that they ruined my poster just like this shit...I think i faster disregard my wrk better....and VINOTH LOST OUR POSTER. Damn fuck, whole world knows....cant they ever tell me what exactly they wanted (lighter bg easier print, our booth name...) depsite me asking 10001 times and all just say "just make lah". Assholes...

New Year? WHAT FUCKING NEW YEAR? No new year lah, 2006 is only a disguise of the troubles and depression extended from 2005. Fuck it. I hate my life. As Joel Chan will always say...."now the shit get flushed down the toilet bowl..."

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